Stranger than Fiction

By David Glenn Cox

It’s just unbelievable. If you saw it in a movie, you’d say, “Naw, that’s unbelievable.” Kevin McCarthy is driving the Thunderbird and Thelma & Louise are in the back seat. Handing out videos to Tucker Carlson? What did Kevin think would happen? Don’t blame Tucker; he’s the monkey, not the organ grinder.

By what powers of office does the Speaker give news exclusives to the media? One hand washing the other. “Give us tools, and we’ll finish the job.” And so, the pig grunts and the crowd cheers and everyone gets upset. John Wilkes Booth was just a ham actor, you know. He wasn’t bothering nobody just a peaceful citizen until he shot Abe Lincoln. The maiden voyage of the Titanic was going really well…until.

Tucker’s audience isn’t looking for proof of being correct but for a justification for being wrong. They don’t want proof they want an excuse. And Tucker will give it to them like a pusher selling dope. But it’s hard to tell who is pushing whom. Are the Republican radicals feeding the Fox Media Machine? Or is the Fox Media Machine feeding the radical Republicans?

The Fox principals have admitted under oath that the whole Dominion mess arose out of a desire to smother a media rival in the crib. An adversary and a threat to their livelihood. Anybody out there think that Fox has finished with that job? Or wouldn’t try to break their neck if they got another chance? Oh gee, I bet exclusive video footage would be a real plum. Hand it off to your Prime Time Goebbels and watch the fireworks.

The old Roman maxim asks, “Who gains from this?”

It appears, that Kevin McCarthy couldn’t lead a Kazoo band to the restroom at a keg party. A void in leadership where everybody can do or say whatever they want. Marge Greene calls for a new trail for a man who pled guilty. Because of Kevin’s non-entity status Marge Greene moves to prominence undeserved. And leads the Republican Party towards the brink of disaster. Matt Gaetz parrots Chinese propaganda as the goal is only to make noise and say, “look at me!”

Now Marge and company want to visit January 6th inmates in prison. To see how the latest draft of Mein Kampf is coming. Trying to make heroes out of criminals and make heroes of themselves for bravely  supporting the heroes. It is a loser Marge, a serious mistake. If there were a Speaker in charge in your Party, he or she would stop you in this. You can’t make a positive issue out of a negative.

The more you try to alter history ala Winston Smith or Tucker Goebbels the more you will alienate independents and further divide the Republican Party towards an ugly divorce. “Stand and deliver! Be ye for Trump or be ye a traitor!”

Mitch McConnell came out strongly against the new horse crap Tucker’s pedaling. Mitt Romney and Lindsey Graham both disavowed Tucker’s narrative. The Senate Republicans trying with all their might to hold the Party together in one piece. Mitch McConnell recently fell down at a Washington hotel. The way things are going for Republicans right now, I wondered if he wasn’t pushed.

Interesting how Senate Republicans criticize Tucker strongly for saying it but say nothing about the House Republicans promoting and parroting it. I guess they think that’s a job for the Speaker of the House to take care of. Surely, he’ll step in any minute now and stop all this nonsense! But it ain’t gonna happen. Leaving Senate Republicans like sailors trying to counterbalance the sailboat in the stiff breeze of Republican extremism.

It will garner a cheer from the partisan cult crowd and might do some good for Fox News ratings, but it won’t win the Republicans any votes. People have made up their minds by now, or they just don’t care. Like the Superbowl, January 6th is over and trying to relitigate it is flogging a dead horse.

Who gains from this?

Who is Marge Greene a proselytite of? So, pandemonium and keeping Congress in an uproar helps who? It gives Trump his in. “See! Look at these guys? They can’t do anything without me around!”

But the Republican establishment has locked their gates barred their doors to Donald Trump. No, no not again, never again. But Trump is leading them to a show down, “It’s me or nobody!”

The rules of boxing say you must beat the champ to take his crown. Ron DeSantis is the boy from out of town, the boy from the Styx. Naively thinking his time has come to make his move into the big time. Gonna come up to Washington and give the champ some boxing lessons. DeSantis is walking into a spinning airplane propeller. Trump is playing checkers while DeSantis is playing with himself.

Trump isn’t a political leader as much as he is a cult leader. DeSantis can’t honestly think he’s going to dethrone the Bhagwan, does he? Gonna take those Ray bans away from Jim Jones and play guitar like David Koresh? Trump has name recognition and blind adulation. He has experience and low friends in the Republican House. Ron DeSantis is being featured by Fox News as this year’s replacement for Trump. But no matter what they do or say they won’t be able to get the Republican faithful to call for Barabbas.

Trump told the audience at CPAC that he had completed his border wall and Joe Biden stole it and hid somewheres. But if elected Trump vowed, he’d find it and put it back. Do you understand? Reality no longer has any value to the low IQ voter. They will believe Tucker and Trump no matter what they say because they already believe Tucker and Trump. This is ginning up the crowd for higher Fox media ratings and not to trip Mitch McConnell, but to hobble the entire Republican Party like Tonya Harding did.

A cult leader with dynamite strapped to his chest and detonator in his hand says to the Republican leadership, “Make me your nominee, or else! I’ll torch this place; I got nothing to lose here! I’ll unleash my army of flying monkeys on you! I’ll do it! You know I will!”

A recent poll found Americans prefer legal marijuana to legal tobacco. Now is that really a surprise to anyone all things being considered?

“Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t.” – Mark Twain

3 Thoughts

  1. Mr David Glenn Cox, I like how I find these tickle spots you create for readers in your narratives. “Trump told the audience at CPAC that he had completed his border wall and Joe Biden stole it and hid somewheres. But if elected Trump vowed, he’d find it and put it back. Do you understand? Reality no longer has any value to the low IQ voter. They will believe Tucker and Trump no matter what they say because they already believe Tucker and Trump.” Now, as for the rest of the story, I got to think everybody will enjoy it as I do from images and pictures I get out of it knowing the fulcrum of threat tRump will continue to be to himself.


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