Doublethink – Double Game

By David Glenn Cox

So, what’s Tucker’s game here? What advantage does Fox News see in this latest controversy? Why did Kevin McCarthy give Tucker Carlson exclusive access to the Jan 6th security tapes? Superficially, it looks obvious enough, perhaps too obvious. Tucker puts together a slam piece as a justification for Jan 6th and fresh red meat for the hoosters in the hustings.

What was Kevin’s McCarthy’s motivation for giving the tapes away in the first place? Does he think Fox News will stop calling him a wimp or a RINO if he did? James Carville once said, “Politics is Hollywood for ugly people.” Do grownups even listen to Fox? Do Hollywood actors listen to what the promotional department says about their latest blockbuster? It’s inside baseball or it should be. At least, I’d hate to think there are undisclosed hands pulling strings of a major political party.

Fox News is facing a serious legal and financial repercussions. And it’s not just the money it’s their legitimacy. Fox News has jumped the shark. And a landmark judgement for defamation would seriously damage their reputation. It’s a TV show that pretends to be a news network. A judgement would pierce the bubble and document that the Fox executives all know it’s all just a TV show that pretends to be a news network. The same way Professional Wrestling pretends it’s a sport.

But officially, unofficial, it’s a secret so don’t tell. Trump is on the outs with the Republican elite. Even Karen Huckabee Sanders has refused to endorse him. Et tu Brute? Sanders was once a toad and Trump turned her into the Governor of a third world state! That’s gratitude for ya! Another sign the fix is in. At least they hope the fix sticks. So why is Tucker running footage to enrage the simian voters and excite them towards their sawdust messiah again? That guy that they’re trying to ignore.

A big distraction to blow off a large defeat. “Hey! Hey! Look over here! Over here! January 6th  everybody! What riot? Oh, this is terrible! Look how those other media outlets are lying to you. I think the military calls it reactive armor. Trying to create an explosion going the other way to deflect from the thunder coming at them. Give the story to our best wrestler, I mean, our best actor.

No matter where they say they are getting their news at, polling says 90% of the Reich wingers are getting it from Fox News. They do like to deny it just like my Uncle used to deny watching soap operas. It’s their guilty pleasure their suck at Big Brother’s nipple. It’s either Fox or the local news or the Internet Bubba. Everyone else lies. I wonder who told them that?

Can Fox sell contradictory narratives? That’s Doublethink; we ignore Trump at seven, and we give support to his supporters but not to him at nine. Fox is the network of Trump. And it might be easier for former toads to turn their back on Trump, but Fox News must answer to their audience on some level. A Pro Trump narrative perhaps with the emphasis on not Trump.

The emphasis on “See, it wasn’t a riot after all. Look at these poor victims sent to prison in this Dominion voting machine scam.” So, Tucker is still saying the election was stolen, while testifying under oath that he knew it wasn’t stolen. Thereby continuing their prior defamation of Dominion by implication.

If Tucker still believes the election was stolen, then he must still believe that Dominion was somehow still culpable. Doublethink, telling the court one thing and telling his audience the opposite. But it really doesn’t matter what Tucker tells the court.

Those facts will only be covered by the lying media anyway, all of them everywhere across the globe. And those items can all be easily disregarded, it isn’t true! Tucker would never say he despised Trump, that’s heresy! They would believe that Tucker was Gay before they would believe he was disloyal to Trump.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders can pretend not to know Jesus three times, but what do you expect from a toad anyway? Who’s going to tell the faithful inside the bubble all about it?

The Trump brand is synonymous with Fox News, and they can only offer a weak Kool aid as a methadone fix to keep the audience hooked. And it will maybe help the company some by deflecting from the Dominion scandal. It is a double game as well as doublethink, playing their audience for a bunch of suckers and trusting they won’t ever find out. Or won’t listen to any facts that disparage the cult.

Maybe Jim Jones is taking child brides again or the televangelist is preaching about forgiveness and repentance again with tears in his eyes. Why, with a new Lear jet I could preach Jesus to the savages!

Way out on the far edge of credibility and no one really knows where that far edge is anymore, do they? What is too far? What is too outrageous or over the edge anymore? A TV show pretending to be a news channel with actors portraying commentators proven to be a TV show pretending  to be a news channel. A straight propaganda network, no chaser. That doesn’t even deny being a propaganda network. Sport’s entertainment, like wrestling.

Because it is their heroin and their addiction, their soap operas and their WrestleMania all rolled into one. The politics of outrage in the cult of Trump and Fox News. They believe because they want to believe and don’t care about any old court testimony under oath. What would the cult leader like better than to prove his lie was the truth?

The Messiah lives! The Messiah is a dead duck! We love the Messiah, but we despise the Messiah. A TV program pretending to be a News channel that admits under oath that they don’t believe a word of their own programming.

And an audience that doesn’t care if they’re being lied to provided, they are the lies they want to hear. Lies that preserve the cult. The programming isn’t on Fox the programming is in the audience.

“If you want to keep a secret, you must also hide it from yourself.”
― George Orwell

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