Stuck in the Middle

By David Glenn Cox

It is the new Republican litmus test. January 6th ugly riot or day in the park? Republican politicians will be forced to make a declaration of yea or nay. Mike Pence said Saturday that Donald Trump had put his family in danger. “Which side are you on son, which side are you on?”

My eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord! In Dixieland I’ll make my stand to live and die in Dixie!

“So, what’s it’s going to be boy. Yes, or no?” Do you believe Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson or do have some RINO personal opinion of your own? The dividing line in the Republican Party is do you believe in reality or do you buy the lie?

Where does Mike Pence get off? Just because he was in the Capital that day with his family and was hustled away by Secret Service agents who thought Pence might be in danger. Famously, the Secret Service wanted Pence and company to “Get in the car.” Mike Pence and company promptly refused to get in the car because Mike Pence didn’t trust their boss.

That speaks louder than all the security tapes Tucker Carlson could ever cut and paste. That’s what Mike Pence thought that Donald Trump was a capable of doing. Mike Pence, the Trump Vice President who knew the real Donald Trump behind the cameras. And knew him well, refused to get in the car. Mike feared the mob on January 6th, but he feared Donald Trump more.

Mike even admitted that what Trump wanted him to do was a crime. Coming right out and saying it like that. In front of God and Fox News and everybody that Trump was/is a criminal. Hence, Pence is in the reality gallery. Acting as a spokesman for the establishment Republican Party. His declaration will jaundice him in the Party forever. But Trump has already disowned Pence and thrown him under the bus.

Pence had little chance of ever being nominated anyway. The Republican Party is far too radical to elect a milquetoast. After Trump, Pence looks almost mummified. But the establishment Republican Party had tried to stop Trump once before in 2016 and failed. All the reality Republican candidates look dull and lackluster because they are chained to the rocks of reality. Mitt Romney looks Presidential enough, but he’s too dull. And he ain’t a Christian. He’s Clark Kent and Trump is Superman.

“Vladimir Putin would have listened to me! The war would be over if I was still in charge! The wall would be finished if Joe Biden hadn’t stolen it!” Trump can do or say anything and nobody, but nobody can compete with the king of the liars. They all look dull next to Trump! Faster than a speeding bullet more powerful than a locomotive!

In Iowa, Ron DeSantis discovers that Iowa isn’t Florida. Iowa voters have formed a negative opinion of the renegade Florida Reich’s Fuhrer. DeSantis was gifted with a representation of a snowflake. The new kid shows his naivety. Proudly displaying the snowflake while smiling for the cameras but inside the snowflake was written the word “Fascist!” A rookie mistake for sure.

But it goes to illustrate that DeSantis has little power outside of the dumb shine state. He can puff himself up and preen at home where people must listen to him. But as the campaigning starts in earnest or in Ottumwa, the Reich’s Fuhrer is off to a poor start. His reputation precedes him. His culture war isn’t selling outside of the land of the illiterate.

Mitt Romney lacks charisma but is respected. DeSantis lacks charisma and isn’t respected. Like Trump, Ronnie’s policies excite his enemies more than his friends. And DeSantis has avoided any recent statement on January 6th, but the time grows short.

If the election was stolen and the Jan 6th insurrection was just a picnic, what better case could be made for reelecting Trump? But if Ronnie says it was an insurrection and a crime,  he alienates 30% of the Republican vote forever and ever. Then DeSantis will fall into that establishment Republican slot.

Kari Lake enjoyed attacking the media for the crowd’s benefit. But Lake lost her election because Republicans wouldn’t vote for her and not because more Democrats voted for her opponent. It shows the difference between the candidates. Negative crazy talk works for Trump but that doesn’t mean that just anyone can do it.

Oh, it’s a pickle. The Republican Party is at war with itself. The establishment Republican Party doesn’t want Trump. And the Republican Party voters do want Trump, they like the crazy, and they like his outlandish lies.  They believe in the great pumpkin Charlie Brown!

The establishment Republicans want their Party back. They understand that the Republican Party is headed for ruin. And if Trump becomes their nominee, their Party is doomed. Trump can’t win a national election and the establishment knows that Trump must be stopped or it’s the end.

The Party of strong and fearless looks weak and rudderless thanks to the Republican House majority. The Party of clown stunts and radicalism and getting nothing much useful accomplished. They’ve done such a bang-up job of threating Social Security and Medicare. That Joe Biden proposes tax increases on the wealthy and the public approves.  (Check) “Curse you Joe Biden, foiled again!”  

If DeSantis can’t appeal to radical Trump voters their will be no one left to stop Trump. Mike Pence or Nikki Haley, not a snowflake’s chance in hell. The race is between these two candidates each unreconcilable to the other. Either way it goes the Republican Party is permanently divided.

In 2021 DeSantis said, “Violence or rioting of any kind is unacceptable, and the perpetrators must face the full weight of the law.” But if Tucker is correct, there was no violence and no crime. DeSantis is caught in the middle. He must oppose Trump or support Trump and either way it hurts him.

An establishment wing and a Trump wing of the Party with neither able to overpower the other. A Political Party that doesn’t believe in reality and prefers to accept pretty lies. A Party that prefers fur coats and balloons and bad check artists. Investigations into Twitter or Hunter Biden’s laptop. Because it is exciting and feeds their desire for excitement and retribution. It feeds their paranoia that everyone is out to get them. And it’s real exciting!

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