Not Clairvoyant

By David Glenn Cox

A new poll by MSNBC says Ron DeSantis and his anti-woke agenda may backfire. That it might appeal to the Republican base but will alienate everyone else. Gee, I wished I’d said that. Oh wait, I did say it days ago. Sometimes, I get the feeling that they are reading over my shoulder. But the media is a private club and I’m not invited.

I started this blog after I found out that I had 500,000 reads on someone else’s blog. I’m just not very good at monetizing, I suppose. So now, three years later this blog has over 350,000 reads. And I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone. Especially the foreign readers, that’s very humbling. Most crazy people have to scream, run for office or throw their poop around to get attention.

A Republican state Senator from Tehas proposes putting a bounty on Drag queens. Five thousand dollars to any good Texas citizen who catches Drag queens entertaining children. That my friends is the difference between Good crazy and Bad crazy. I’m good crazy, so let me put on my clairvoyant hat and polish up my crystal ball and do some prognosticating. Are you listening MSNBC?

Even Ron DeSantis fears he’s gone too far. It is charisma that makes a candidate viable. And Ronnie is no Jack Kennedy or Barack Obama. Like it or not, Trump’s got it and DeSantis ain’t got it. Trump is the rich uncle everyone hates but doesn’t want to offend. Trump has an audience, and DeSantis must try and take it away.

DeSantis is a muddy wet hound dog, and everyone is afraid he’s about to shake the mud off onto them.

Tucker says he despises Trump. Spoiler alert, they all hate Trump. The Republican establishment understands that Donald Trump is a millstone around their necks. That all Trump’s wild talk and crazy claims might appeal to his base but is a sure loser in the general election. It forces the Republican Party to deny reality and look foolish. Trump can get away with that, but others like Ron DeSantis can’t.  Trump could smoke crack naked in Buckingham fountain and get away with it. The Republican elite understands that going to war with Drag queens is a sure loser.

Enter the Republicans in the Senate disavowing everything the Republicans in the House are doing. Reproaching Tucker Carlson and saying the President did the right thing with the Chinese balloon. A Republican Senator from North Dakota says Kevin McCarthy shouldn’t have given the security videos to Tucker Carlson. But why? Because Tucker seeks sensation and is at heart an entertainer. Now watch this double speak.

He says the videos should have been given to everyone. But what he means to say is that they shouldn’t have been given to anyone. It’s a tacit admission that they’ve gone too far, and that this is going to backfire with the voters. Boy, whatever happened to that good old Hunter Biden scandal, huh? The Republicans all had their eyes bugging out and saliva dripping from their chins. If one picture of Hunter in a sequined evening dress had ever appeared, it would have been all over.

But Democrats said the magic words and it all disappeared suddenly. And the room got quiet, and all talk of Hunter Biden evening dress or laptop vanished. All the Democrats said were two little words – Jared Kushner. A two-billion-dollar sweetheart deal with Saudi murders might look bad. Influence peddling? Look at what Hunter did!

The Jimi Jordan experience is receiving criticism from other Republicans. A failure to launch and a failure to obtain any traction. Jimi was a Locker Room coach at Ohio State University. We all know what the Head coach does. We all know what the Offensive and Defensive coaches do. But do you know what the Locker Room coach does? The laundry. Why, if there is no soap in the shower or a vending machine takes your quarter, you call coach Jordan.

That’s why the media doesn’t like me. I shouldn’t say things like that even if they are true. I should remain artificially distantly impartial. But I’m not and it gives me the freedom and the empty pockets to tell the truth as I see it, even the impolite truth.

The closer we get to the national elections Marge Traitor Greene and Lauren (low rent) Boebert will be muzzled. At least the Party will try to silence them. They are hurting the Party by making the Party look superfluous and comical. A proud teen mom with her teen son and his pregnant 15-year-old girlfriend. Hello police? I like to report a statutory rape. The Party of traditional family values.

The Republican Party is trying to deplatform Trump by ignoring him. They sent Mike Pence out to say that Trump is a very bad man. But Pence also lacks charisma as the fly landing on Mike’s head was his one media bright spot. It’s hard to get elected President when you call your wife, Mother. It gives people the wrong idea about you. They get to thinking you’re doing taxidermy or running a run-down motel off the old highway.  

The DeSantis culture war is hurting not just Ronnie; it’s hurting the Republican Party. The Party is trying get away from the Trump crazy and wants to be seen a serious adults as Marge walks in the room holding a helium balloon. Picking on Mickey Mouse is not seen as serious. Taking library books off the shelf is a bridge too far. DeSantis is viewed as a bully (You read it here first.) And American voters don’t like bullies very much.

DeSantis smiles a used car salesman smile of a TV preacher. “Jesus tells me all you old widows should send your money to me! And Jesus will thank you and I’ll thank you.” But Ronnie lacks the charisma of a TV preacher, and you can’t buy it in stores. It leaves the Republican Party in a quandary with two, count them, two non-viable candidates. Both fighting to see who will lead the Party down to defeat.

The Party doesn’t want Trump under any circumstances, but Reich’s Fuhrer Ronnie is not much better.    (Damn, I did it again.) The Republicans are stuck fighting a culture war and looking ridiculous to the voters in the process. Bounties on Drag queens balloons, and fur coats. The state of Tennessee says it’s going to cost millions of dollars for the correct signage for all the public restrooms in the state. Smooth move Exlax!

Kevin McCarthy as Squeaker of the House has been an unmitigated disaster. The defense of George Santos is the Republican Party striking an iceberg. Everyday more and more dark news comes out about little Georgie. First thought to be  an affable mentally ill doofuss, and yet every day Georgie is looking more and more like a professional career criminal.

I can see the future! It’s getting clearer! The veil is lifting. A  campaign sign has a picture. A picture of George Santos in his red sequin dress with the caption, “I’m voting Republican!”

The Party of attack can’t win while backing up. The DeSantis damage is done, and he can’t take it all back. But he will try to say it’s all a hoax. Trump can do that, but Reich’s Fuhrer Ronnie can’t.  Trump is a cult leader with a dark charisma and Ronnie is just a bully with a used car salesman’s smile.

Baravelli may look like an idiot and talk like an idiot but don’t let that fool you. He really is an idiot.” ― Groucho Marx

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