The Sounds of History

By David Glenn Cox

China is dancing on the head of a pin as Premier Xi Jinping makes a high-profile visit to Moscow for discussions with Vladimir Putin. China has been improving relations with Moscow recently while most of the world are honoring UN imposed sanctions. Xi Jinping will hold a zoom call with Ukraine President Zelensky. See that’s fair and non-partisan, right?

The Chinese have proposed a peace plan for Ukraine. The Russians will stop shooting if the Ukrainians will just go away and leave them alone. Leaving in place Russian occupied territories in Ukraine. Ignoring war crimes and human rights violations and crimes against humanity. It is a sop for Russia, and the Chinese price tag won’t be cheap but the Russian oil will be.

How far has Republican absurdism gone? Marge Traitor Greene, Matt Gaetz and would be, right wing strong man Ron DeSantis are all repeating the exact same Russian/Chinese propaganda as the American hard left.

Joining hands with American Communists in full agreement that the United States is the wickedness force in the world. Obviously, the Republicans would cavort naked with the devil if they thought it would help them. But it won’t and only goes to show their desperation. You see, the insurrection has never really ended.

Recently, a military drone was shot down in Ukraine manufactured in China. Gee, I wonder how that got there. The radical Republicans want to defund American support for Ukraine because they say it is too expensive. Ignoring half a century of geopolitics only to score points on the six o’clock news. Whatever the policy of the American government the Republicans will oppose it. Despite the pleas of Republicans like George W. Bush, Condoleezza Rice, and Mitch McConnell.

China recently decried the announcement of a joint US/United Kingdom and Australia building up to five nuclear powered submarines. The Chinese argument is that this violates the Nuclear non-proliferation treaty. Forgetting that Australia is a dominion of the United Kingdom, and the United Kingdom is one of the original nuclear powers. I dunno, I haven’t done any serious research, but I somehow doubt the Aussies will sell any nuclear material to any terrorist groups.

The Australian Subs will be nuclear powered attack subs armed with conventional weapons. Their purpose is solely defensive. The Australians want the subs because the Chinese have already built 15 nuclear submarines armed with nuclear weapons. Why would the Chinese build those boomer subs? Who are their adversaries in the region that compel them to build so many? Vietnam? South Korea or Japan? It must be the Americans fault. No one is threatening China.

Since the Covid 19 outbreak, many American companies have been reevaluating outsourcing. Chinese aggressive actions raise that anxiety further still. GM is one of the largest automakers in China and if the relationship between the two governments ever goes south. GM will be screwed, blued, and tattooed as well as many other western companies. It is these types of provocations that will further chill Western investment in China.

Let me reiterate, Australia isn’t a threat to China but feels threatened by Chinese naval expansion. The Philippines recently invited the American military back to the Islands. Because the Philippines wants a war with China or because they feel threatened by China? Japan is abandoning their non-military stance of 70 years because they too want a war with China. But the American hard left and the hard right both agree, this all the American’s fault. Isn’t it obvious, the Americans want a war with China.

Let me ask; what exactly would the US gain with a possible nuclear confrontation with China? What does China gain with an unprovoked military buildup? What makes China’s neighbors feel so threatened?

An American General says war with China is inevitable. But that is what generals get paid to do. To analyze situations and develop plans to oppose any possible aggression. General Billy Mitchell first warned of a war with Japan in the 1920s.

Winston Churchill warned of war with Germany in the early 1930s. Churchill was called a war monger and a political opportunist. Yes, it was all that war monger Churchill’s fault. Germany wasn’t a threat to anyone just because they were building a huge a military machine.

The US Navy began developing fleet submarines in the 1930s capable of an 8,000-mile range. It was all a part of our evil plan to attack Japan. It had nothing to do with a massive Japanese naval expansion or Japan’s invasion of China, it was all those American war mongers.

Marge Traitor Greene says that Vladimir Putin has no further territorial ambitions in Europe. Boy, does that have a familiar ring to it or what? Marge agrees with the Chinese Communist Party and the American Communist Party. Vladimir Putin is just a nice man and this all-Joe Biden’s fault.

Poland and Slovakia will turn over their aging fleets of Soviet era jet fighters to Ukraine. Because obviously, they too are war mongers out to expand the war in Ukraine. It has nothing to do with both countries being closest to the Ukrainian/Belarus border. It has nothing to do with history or because Poland and Slovakia have long memories of another leader with no further territorial ambitions in Europe.

The America First movement was begun by two newspaper publishers. One in New York and the other in Chicago, who were simply peace minded gentleman who just happened to be Republicans who opposed everything Franklin Roosevelt stood for. They were out to stop that dirty Roosevelt, from sending our boys into another European war.

My mother was a cashier at an A&P grocery store in Chicago at the time and told me stories about the America Firsters. They wore buttons on their coats and passed out leaflets on street corners. Don’t let Roosevelt and Churchill sucker us into another European war. But scratch the veneer, and their goal was to simply oppose Roosevelt by any means necessary .

“The three most important groups who have been pressing this country towards war are the British, the Jewish and the Roosevelt Administration.

Behind these groups, but of lessor importance are a number of capitalists Anglophiles, and intellectuals who believe the future of mankind depends upon the domination of the British Empire. Add to these the Communistic groups who were opposed to intervention until a few weeks ago, and I believe I have named the major war agitators in this country.” – Charles Lindbergh, September 11, 1941

The Nazis had invaded Russia on August 1st (A few weeks ago) and the America First Committee went out of business three months later December 8th, 1941. Never say that history doesn’t repeat itself. Or say that Republican disloyalty is something new. If Roosevelt was for it, they were against it. Just as now, if Joe Biden is for it, they are against it.

The Pro-life Party doesn’t give a damn about Russian civilian terror bombing of cities or war crimes or the abduction of Ukrainian children. If it means they can oppose Joe Biden.

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