The Keys to Failure

By David Glenn Cox

And so, It has finally happened so let us all hosannah. But let’s be clear that the indictment of Trump is but the first step on a long slow road. We know that there are thirty something charges but have no idea of what the charges are. Low-level felonies to misdemeanors and the chances that the former President will spend even one night in the Graybar Hotel are slim.

It has long been said that a Grand Jury would indict a ham sandwich. I’m not trying to rain on the parade I’m only trying to be realistic about the possibilities. There is every possibility that Trump with his assets could fight this case all the way to the Supreme Court and would die of old age long before ever reaching that lost partisan summit.

I think that there is every possibility that Trump will destroy himself long before the courts get a crack at doing it for him. The legendary comedian Lenny Bruce pioneered the road of reality comics followed by George Carlin and Richard Pryor. But Bruce was arrested and charged with indecency and was hounded by the morals police. Until Bruce himself became obsessed with his own legal predicament. His shows ceased to be funny and became monologues on his legal difficulties.

We saw the precursor of that last week at Trump’s rally in Waco. Where the audience began to mosey on towards the exits after just a half an hour of “they’re picking on me!” Trump’s response to being indicted was clear “I’m the most innocent person there ever was! How could those scheming lying Democrats do this to me?” Expect more of the same ad nauseum.

Vision? Plans for a better America? Nope, pity me. They’re picking on me. If you would like to watch a court case heading for an explosive conclusion watch Dominion vs. Fox News. The released emails spell out that at the highest levels of Fox News. They were seeking ratings alone, and truth and fact checking were literally forbidden. The monkeys want bananas so give them bananas before they start throwing their turds at us.

Punking their own viewers because Fox understood their viewers were child like idiots who would rather hear lies than the unpleasant truth. They don’t want vegetables they want candy! Heedless of what trouble it could cause for the country and fearless for the trouble it could cause for the company. They have proven in their own words that Fox News is nothing but a shit show for morons. Fortunately for Fox, the morons pay little attention to such goings on and so, as long as Fox continues to throw bananas at the monkeys everything is cool.

Only, right after the Dominion suit is settled comes the Smartmatic suit which is maybe even more grievous and more expensive. Mike (pillow guy) Lindell was given a platform because he was a heavy advertiser. Proving conclusively that money talks and bullshit with money talks even louder.

But if it were just Trump or just Fox News maybe the Republicans would still have a chance. But if it weren’t for bad news there just wouldn’t be any news at all. As the news escapes the vacuum that Reich’s Fuhrer Ron DeSantis has been slickered by the board of the Reedy Creek District. Just like a rube  off the turnip truck from the country. Trading his political career for a hand full of magic beans. The governing board seeing the inevitable coup de tat passed covenants making the board not much more than a sewing circle.

And when he got there, the cupboard was bare and so the poor dog got none. It’s difficult to break a covenant provided it isn’t illegal. But if a governing board wishes to give away its power there’s nothing illegal about that. Better luck next life!

DeSantis is facing a backlash after his don’t say Gay and his book banning campaign. Always aided by the regular lunacy coming out of Florida. A Florida man stole $33,000 dollars in rare coins and cashed them in for $29.00 at local change machine. Does this help to make the situation a little clearer? Someone throw that man anchor; I think he’s drowning. But I will give the devil his due. Trump nailed it when he said that Ron DeSantis has the personality of reheated tofu.

Reich’s Fuhrer Ronnie must defeat Trump for any chance at higher office. And that ain’t gonna happen as the personality deficit and his unpopular radioactive policies have doomed him. Add to that Disney bamboozling him out of his lunch money. Giving Ronnie the choice of fighting it out publicly against long odds in court or quietly going off and sulking. This issue will dog DeSantis from here on out and label him as the great pretender. Boy, he sure showed Disney what for!

Now, a quick check of the calendar reminds us that the Republicans have overseen the House of Representatives for three months now. And in that time the Republicans haven’t accomplished a single god damn thing. And all signs point to more of the same comic shenanigans and buffoonery. Hunter Biden hearings, fail. Weaponizing government, fail. Legislative agenda, fail. Protecting George Santos, double fail. Kevin (is he still here?) McCarthy is waiting for Joe Biden to negotiate budget cuts.

Meanwhile, the Republicans have failed to put forth a budget plan of their own to negotiate with. Expecting Biden to voluntarily make arbitrary budget cuts or else. Or else the House Republicans will shoot themselves in the foot. Every time the Republicans have shut down the government. Republicans pay a price at the ballot box. The public isn’t that dumb and the “I’m gonna hold my breath until my constituency turns blue” is a poor tactic indeed.

Failed football coach and Alabama Senator Tommy Tupperware is holding up appointments and promotions in the military. Trying to eliminate abortion services for military members and their dependents forced to live in retrograde states of America. Good plan Tommy, alienate the military.

Republicans are anxious to cut funding to Ukraine just as Russia shows signs of cracking. The Ukrainians are putting together a powerful tank armada and an air force wing. Promising a strong spring offensive as Putin calls up another 130,000 men. Spoiler alert, the Republicans will attempt to lead the Ukrainian victory parade after supporting the Russians.

It is a trifecta and a perfect storm. Trump, DeSantis, and the Keystone Cops of the Republican House. They hold all the keys to failure! Now color in the background with Mike (I know nothing) Pence. The man willing to tell all he knows but only after a court order. Along with David’s doodle offending Florida parents.  Teachers and doctors fleeing the retrograde states. It just gets better and better and if it got any gooder, I just couldn’t stand it.

“As a nation we may take pride in the fact that we are softhearted; but we cannot afford to be soft-headed” ― Franklin D. Roosevelt

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