The Children of Hamelin

. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin, Pool)

By David Glenn Cox

“The masses never revolt of their own accord, and they never revolt merely because they are oppressed. Indeed, so long as they are not permitted to have standards of comparison, they never even become aware that they are oppressed.” ― George Orwell

This is only the warm up act and Fox News is already losing their minds. Just wait until the election fraud charges come down. For Fox News this couldn’t happen at a better time. They can vent their spleen without addressing the lawsuits for lying against them. The same lawsuit the judge has ordered to go forward to trial. This is the point where opposing attorneys are usually called, and check books come into the picture.

Republicans in the House have been in direct contact with Trump to help coordinate his criminal cover up. (Sedition) I heard a Fox host say, “If this were happening to a Democratic President, the Democrats would be losing their minds.” Absolutely correct, with the difference being the Democrats wouldn’t be blaming the legal system. Remember, Bill Clinton was impeached, and nobody blamed the system. Democrats said, “He shouldn’t have done that.”

This is their outrage and victimhood shtick. Which Fox plays like a flute for the children of Hamelin to follow. Train derailments are Pete Buttigieg’s fault, not the railroad that owned the train or the tracks. During the baby food shortage Fox asked, “Why didn’t Joe Biden have a plan?” Angry that baby formula was being sent to border stations. There’s nothing on earth the Biden Administration could ever do that would please them.

Propaganda isn’t just lies it is also misdirection. Big Brother didn’t really increase the chocolate ration. Did you ever notice in Orwell’s book that chocolate and food were in short supply, but liquor was always available. Orwell had never heard of Fox News.

In the wake of the Nashville massacre, Sean Hannity takes exception to the outrage. Irony, you’ve met your match. The purveyor of outrage is condemning outrage. Complete misdirection don’t talk about the crime, or the guns or the murdered children, talk about the outrage. Implying the Republicans have a more mature and calmer take on the issues. While they lose their shit over the orange nightmare being indicted.

Joe Biden was asked for a comment on the Trump indictment and answered, “No comment.” What could he say? What could he say that wouldn’t be distorted? If Joe Biden were to issue a blanket pardon to Donald Trump on compassionate grounds. Fox News would fly into a rage.

 “Why did Joe Biden put us through all this? This is a stunt! Everyone knew Trump wasn’t guilty and now they issue a pardon. Trump should refuse it!” Of course, Trump wouldn’t refuse it. Can you imagine what this is costing the orange Judas? And the suckers aren’t a bottomless pit, you know. Trump might have to spend some of his own money someday.

But the irony of the one time a man who never pays his bills pays a bill, and it comes back to bite him on the ass.

Fox News rails about the Stormy Daniels case being beyond the statute of limitations. If that were so, the case would have been dismissed on day one. With the Fox implication that this is somehow an unlawful prosecution. (Barack Obama’s birth certificate) Rage and get angry they’re picking on our demigod! “It was just book keeping error!”

Except paying hush money to a porn is no crime. It’s when you make that payment and put down it down in your books as a business expense that it becomes a crime.

If you said you made a $130,000 payment to a phony charity and pocketed the money that isn’t a book keeping error, it’s fraud. Anything is possible and any excuse is acceptable except maybe, that Donald Trump is guilty.

The same people outraged by a naked statue had no issues with a naked First Lady. The same people who tired to remove Bill Clinton for having sex with an intern have no issues with a serial philanderer and accused rapist. Having sex with a porn star while his wife was giving birth to “Her” son.

Former locker room attendant and ironer of wrestling tights and towel folding expert. Jim Jordan continues to spar with the Manhattan D.A.’s office. Jordan knows well that Congress has no power to interfere in state proceedings. It’s only to create Fox News fodder to feed the outrage machine and perpetuate the myth that attempted obstruction of justice is merely patriotic curiosity. To perpetuate the January 6th myth and feed bananas to the monkeys of Hamelin.

January 6th has never ended its only changed its shape. The Party of phony electors and hang Mike Pence has now become the Party of lawlessness. The Party of George Santos, the man who lied his way into office, defended by the Republican House. The Party of investigations and excuses, while uttering platitudes of support for Donald McCriminal.

Reich’s Fuhrer Ronnie DeSantis after getting a saw horse in a horse swap with Disney says, “Just you wait!” And as I watched the clip in my mind, I saw Snoopy in his aviator goggles and flying helmet. Smoke trailing from his doghouse shaking his fist shouting “Curse you Red Baron!” Charlie Brown on the pitcher’s mound shouting “AAAAGH!”

DeSantis sent his $10,000 to the Nigerian prince and is wondering where his millions are. Now he’s trying to make us think this was a win. Disney is as evil a corporation as they come. Disney didn’t achieve that prominence by being slickered or pushed around by some tin horned rube with a badge.

Near the end of the Soviet Union, they announced the Moscow 500 auto race. A German built Ford against a Russian Lada. The Ford ran away from the Lada and the Lada predictably broke down before the race was completed. The Russian propagandist reported the results as follows. The Russian Lada had finished second and Ford finished next to last.

How is that any different from Fox News? It’s factually correct without being actually correct. Feeding the outrage machine. Banging on the bars on the monkey cage stirring up outrage and encouraging sedition but only for TV ratings and advertising revenue. Feeding the children of Hamelin, the mana they want to hear. Donald Trump’s tax returns show he paid more in taxes to the Chinese Treasury than he did in taxes in this country. And the Fox News story is “Joe Biden and his family made millions in China.”

Marge Traitor Green screams about Antifa and transgender terrorism. Tucker TV dinner says, “Transgender’s are attacking Christians.” (War on Christmas) We’re all victims! Remember the IRS hired 50,000 agents to come to take your guns away. Only the IRS collects taxes not guns. It doesn’t have to make sense and it doesn’t even have to come true. The children of Hamelin only hear the music of the pied piper.

“There is nothing in the record of the past two years when both Houses of Congress have been controlled by the Republican Party which can lead any person to believe that those promises will be fulfilled in the future. They follow the Hitler line – no matter how big the lie; repeat it often enough and the masses will regard it as truth.” ― John F. Kennedy

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