The Final Sin

By David Glenn Cox

Marge Traitor Greene went to New York to show her support for Donald Trump. But was barely visible due to her vertical impairment. Who knew she was so short? Surrounded by reporters and cameras and only occasionally you would catch a glimpse of  the top of her head. Probably her least useful attribute.

But Greene quickly spotted this was a losing proposition. As the counter protestors outnumbered the Trump supporters and the media outnumbered them both. She’s no George Custer; no publicity is better than bad publicity. So, she was soon gone like 57 Chevys. Even Trump’s wife Malaria Trump didn’t come along to show support for her husband. She’s probably meeting with a decorator to talk about remodeling the bedroom.

The veil has been pierced, looking at the still photos of Trump in court. I saw a defendant obviously worried about where he was and why he was. This wasn’t the blustering Donnie we all know, this was a worried man. Anyone ever involved in a court case, or an ugly divorce knows the unease of walking into that courtroom with serious repercussions on the line.

I always had some respect for Trump’s ability to juggle court cases. To be surrounded by legal teams with meetings and briefings. I couldn’t do it, but then I’m not a scammer. I guess it is an occupational hazard that goes with the territory. I haven’t lived in the courthouse for decades. I haven’t been sued repeatedly throughout my life. But Trump looked different yesterday worried like a man in trouble.

Trump had to answer “Not Guilty” period. No hyperbole about Soro’s backed judges or crooked District Attorneys out to get him. In a word, Trump looked deflated and defeated. The bully humbled and not so tough after all.

Many Republicans vocally voiced their support for Trump, but who showed up in person? Marge Traitor Greene and George Santos. If we were stranded on a desert Island and had to resort to cannibalism, guess who we’re eating first? It rhymes with Bantos. Something tells me George showed up uninvited.  I can’t imagine that even Trump would invite that fraudsters support. Like calling John Gotti as a character witness. “He’s innocent your honor! You can take my word for it!”

So, they hustled the old orange war horse off into the limo and he was quickly reinflated. By the time he’d arrived back at his Mira Lago mausoleum Trump was back to his old, old self. Full of piss and vinegar and ready to fight the toughest guy not in the room. Back to name calling and character assassination. This was all the district Attorney’s fault. This was everyone’s fault but his own, and he was as innocent as a new born lamb.

But there are indications there that something is somehow not quite right. The little gears that make that little birdie come out of his house to chirp on the hour are beginning to strip.

In a recent interview with Sean Hannity, Trump began to bluster about the stolen documents case. Hannity tried his best to put that little orange train back on the tracks, but Trump insisted on incriminating himself. Trying to say, “I was the President! I could do whatever I wanted. I can take documents home if I wanted too and declassify them just by blinking my eyes and saying it shall be so.”

With his own tongue, loose lips sink ships. So, Trump returns to his mausoleum to take another crack at self-incrimination. Bill Barr warned, “Don’t let Trump testify.” In the name of God, someone shut him up before he gets everyone indicted.

But Trump was warned by the judge and threatened with a gag order. Still Trump insists on skating on the lake on a warm day. He’s a tough guy outside the courtroom. So, Don Junior chimes in posting a picture of the Judge’s daughter online mafia style. “We know where you live and know who your kids are. It illustrates the desperation inside the Trump mafia.

Many are willing to offer support from the sidelines, but few are willing to go on the firing line. Only the stalwarts are left in the Florida Fuhrer bunker. Michael Cohen went to jail for his part in the Stormy Daniels affair. So what are Trump’s honest chances of an acquittal? And if Trump is convicted of 34 felonies what happens to his grandiose dreams of returning to the White House? The Republicans all know never to let a drowning man take them down too.

The Republicans know that fighting Trump’s battle for him headed into 2024 is a certain loss. They won’t win the suburban vote. And the more Trump rails about his poor, poor pitiful me routine. The more Trump loses support. “Nobody likes me; everybody hates me! I’m gonna eat a worm!”

Other than the low IQ voters, how willing are the big boys with the big checkbooks going to be to support Trump in his felony election campaign? Five million dollars is a nice haul from the grunion in a weekend, but it won’t take you where you want to go. In a presidential campaign terms, five million is returning soda pop bottles to the grocery store.

The case is relatively simple. It is about lying about business expenses to hide a criminal act. If you are using company funds to buy cocaine and calling it advertising expenses, that’s fraud. If you are supporting your mistress and calling it horizontal exercise class, it’s fraud. If you payoff a porn star to shut up and call it legal expenses, it’s fraud. Michael Cohen was convicted on his end of the phone while Trump was on the other end of the call. How can there be an acquittal?

If Trump is convicted, there is no other viable Republican candidate. Making it a wedding without groom. If the Republicans try to rally around the flag and support Trump despite his warts and all it will doom them. Already the Republicans are facing strong headwinds. Support for Republicans among Generation Z voters stands at little better than 20%.

The culture wars against Transgenders and book banning threaten to become a blue tsunami. Voters feel the Republicans are going after meaningless fringe issues and are ignoring the meat and potatoes issues Americans actually care about.  You know, stuff like Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Stick a fork in him; he’s done. He has cratered the Republican Party. Aimlessly rambling about starting world war III,  it’s over. When a former President goes to court with only Greene and Santos in his corner, the Republican Party is over.

“In a closed society where everybody’s guilty, the only crime is getting caught. In a world of thieves, the only final sin is stupidity.” ― Hunter S. Thompson

4 Thoughts

  1. I might be reading too much into the situation, but it struck me that nobody held the door open for him when he was transitioning from the arraignment area to the court room; no lackies standing by and law enforcement indifferent. Bad omen.


  2. This phase of heating up the tar and looking ahead to the feather room is where tRumptards find Their Messiah Orange Jesus now. This not-so Trump looking deflated and defeated worm of a bully humbled and not so tough after all…. Still, tRump insists on skating on the lake on a warm day. He’s a tough guy outside the courtroom. So, Donnie Din·gle·ber·ry Junior chimes in posting a picture of the Judge’s daughter. It’s all so laughable and we love the take you put on all these modern adventures, Mr David Glenn Cox! I respect the origin of your words.

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