The Final Body Count

By David Glenn Cox

There is a growing fear inside the cooler heads of the Republican party. That Typhoid Trump will spread his contagion of voter disgust throughout the Party. Trump’s numbers among Republican voters are bad but can be expected to heal somewhat as they circle the wagons as we get closer to the elections. Creating a scar tissue over the Party. But independent voters are horrified by Trump and the direction of the Republican Party in general.

The sane worry the contagion will bleed over into local races. For example, Kari Lake’s slobbering support for Donald Trump and her arrogant style encouraged 16,000 Republican voters to cross over and vote for the Democrat Katie Hobbs. More discouraging 8,000 other Republicans either wrote someone else’s name in or skipped the governor’s race entirely. Lake lost by 16,000 votes.

Recently a Trump supporter while being interviewed said, If Trump doesn’t win this time they will never vote again. I proudly stand with them! Teach us a lesson and punish us most severely and never vote again!

It illustrates the schism inside the Republican Party of the Trumpers vs. the sane. The sane see Trump as the 2024 iceberg that will sink the Republican Party. The Trumper’s declare, “Oh boy! Free ice water in every room!” They want Trump or nothing and will get their wish…nothing!

We can see this in the rise and fall of Ron DeSantis. In cleverly crafted campaign of high-profile conservative Fascism which Ronnie thought would grease his wheels to the White House. Instead, his numbers eroded outside of the flood plains of Florida. Then Trump denounced him a heretic to the cult. The Trumpers don’t want him around, and the sane pretend they’ve never heard of him.

Little Ronnie went on the defensive offense. He began trying to say that book bans weren’t really occurring. It was all a  plot by the woke out to get him. Then he told an audience in Michigan that he will win his war with Disney…eventually. As the audience began to shift uneasily in their chairs. To have high negative numbers this early in the election cycle means Ronnie has overplayed his hand.

Trump is asking a judge to block Mike Pence from testifying against him. That damn fool will tell the truth and ruin it for everybody! It’s always a good strategy to prove your innocence by blocking your former Vice-President from testifying against you. It’s death by a thousand cuts. Trump must be innocent, why else would he threaten the judge and his family?

The Republicans have no one who can stop Trump as he heads the Party for the rocks at full speed. The Tennessee Republicans attempted to punish Nashville for blocking their bid for the 2024 Republican National Convention. Instead, they should be kissing their feet for saving them from a national embarrassment. Three guesses how it looks to a national audience, expelling two African Americans from the legislature?

What will be the straw that breaks the Republican Party’s back? Trump? Abortion? Polling shows abortion as an anchor around Republican necks. Only 37% of the voters support the Republican position. Clarence Thomas and his “Duh, who knew corruption and taking freebies was wrong?”

But as AOC correctly points out Thomas claims to have been buddies with Harlan Crow for 25 years. While Thomas has been serving on the bench for 30 years. The little details don’t help as Harlan Crow likes to collect Nazi memorabilia and Supreme Court Justices.

Now that’s not to say that Trump won’t carry the Confederate States. But if he picks Marge Greene the Trailer Park Queen for his Vice President, he can forget the border states. That’s why Nikki Haley is running. She want’s to be VP despite trailing other Republicans who aren’t even running. Nikki’s polling in the high 3% but she’s less offensive to a national audience.

 Trump will be 78 years old in 2024. He lives on an unhealthy lifestyle of cheeseburgers invective and Coca Cola with his only known exercise pitching ketchup bottles and throwing out bullshit. What could go wrong with a Vice President with little political experience and no national experience? Fortunately for the Republicans, those aren’t the sort of things Republican voters think about.

But what happens if/when Trump is indicted in the Georgia election interference case. The phone calls were recorded in Trump’s own words. It is easy for Trump to explain to his gibbering minions this all George Soro’s fault. But “I want you to find me…” is a little harder to explain away.

Now add into the mix that Mr. Negative himself, Rudy Giuliani might also be indicted. The hair dye will turn loose and run in rivers. Up till now, Mr. Giuliani has remained silent in alcoholic seclusion consulting with his advisors Jack Daniels and Jimmy Beam.

Now add to this brain salad, Fox News going to trial in the first of two (count em) two-billion-dollar defamation lawsuits. If they lose and Dominion wins it strengthens the case against Fox in the Smartmatic lawsuit up on deck. How will a hammered and near bankrupted Fox News cover the Trump 2024 campaign to its intellectually challenged followers of the Crack News Network. Remember, it’s always darkest before it goes to black!

Now for the really bad news. It seems that many younger voters are angry about all these school shootings they must endure and attempt to survive. And for some strange reason, apparently these younger voters are blaming Republicans. Gee, kids, they offered thoughts and prayers what else do you want? Recent polling shows Republicans with only 20% support among Gen Z voters.

Add in Kevin McCarthy and the three ring Republican House circus and the Jimi Jordan stunt cycle show. Now with more George Santos and Andy Ogles! Lauren low rent Boebert, my son knocked up a 15-year-old and I’m gonna be a grandma!

The rising generations are profoundly pro-choice, pro-LBGTQ and pro-gun control. Not since the Vietnam War has a generation of voters been so strongly opposed to one political Party. Doomed is too kind a word. The more noise that Trump makes the worse it becomes for Republicans.  Torpedo Trump, destroyer of Parties.

Torn between sedition and anti-government rhetoric. Torn between Trump and the voters. The Republicans have fired off all their guns and will now be done in by their own ricochets. The final body will be counted in Republicans as their time runs out. This time the contagion doesn’t come from China but from Trump’s own mouth.

“As happens sometimes, a moment settled and hovered and remained for much more than a moment. And sound stopped and movement stopped for much, much more than a moment.” ― John Steinbeck

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