Harlan’s Poodle

By David Glenn Cox

“It ain’t the parts of the Bible that I can’t understand that bother me, it’s the parts that I do understand.” – Mark Twain

It isn’t the parts of the Clarence Thomas scandal that I can’t understand that bothers me, it’s the parts I do understand. But my first question is if Clarence didn’t disclose this Real Estate deal on the government forms. Did he report it to the IRS as income or Capital gains?

Clarence didn’t declare the trips and Clarence didn’t declare the Real Estate deal. He didn’t declare the Frederick Douglas Bible, gifted to him valued at $12,000. He had visited Harlan Crow’s private resort, but he wasn’t always alone there. Sometimes there were also other Reich wing big wigs at the resort. Was this a resort or a rural conference center? Camp Adolf in the woods?

Nothing illegal about a Supreme Court Justice spending the week with political partisans and Nazi memorabilia collectors. But what does it say about impartiality? Have his other billionaire buddies also given to the fund Clarence Thomas fund? “Would you like to round up your hundred-million-dollar transaction and give your change to the fund Clarence Thomas fund for needy Justices?”

 What other Bibles and Real Estate deals remain undisclosed? Is Clarence Thomas, a Supreme Court Justice on the take or a mole on the Supreme Court?  Holding planning sessions with partisans in undisclosed locations?

Private jets left at his disposal giving all the appearances of a Justice corrupted up to his eye teeth. We’ve only just scratched the surface here and look what we’ve already found. “I’m not a billionaire, but all my friends are!” A private fiefdom with power as its currency to float the Clarence boat.

Harlan Crow bought Clarence Thomas’s mother’s house for $133,000 when another similar house in the neighborhood sold for only $40,000. That’s why the two vacant lots were included in the sale to disguise the price. 3 x 40,000 = 120,000. A vacant lot doesn’t have the same value as a lot with a house on it.

Then, kindly old Harlan Crow added $37,000 in improvements to potentially a $40,000 home. Does anyone pay rent to anyone in this transaction? Any wagers? Any takers? Who got the profits from the sale? Clarence’s mother was a half owner of the house. Would brother Clarence cheat his own mother?

Let’s not forget that Harlan Crow funded a Clarence Thomas documentary. As Churchill once said, “History shall be kind to me because I intend on writing it myself.” Clarence as a man of the people.

Just a plain ole Joe six pack in his quarter million-dollar RV hanging out at the camp ground or in a Walmart parking lot. That last one’s a little hard to swallow. Imagine, I go the Walmart for bleach and rectal light bulbs. And I come back with a cock and bull story. “Guess who I met in the Walmart parking lot?”

Which story is more probable? I was at Walmart and met… A. a space alien  B. Jesus Christ  C. Clarence Thomas  D. All of them. But it gets even more implausible. Brother Harlan gave Ginni Thomas $500,000 for her right-wing tea party group and put Ginni on the payroll at $120,000 a year. But Clarence and Ginni don’t discuss politics at home.

“Hi honey, I’m home.” How was your day Clarence? What did you do at work today? “Now Ginni, we agreed. I don’t discuss politics at home with my wife. Those are discussions best left for Harlan’s retreat. What’s new with you?” Oh, nothing. Except, I got a job today! “With whom?” I’d rather not say.

Why sure, that makes perfect sense. A husband and wife who don’t discuss money. A first in all human history! “Pack your bags honey we’re going to Indonesia on a private yacht!” Whose yacht? “A friend Ginni, just a friend.” But this is only Venus in the Clarence Thomas solar system, just wait until we reach Pluto.

Clarence declined to recuse himself from cases involving the Trump Administration while Ginni was working on the Trump reelection committee. But I’m sure Clarence didn’t know that. The Thomas’s don’t talk about politics at home, you know.

So, how could Clarence possibly know that Ginni was texting seditious messages to the White House Chief of staff? It strains the bounds of credibility. But if you want Tinkerbell to survive then you must believe. Clarence is a fighter and will defend his gravy train. “Evidence, what evidence? Evidence is just clever legal trickery.”  

The Party of George Santos and Andy Ogles, Donald Trump and now Clarence Thomas. Plus, the whole gas house gang! An honorable man trying to preserve his legacy would resign unprompted. But Clarence will fight it out like it’s the Alamo. This is the modern Republican Party. Corruption, who gives a shit about corruption? Appearances? Who gives a shit? Get me Tucker on the phone.

But it’s one toke over the line for Clarence and it can no longer be ignored. He can get away with secret meetings and luxury vacations and even autographed Bibles or a seditious wife. But the Real Estate deal was clearly illegal. And a Supreme Court Justice is hired for their judgement. This is poor, poor judgement that clearly implies a criminal intent to hide the transaction. How will Fox News spin this one?

Brother Harlan only wanted to preserve poor old Clarence’s mother’s house for posterity. So future generations can see the house where Clarence hardly ever lived.  And if the transaction hadn’t been exposed and Clarence’s mother had left the property. Would brother Harlan have commenced with the shrine building or dump the property? Un huh, me too! That’s what I think.

Just with what we already know today, it is enough to impeach Thomas. But wait, something tells me we are just in the first chapter of a saga here and this scandal will soon blossom like flowers in Spring. Everybody up there on the big bench best get your ducks in a row. Brett, I’m talking to you! The blinding light of scrutiny will soon be upon you again, courtesy of Clarence Thomas. No tears, please no tears.

How many other friends does brother Harlan, and the high rollers club have? How are many other mother’s houses are owned by Harlan and company? An avid collector of Nazi memorabilia and Supreme Court Justices. Is brother Clarence the last domino to fall or only the first?  

“All Fascism did not die with Mussolini. Hitler is finished–but the seeds spread by his disordered mind have firm root in too many fanatical brains. It is easier to remove tyrants and destroy concentration camps than it is to kill the ideas which gave them birth and strength.”  ― Harry Truman

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