Dumb Cousin F*ckers

By David Glenn Cox

It just gets worser and worser for the Reich wing. Trump says if reelected, he will require a loyalty oath and a citizenship test of all government employees. And the President can fire anyone he wants at any time for just any little old thing.

Swear by the Blood oath to Donald Trump or lose your job. It is clearly a disturbed message crafted in its frenetic fear and calling for absolute power in response. And you thought he was crazy before. But you ain’t seen nothing yet.

The DeSantis non campaign, campaign suffers assault from all sides caught between the cult and crazy. He’s not in the cult and so, is just not crazy enough to be in the cult. Because rule one in the Cult is never to have your own ideas. Or to think things differently from the orange grand Pooh Baa. And most of all, keep your damn ideas to yourself. That’s real important in a cult.

Little Ronnie faces a stonewall of 30% of the Republican Party. Outraged that little Ronnie would dare to stand against Trump for election. For them, it’s Trump or nobody and it looks a lot like nobody for them. It doesn’t matter what Trump says or does. It just doesn’t matter to them as reality is optional.

Like a religion they can pick and choose what parts of the dogma they wish to believe. There is a bedrock gospel of course; Trump is innocent of all charges common throughout the denominations.

Fox News is facing trial in the Dominion case, and it doesn’t look good. But at the same time Fox News stock price was up and their viewership is constant. Even though Fox News producers called them “Dumb Cousin f*ckers” they see no reason not to tune in. Because…the Producers are mostly right.

It’s cult church, now with even more outrage. 99% of your daily need for outrage right here in a single dose! Coming up, The Paranoid Hour asks, “What if the government is secretly watching me in my house?” It’s no different than the opioids. These people are hooked on this stuff. They need their daily fix of outrage and misdirection.

They don’t care if their pusher got a haircut. They want their fix. How else can you explain it?  “Dumb Cousin f*ckers is explicit enough. It doesn’t need any further explaining, now does it. Dumb Cousin f*ckers is just a skosh away from an Inbred Moron. And that certainly doesn’t need any explaining, especially regarding Republican politics. 

After ingesting years of rumors, indoctrinations frauds scams, lies, and come ons have created cynical cult atmosphere where they (DCF) will believe any falsehoods. Defend any atrocities without any conscience or consideration. Trump can do no wrong. No how, no way.

The Jimi Jordan stunt cycle show goes on the road putting up its Big Top in the Big Apple. Jimi yellow tie is investigating crime. By trying to retry the second Donald Trump impeachment case. “See! It’s not true! It’s not true! Donald Trump is perfect and without blemish before the lord.  Trump escaped impeachment in the case but that’s not good enough for them. No, the plan is to cause havoc and confusion by clouding the issue.

Little Ronnie DeSantis threatens Disney again because he’s like an abusive father who must take out his failings on his own children. He says his rubber stamp legislature will pass new laws to undo the lawful actions of the Reedy Creek board. He just can’t let it go and move on. He’s doing his very best impersonation of Donald Trump. He must win every time or at least talk tough.

Yet Disney is the state’s largest employer and DeSantis is going after them like they are an invading hoard of cossacks. He’s attacking and threatening a private company for daring to disagree with him. He says the people of the state of Florida are going to show them who is boss. But what he means to say is he little Ronnie DeSantis is going to show the people of the state of Florida who is boss.

And Ronnie jokes about what he’s going to do when he gets control of Disney. “Maybe I’ll build a prison next door. Or build another theme park right next door. Har, har, har that will show them.” DeSantis Land the miserabilist place in the whole world. And instead of Mickey Mouse Ronnie Rat. It’s a small mind after all, it’s a small mind after all.

But no matter what little Ronnie does to the cult it’s never crazy enough. Six-week abortion ban, check! Permit less gun ownership, check! Try as he might, Ronnie just can’t pry them away from orange Jesus.

And try as he might, Orange Jesus can’t grow the cult. There just aren’t enough Dumb Cousin f*ckers in this country. The Jimi Jordan stunt cycle show acting as Trump’s defense team hurts the Republican led House more than it helps Orange Jesus. It looks weak and pathetic, and it is weak and pathetic.

But it is the march of the Lemmings to the sea. The Republican Party is out of control spun off in radical circles in response to a radical cult leader. Propagandized by a 24-hr. Cult network with no shame.

“We’re losing money here! Lie to them stat! Tell them what they want to hear quick before they change the channel.” Like children, they didn’t like old Yeller getting shot at the end of the movie. They wanted a new ending where old Yeller got better and lived happily ever after.

In Kansas city, Missouri, a 16-year-old Black teenager was shot twice after going to the wrong door by an 86-year-old White man. What scared that old man so? Why did he perceive a Black youth at his doorstep as a threat requiring gun fire. I wonder what channel was on his TV?

I wonder how Fox News will spin this one this time. “I thought he had a gun! He knocked aggressively on the door. He reached into his pocket, and I feared for my life. Can Fox spin this narrative? To a bunch of Dumb Cousin f*ckers, sure!

But it is the Lemmings last march to the sea. The Republicans are on the wrong side of every issue. But the cult thinks everyone is on their side because they are a cult. The Ronnie Rat DeSatanist’s can’t break the cult stranglehold on the Dumb Cousin F*ckers and are seen by them as heretics to the cult. And in the Republican led House? George Santos has announced his bid for reelection…nuff said.

Clarence Thomas is going to take a do over and refile his financial statement for the last ten years. “There, that ought to fix it!”  Guns, abortion, and corruption. They can’t change now, it’s too late. Marge Tater Greene says she supports the leaker of national security documents and is… wrong again.

Why don’t the young people like us? Why don’t suburbanites and independent voters like us? Under the tutelage of Donald Trump and the mind-numbing indoctrination of Fox News the Dumb Cousin f*ckers have lost their minds. And in the next two years will lose their political Party. They stand anxiously on the cliff side just awaiting the call to jump.

“There is more beauty in truth, even if it is a dreadful beauty. The storytellers at the city gate twist life so that it looks sweet to the lazy and the stupid and the weak, and this only strengthens their infirmities and teaches nothing, cures nothing, nor does it let the heart soar.” ― John Steinbeck

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