It’s the Corruption Stupid!

By David Glenn Cox

It’s like a scandal smorgasbord and it’s hard to keep up with them all. George Santos isn’t sure anymore if he was born in this country or not. At first, lying George said he was born in Brooklynn and now, the campaign isn’t quite so sure. Marge Traitor Greene says Trump soldier Nick Fuentes wanted nude pictures of young men. But in Fuentes defense, it was Marge Traitor Greene who said that.

I wouldn’t believe Marge Greene if she said the house was on fire and I smelled smoke. But now they are all starting to turn on each other. Reports out of Georgia say the phony electors are falling all over themselves trying to rat each other out.

Irony you make life worth living you know, as the Speaker of the Tennessee House Cameron Sexton is now facing calls to resign. After it was discovered that Sexton bought a $600,000 home in Nashville where he lives full time. While billing the state $313 per day for travel expenses back to his district where he doesn’t live anymore. And all this never would have happened if Sexton hadn’t tried to expel those three Democrats from the State House.

Throw them out they said. It will be fun they said! What could go wrong they said?

Poor, poor Ron DeSantis was in Washington yesterday trying to drum up support among Florida Republicans… however unsuccessfully. Ouch, as the home folk say no and support the Orange apocalypse. Cult rules apply, it’s risky business to go agin the Cult. His money drying up and donors are cutting Ronnie loose. Ronnie looks to be a man with a brilliant future behind him.

The shine from Ronnie’s stunts and shenanigans has already begun to tarnish. And Trump apologist Chris Christie says picking on corporations isn’t conservative. But, but, but Disney. Woke! Gay! Bad books, you know! Woke stuff! DeSantis finds himself in a Twilight Zone episode. He says and does all the right Republican things and gets treated like a can of Bud Light at a Kid Rock concert.

But it also means that Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee whether Republicans like it or not. Through fear and intimidation Orange Judas becomes the Republican nominee by default. And so, will lead the light weight brigade into the valley of the shadow from where few Republicans will ever return from after election day.

Donald Trump the man on the run from the law will now be the Republican standard bearer and all without a single vote being cast. How Republican! How about that for irony? The man who created voter fraud conspiracies wins without a single vote being cast. Wanna be’s and selected second stringers like Nikki Halley and Asa Hutchinson who are only running for Mike Pence’s old job. “Hello NRA!” BOO!

Like a Hollywood movie you can see the plot building to a grand finale. Trump leading the Republicans straight into a cacophony of confusion and a stew of festering bullshit. And we’re just getting started here. Trump makes disjointed non-sensical speeches about Donald Trump’s legal issues, and the cult crowd goes wild. Does Trump even have a campaign manager?

“Whatever you wanna say or do sounds good to me boss.” Just put the syrup on the pancakes and shut up. Ride this gravy train all the way till we get to biscuit mountain.

Jimi Jordan stunt cycle reviews are in and it’s, a Fail! A swing and a miss about crime as Jordan tries make a case against the world for picking on Donald Trump. It’s all so several years ago. And old business that even the Trumpers don’t care about much anymore. There are new scandals you know! And Jimi is messing around in the old business file.  

Jimi yellow tie files a bunch of legal motions for the Fox News crowd that will all be slapped down one by one. But that will happen quietly later on and never achieve prime time newsworthiness. But Jordan typifies the Republican Congress. Dedicated to hearings about Twitter and Hunter Biden’s laptop. Gee, where did that one go? It went nowhere and was quietly dropped as the Neilson ratings showed Republicans were being laughed at nationwide.

As James Carville once put it, “it’s the economy stupid” or in this case “It’s the guns stupid!” It’s about banning books and taking away people’s rights stupid. It’s about Religious wars against minorities. It’s about a Republican Party about to meet the Guillotine stupid.

Think Safari’s and “Wipeout.” Think Custer’s last stand. Think, it’s the corruption stupid!

George Santos announces his reelection campaign bravely sticking his head into the fan. George has no money and no friends, but he has name recognition. Only it’s the wrong kind of name recognition. But George’s plight typifies the entire Republican Parties plight. What are George’s chances? Slim and none and Slim’s left town.

Clarence Thomas says, “Oh my, now that’s not right.” Giving America a double bird salute. “I’ll just change these forms going back ten years and then, no harm no foul.” Ha, ha bite me! Catch me if you can suckers! The Supreme Court is already at its lowest public confidence ever. “Buzz off peons! Don’t you know who I am? I’m a billionaire’s plaything. You dumb suckers can’t touch me!”

No, but it will touch a lot of other Republicans in November. As the Santos and Greene and Desantis and Jim Jordan and Kevin McCarthy chickens come home to roost. A manic schizophrenic Trump campaign focused entirely on Donald Trump. The  picked-on victim of a mean ole world out to get Trump just because he’s a criminal.

As the Republicans have all said, the Manhattan case against Trump is weak. But the Georgia case coming up is much stronger. Begging the question will Trump supporters suffer from protest fatigue? Monday, Manhattan Protest. Tuesday, rape allegation protest. Wednesday, Church. Thursday, Election fraud protest and Friday night bowling league. Until it all begins to swirl together with Trump in the forefront. Followed by a Republican Party mired in corruption incompetence and scandals.

Put us in charge they said. It will be great they said. We will get so much accomplished they said.

Now, a lot of people are giving Dominion a hard time for taking the money. But comes down to 3/4s of a billion dollars in the hand today or potentially nothing. And a bird in the hand is worth two in the George Bush. $787 million ain’t chicken feed. And Fox News just showed that they were prepared to settle out of court Smartmatic. But Fox recently settled another case out of court for $250 million so the billion-dollar threshold has already been met. All Christmas bonuses are CANCELED! Except for Sean and Tucker of course.

For the Republican Party there isn’t any good news. None, zip, zero. The DeSantis wipeout illustrates that the big money already knows to put their checkbooks away. They can’t save this turkey from slaughter.

“The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you’ve got it made.”
― Groucho Marx

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  1. More to enjoy than a Swedish smorgasbord, Mr David Glenn Cox! I’m not sure what it is in me that enjoys reading your perspective reviews more and more about the turmoil the right stupid is constantly trying to pull…? I thought I had ironed out my character defects flat to paper thin dimensions so I could blend in where I needed in a crowd. But it turns out I’m the same me today wondering about those crazies who are going to be trying to survive Trump protest fatigue. That’s fine! “Like a Hollywood movie you can see the plot building to a grand finale. Trump leading the Republicans straight into a cacophony of confusion and a stew of festering bullshit.”

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