Without Even a Fight

(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

By David Glenn Cox

It’s never happened before at such a stunning speed. Little Ron DeSantis the man who would be Fuhrer. From a bright shining example of Republican Fascism to disgusting drunken uncle. Not welcome anywhere besides the Day’s Inn and all in just a few days. The wheels came off completely when Ronnie went sniffing around DC for Congressional support and found none. One Florida Republican even announced his support for Trump after a DeSantis meeting.

 To know him is to not like him. To know him well is to really not like him. But the DC trip brown nosing around for support is just an example of a little boy dreaming about playing in the big sandbox. His amateur status was quickly exposed. You never go asking for support publicly until you are certain they will give it to you privately.  

“Hi! I’m Ron DeSantis. Maybe you’ve heard me? I’m the Governor of Florida. I’m so glad you got this opportunity to meet me. I’ll do photos and autographs at the end of our meeting. I’ll be taking over around here in a couple of years. So, won’t you be the first to hop on the Ron DeSantis steam roller to success bandwagon? It might pay off for you big in the future.”(wink, wink!)

Well, its really nice to meet you. Mr.…What did you say your name was again? We get so many visitors here in Washington. (pressing the button under desk) It’s always good to hear from my constituents back home.

“But I’m the Governor of Florida!”

I’m so glad to hear that for you. That’s a state job, isn’t it? We’ll, I suppose those things are necessary.

“I’ve come to ask for your support. I’m running for President you know. I’m a law breaker and a heart taker! They love me back home! Disney leaves little pellets in the corner every time I call.”

My support? My dear Mr. Sandberg, why on earth would I ever support you? Don’t you know where you are? You’re in NOT Florida! You might have the biggest tool at the frog gigging party back home. But that doesn’t cut any bacon around here. What have you got for me there in your poke Porky? You’re new around here, aren’t you?

“Mr. Desantis Goes to Washington.” Garsh! Those sure are some big buildings here! Do you think they have a decent comic book store in this town? Ronnie just walks in off the street green as grass and starts asking for endorsements. “Tell the Senator I just wanted to let him in on the ground floor of the Ron DeSantis steamroller to success campaign 2024! What? Have a seat and the Senator will be with us shortly? Okay, but not too long.”

Garsh Toto, I don’t think we’re in Fort Walton anymore! Everyone so busy and important looking. I guess I should have worn my good suit and got a haircut.

Ronnie got a harsh lesson about coming in from the hinterlands to the big time and thinking anyone cares. You might have hit 3.48 for the West Marianna Sharks, but that don’t mean anything to the Yankees rookie. And as Ron’s amateur status was exposed the hot air began to escape as it often does in these cases. One puncture and the Ron DeSantis steam roller to success campaign 2024 was coming in for a hard landing. While the Republican Party is on a Kamikaze mission for Donald Trump

Even if it weren’t an orange “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” scenario. It was a pretty naïve move on Ron’s part.

“I’m sorry Mr. Desantis. An endorsement is out of the question. Donald Trump is my lord and master and savior of the universe. He can save you too! Just put this pod under your bed and it will all become clear to you by morning Mr. DeSanborn. Why, if my master even knew I was speaking to you I could get in a lot of trouble Mr. DeAngelo. So, get out of my office!

Then once Ronnie had face planted, It became fair game to kick Charlie Brown. “I only invited him in, so I could throw him out sir! I would never endorse anyone over you sir! Please, sir ease your worried mind and furrowed brow. I’m loyal, I swear it sir. I swear it! No, not the closet again sir! I swear I’m loyal sir.

Trump has successfully garnered the Republican nomination before the first primary. His only possible challenger has been ground down on the lathe of heaven. And found himself in the not ready for Prime-time players bull pen. Oh, and your advance man Ron? Fire him immediately! He’s the one responsible for making you look like a rube fresh in off the turnip truck from Podunk. “Hi, I’m Ron, and I’m here for your endorsement!”

Endorsement? Endorsement for what? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Get out of here you crazy kid! Before someone sees you in here!

Now the back side of this slip stream is it means Trump will have no competition. No one to run against him. And so, Donald Trump will talk about himself in that crazy insipid disjointed way of his. The only issues on the table will be vote for me. “Now, listen up for an hour, while I talk about myself. Let me tell you all about MY problems!”

It’s very instructive how Trump has infected and infiltrated the Republican Party. Tucker said he couldn’t personally stand the orange apostate. And I believe that to be a common opinion inside the Republican Party. They don’t like Trump, but they fear him. And so, they knuckled under at just the thought of displeasing the orange one. They just gave away their Party without even a fight. Just handed him the gavel and went to sit down.

A candidate who couldn’t win an election in the Republican primaries just took the Republican primaries off the table. A candidate who 7 in 10 voters say they would never vote for under any circumstances. A candidate with indictments and pending indictments. But I’m sure it will all work itself out and be just fine.

Take your hat off and give the devil his due. Ronnie Reich’s fuhrer has struck out on three big league pitches. Thanks for coming by. Please accept these lovely parting gifts with our thanks including Rice a Roni, the San Francisco treat! Donald Trump has reconquered the Republican Party just by threatening to huff and puff and blow their house down. Trump shouts “boo!” and the frightened chickens all run to hide under the table.

The Republican brain trust understands that Trump can’t win a national election. They understand that this is a suicide mission. The outcome is preordained. The Republicans will face this their third straight election defeat.

Trump will inspire thousands and thousands of Republicans to stay home on election day. The lunatic fringe of the Republican Party will inspire the opposition and chloroform their own loyalists. If they won’t even stand up to defend their own Party. What makes you think they’d ever stand up to defend the Constitution? They’re not much stronger than Buttermilk or much tougher than Jell-O.

“It’s a universal law– intolerance is the first sign of an inadequate education. An ill-educated person behaves with arrogant impatience, whereas truly profound education breeds humility.” ― Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn

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