Betelgeuse, Betelgeuse, Betelgeuse!

By David Glenn Cox

The Florida legislature (so called) in 2023 is moving to lower the age to purchase firearms. Rifles basically, as hand guns are already age limited at 21 at the federal level.  Stop and think about that for just a minute. I could quit here and call it a story well told. But this isn’t The Twilight Zone and there is no Rod Serling here. How politically blind and tone deaf must you be to make such a suggestion like that in Dodge City America?

Near daily mass shootings over crazy shit. And you want to make it easier for young people to get their hands on firearms? Really? Or are you just saying that to impress your friends on the Fox News? Kind of a gun paranoia in denial. With every mass shooting they become more fearful someone is coming for their guns. They need reassurance and a good stroking to calm them down.

Relax children, we’re making it even easier for your children to buy guns! “Take your boy hunting before he goes hunting at school.”

Chaos only begets chaos, and the Republican Party is in chaos. In Tehas, the legislature wants to install a panic button and place armed guards in every school. Sounds like, somebody has already pressed the panic button at the State Capital.

These are the same people who always say “there ain’t no money in the budget.” Now can open their pursue strings to fund the absurd. Why in the green, green grass of home do we need armed guards in schools? What the hell is wrong with this picture when your school is under armed occupation like Berlin?

I remember the good old days when you only worried about your daughter getting pregnant in high school or your son wrecking your car. They were simpler times.

Like an alcoholic willing to make any excuse to defend their drinking. Trying to reassure their supply with each new crime. It’s because their cult is beginning to crack up. If you ever wondered what it must have been like working in the Trump White House. This is the opportunity of the lifetime.

Like Betelgeuse, this baby is getting ready to blow sky high. Like when your engine starts to make that knocking sound and those red lights come on, so you know it won’t be long now.

To get ahead in the orange cult you must make noise. And the only way to make noise and get noticed is to be an extremist. To be the craziest screw ball on the block. Propose the double death penalty act where criminals will be executed by the state will immediately be revived, so we can execute them again some other time. “We’ll teach you crime doesn’t pay!” Damn shoplifters!

The Republican House proposes ludicrous budget cuts which are obviously a big waste of time. And Kevin, the fly who though he could boy. Answers with straight face, “Yeah, we are being serious! That’s right a 20% cut to the VA. What? Why are you looking at me like that?”

But Kevin is powerless. He can’t turn on the lights without asking permission. He’s got to raise his hand to go pee. So, he must kowtow to the noisemakers in Crazy Town. Each trying for as much camera time as possible.

Stay tuned, coming up next! Our exclusive interview with Ron DeSantis.

Because there is no leadership there is no cohesive message and Captain Orange Pandemonium exemplifies that. The gravity that holds it all together begins to fade among the auctioneers in Crazy Town. They can see it coming and understand the last day of school will soon be upon them and they become wild with frenetic fear.

Most Republicans will privately admit that going with Trump is all wrong and all Republicans secretly know it. But they are afraid of him. They understand that Trump can’t win, but Trump might can make them lose. Captured sycophants caught in their own web by the orange spider.

Welcome to our coverage of the Stockholm Syndrome Games! But as the gravity fades the loose objects tend to fly out of the mass if not properly secured. Isn’t that right Ted Cruz?

But the Party of get the government off your back now regulates your body and tells parents what kind of health care they can get for their children. Passing laws to outlaw certain healthcare because it makes them feel uncomfortable. The Bible is agin it, even though the Bible don’t say nothing about it. The Bible never heard of Viagra or heart surgery either. I remember why the first heart transplant was performed in South Africa. It could have been performed in the United States but that might have upset some people.

I’ve never seen or even heard of a political Party so far out of step with the mainstream. All the signs are there, and you don’t need a soothsayer or Astrologer to read the tea leaves. South Carolina votes down an Abortion ban. That’s a big hole in your death star there Darth. That should have been a slam dunk and yet they lost. Or the Wisconsin Supreme Court race where it wasn’t even close.

Republican voters prefer Trump over DeSantis, but neither are projected to defeat Joe Biden. As recent poll found 70% of all voters would not vote for Trump under any circumstances. And Ron DeSantis is not quite that popular.

In Trump’s previous pre campaign absence, the Republican House membership has filled in as Summer Replacement series. In three months, they have accomplished nothing, absolutely nothing. Stunts and shenanigans and if they had set out to alienate the public, they couldn’t have done a better job of it.

In Florida, always Florida. A parent claimed someone almost ran him off the road on his way to the elementary school to pick up his child. In response to the driver’s faux pas. The parent did the American right thing and brandished a pistol and waved it as he pulled in to pick up lane. He then became really excited because police were targeting him! He kept repeating, “He almost ran me off the road but you’re going to let him go!”

No perception that maybe, just maybe, waving a pistol around at an elementary school was not a real good idea.

The Republicans likewise are in the same dilemma. They’ve gone so far off the rails they no longer know where to find the tracks anymore.

With Fox News in a panic. Republicans ask, are they just sick or could this be fatal? Fox News was the center of their universe and now Fox News might super nova in a Bud Light sort of way. What will Fox News do or say, in an attempt to survive? Will they gravitate towards the center or the extreme? Will they go towards the light or towards the dark? Will the Republican mass cool and coalesce, or will it blow them all to smithereens?

“Mark my word, if and when these preachers get control of the [Republican] party, and they’re sure trying to do so, it’s going to be a terrible damn problem. Frankly, these people frighten me. Politics and governing demand compromise. But these Christians believe they are acting in the name of God, so they can’t and won’t compromise. I know, I’ve tried to deal with them.”Barry Goldwater

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