Is There No Level of Personal Shame?

By David Glenn Cox

I want you to put yourself in a situation. You have reached the pinnacle of your profession. And in that position, you have used it to fleece the public and line your pockets at every opportunity. You are actually Trumpian in your corruption and criminality. Not just by taking a little here and there but robbing the poor box and stealing the pennies from a dead man’s eyes.

You’re milking this cow like Disney is milking Star Wars. But that’s not the situation that’s only the background info. You have become all these things. You’ve become Mr. Potter trying to burn down the Building & Loan. And that’s fine, I guess.

Only now, you’ve been discovered and exposed to the whole world as a champion example of judicial corruption. The news is out everywhere, every little crime and questionable activity is explained in exquisite detail on the front pages of important news outlets. Here’s the question; How do you show up for work the next day and pretend you’re still a judge?

An honest arbiter and a servant of the people. The true crime isn’t in the corruption; it’s the shrug of the shoulders. “Whoops! Well, excuse the hell out of me! Gimme that form back and a pen. There, I wrote it in with ditto nine years. You happy now? Are we cool?”

I’m not talking about bringing proceedings of impeachment or packing the court. I’m talking about that personal dignity thingy. How do you get up in the morning and look yourself in the mirror and say, “I’m still employed, by God.” How do you go down to breakfast? “Morning honey! What’s for breakfast? Did you sleep well?” How do not process that you are a corrupt Justice who has been exposed naked before the world.

Clarence Thomas has turned toxic but not just to himself. He’s a toxin to the entire Supreme Court. How do other Justices respond? How do the Justices not meet privately and draw straws? Somebody needs to have a talk with him.  Clarence is ruining their gig too. For as long as Clarence is around those pesky reporters and those damn meddling kids in their Mystery machine will be around sniffing up everyone’s butt.

But it’s a tug o war. The power/money Republican structure unwilling to give up a seat on the Supreme Court. Even though it’s like Diane Feinstein on Jeopardy. The Republicans wouldn’t care if it were “Weekend at Bernie’s.” See? He’s not dead. What was that you said? You agree with Harlan Crow?

The guy has been caught red handed and can no longer serve on the court. There are no meaningful ethics reforms if Clarence Thomas is still in the room. There are no loose spindly ethics reforms however poorly cobbled together where Clarence gets to stay in the room. Clarence is the need for ethics reforms he is what ethics reforms are designed to eliminate and prevent. Ergo, he can’t stay.

“Flintstone! You’re FIRED!” The things that should not have to be said. The things employers and employees agree don’t need to be put in the handbook. If you get caught red handed you mumble some gibberish about spending more time with the family blah, blah, blah. Spend my declining years and all that rot. Then you grab your hat and coat, and you shuffle off into history.

It’s not like Clarence would suffer financially as apparently, he hasn’t spent a dollar of his own money in years. As it now appears Clarence nobly got his billionaire pal to pay the tuition for a private boarding school for Clarence’s adopted son. That’s nice that he did that. He could have said, “Hey Harlan, Do You know what I’ve always had a hankering for? Pretty girls and a brand-new Ferrari or two!

Sure, it’s corrupted and contemptible, but it’s still noble to pay for someone’s tuition even with someone else’s money. You wouldn’t want them saddled with student loan debt, would you? Because that case couldn’t ever possibly make it to the Supreme Court.

How much more corruption is still out there? Who pays for the groceries? Who pays the light bill? Is this a case of total corruption? Where Clarence lives like Caesar in a royal court where every whim is instantly granted and taken care of. Do not ever ask Caesar for money!

Lindsey Graham shows us all the advantages of being a spineless Jelly fish. You can turn on a dime. Lindsey calls Biden’s 1,500 soldiers on the border a stunt. But when Donald Trump sent troops to the border Lindsey thought it was a real fine good idea boss, slurp, slurp.

If Biden doesn’t do something they criticize him for not doing it and if he does something, they complain even louder. But what do they say about Clarence? “Who? Oh him. He’s a fine fellow, why do you ask?”

Is there no limit? Partisanship is one thing but this is getting ridiculous. But that’s the Republican Party, isn’t it? Quick to call out the stye in someone else’s eye, but unable to see their own log. Where do we start? Treasonous Ted? Traitorous Trump? Awful Alito or corrupt Clarence? Monstrous Marge? Jerkoff Jordan? Supercilious Santos or Mutton head McCarthy?

But the cone of silence has been lowered. The old silent treatment is being imposed. If Fox News says nothing, it never really happened. Inside the bubble, the dumb cousin fuckers won’t ever hear about Clarence’s corruption problem. They will get to hear Lindsey roar or tales from Hunter Biden’s messy divorce.

 Just ignore it and it will all blow over! They just can’t give Joe Biden a free pick no matter what. No matter how corrupt the Justice and no matter how bad it looks for the alleged conservative movement or even how it looks to the country.

The illusion suddenly fails, and truth is brutally exposed. This isn’t Red Riding hood’s grandmother after all. Clarence is a paid stooge who clocks in and does what he’s told to do. Those law books are just for decoration and excuse making. Clarence is no more a judge than my Aunt Fanny. He’s a paid employee of Harlan Crow!

Another Billionaire sent Herschel Walker a half a million dollars for his ill-fated Senate campaign. But as we all know, Herschel isn’t really a man of letters. And well, he accidently deposited the money into his personal business account by mistake of course.

And well, when the billionaire asked him about where his money went. Herschel told him he’d check into it. And he’s still checking now two years later. Is there no limit? Is there no level of personal shame? Are shame and dignity dead inside the Republican Party?

“You may have covered up the grave, but you have not buried the corpse very deep.” – Huey Long

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