Not the Polls it’s the Checks

By David Glenn Cox

Donald Trump will not testify in his civil rape trial. Good move, Bill Barr had warned not to put the orange moron on the stand. But in a case of the judicial funnies, the judge in the case left the option open should Trump change his mind. The jury did get to see the video of Trump confusing E. Jean Carroll with his ex-wife after Trump had said, “She’s not my type.” But rape isn’t about sex, it’s about power and violence, not sex.

But when it rains, it pours. The Department of Justice has an inside informer in the Mar-a-Lago mausoleum documents case. Which explains all the questions about obstruction of justice. Billionaires and rich folks, just a friendly word of advice. Treat your employees well. They see everything and forget nothing. So, go ahead and chuck a few ketchup bottles their way and see if they don’t drop a dime on you sometime.

If Trump had his underlings’ moving boxes and hiding documents it’s so long, been good to know you. The cult won’t like that very much. Trump is criticizing Joe Biden’s decision not to attend King Charles coronation. No American President has ever attended the coronation of a King. Don’t you get it? Do you see how that works? We don’t have Kings in the United States.

We had a war to break away from the rule of Kings. And so, we don’t attend the coronation of Kings. Of course, there is no prohibition against a former President attending. But the Brits with their centuries of coronation experience wisely didn’t extend an invitation. Oh my god, could you imagine Trump at the coronation?

“Me, me, me! Look at me! I’m here, I’m here! I knew his mother! I knew the boy when the was just a Prince! Will I be riding in the golden coach too? Scoot over Camila, I need a window seat. Where will I be in the parade? Will I be making a speech?”

Instead, Trump claims the southern border was never safer than it was under his rule. More of his delusional talk where the air smelled sweeter and the water tasted better when he was King, er President. The ravings of a lunatic with his romantic memories and notions of the good ole days.

But it seems there is always plenty of money for stupidity. A poll was recently funded to discover how the public would react to a Trump – Marge Tater Greene ticket. I wonder how they would fare in a national election. Really? Someone actually spent cash money on that? I could have saved you some time and some money fellas. In a word, badly!

This amazing poll discovered the Orange and Greene ticket would lose by a wide margin to a Biden – Harris ticket. It’s obvious, Greene is too crazy for the sane and too sane for the Republican crazies. The orange mongoloid could fall off his hobby horse or choke on a cheeseburger and without waiting the requisite three days to see if Trump comes back to life. Greene would be sworn in as the President. I don’t even like to think about that possibility.

I’d rather live in Florida or contemplate my place in a nuclear disaster than think about that.  The Florida legislature sends a bill to the governor allowing the government to remove Trans kids from their parents. This first in the nation law and second since the Nazis took over Germany guarantees Florida is headed for the sub-basement of the United States. Soaring insurance rates and a Governor who took four million dollars from the insurance industry. But, I’m sure that’s just coincidental.

Woe be unto the next Corporate board member who suggests we build the new factory in Florida. Let’s build our new research facility in Florida to take advantage of their highly educated work force. But how do you get into this crazy poll business? Dave’s discount polls! All the info at half the price. A recent poll discovered that Reich’s Fuhrer Ronnie’s popularity is going down due to his war on Disney.

They paid folding money for that information? The word is “Petty” or “Small.” Ronnie could attack IBM or AT&T for being woke and maybe get away with it. But attacking a company that makes cartoons and runs amusement parks is a bridge too far. “Cassius has a lean and hungry look.” In my administration coyotes won’t be allowed to run roughshod over innocent roadrunners!

Ronnie tries too hard. The only business that could prosper in Florida right now would be a chain of all night liquor and gun stores. Hurricanes floods, violence, buildings crumbling an insurance crisis and Governor who ignores it all to run for President. To run for President on a platform of mean and vindictive behavior. “Gee, why don’t they like me? Let’s commission a poll!”

The cavalcade of Clarence Thomas corruption rolls on with more money being funneled to Ginni under the table. As a publication recently suggested that Clarence should open his checkbook and start to reimburse Harlan Crow for his amazing generosity. Even in the surreal world of Republican corruption that’s crazy talk. Have you any idea what that would cost? Plus, to pay the money back now would be admitting guilt for taking it all in the first place.

That’s right Mr. Capone. Just pay your back taxes and all is forgiven!

Clarence the crook will hide behind his office and stay above the fray by ignoring the public with a shrug of his shoulders. But like Space Invaders the missiles are falling faster, and the fortress is damaged beyond repair and is almost gone. I’m going to save the pollsters some money here. Clarence is toast. The situation is reaching critical mass and is no longer tolerable, tenable or manageable.

The Republicans tread lightly fearing it’s not real good politics to defend this guy anymore. Just like you and I, they don’t know what other shoes there are still out there left to drop. But do you what Clarence did declare? Someone bought him a set of tires for $1,200. Grifting for a set of tires?  It’s time for the Republicans to punt and move on to plan B, fighting against whomever Joe Biden would nominate to replace Clarence on the court.

Ronnie the unpopular is running against the orange Jesus cult figure and can’t even win the Republican nomination, let alone a national election. Many Republicans agree with Ronnie’s positions, but it’s him personally they strongly dislike. Meanwhile, Florida rapidly becomes the poster child for unpopular places to be.

Less than two years until a national election and the Republican Party has never been so unpopular.

Republican leaders include Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, Kevin McCarthy, Marge Traitor Greene and Lauren Boebert. I wonder how that will all turn out. Maybe we should commission a poll?

“If this nation is to be wise as well as strong, if we are to achieve our destiny, then we need more new ideas for more wise men reading more good books in more public libraries. These libraries should be open to all—except the censor. We must know all the facts and hear all the alternatives and listen to all the criticisms. Let us welcome controversial books and controversial authors. For the Bill of Rights is the guardian of our security as well as our liberty. – John F. Kennedy

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