The Rise and Fall of Ron DeSantis

By David Glenn Cox

Republican Senator Bill Lee said on Sunday, that “he doesn’t believe Trump can win a national election.” That’s not really news but it is candor. It illustrates the great divide inside the Republican Party. The Republicans in the Senate are not playing along with the Fascist wing inside the Republican House.

Yet, Senator Tim Scott has filed paperwork to make his own futile attempt for the White House. As I mentioned before, every Republican candidate entering the race dims the aspirations of the soulless Ron DeSantis. Short stack Ronnie must win Republican primaries somewhere. Eight or nine competitors makes that impossible. Head-to-head, DeSantis might be able to score an upset, but in a crowded field there’s no way.

Trump is also facing head winds as it appears he will be indicted in Georgia in August. It won’t change any Republican minds, but it is another coffin nail. As eight or nine Republican candidates would not be viable or funded if there wasn’t a desire to stop dead beat Donnie inside the Party. Most are only vanity campaigns hardly noticeable and aimed at stopping DeSantis with each taking 1% of the vote. Would Republican candidates actually deceive their voters of their true intent? Need you ask? Sure, they would.

 “Let me have men about me that are fat;
Sleek-headed men and such as sleep o’nights:
Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look;
He thinks too much: such men are dangerous.”
– Julius Caesar

That Shakespeare quote comes back to me every time I think about the sawed-off Fuhrer of Florida. His every action designed to score points, as if to say, “I’m crazy too! In fact, I’m even meaner and crazier!” Attempting to lure support away from orange Jesus. But DeSantis thinks too much, and win lose or draw Florida will pay the price for his rhetoric.

The NAACP has issued a travel advisory calling Florida “openly hostile” to people of color. LULAC, The league of Latin American Citizens has also issued a travel advisory in response to a Fascist immigration law shortly due to go into effect. This added with the DeSantis attacks on the LGBTQ community, public education and his war on free speech with the Disney corporation. Which means, investment tourism and travel will slowly decline.

While Ronnie the runt, fights for the Reich wing votes he loses everyone else. The cult is too strong and rather than the consensus building of a big tent, Ronnie does the opposite. He’s due in court to fight a First Amendment case with Disney just about the time the campaign heats up. Already, his war with Disney is becoming a national joke, and Ronnie is fast becoming the butt of it. Fighting with Mickey Mouse; great play Ace, have a banana!

Book banning has made the Florida Fuhrer unpopular with the educated. That puts the suburbs out of reach. Ron’s only minuscule chance is if orange Jesus is arrested and put on trial. And as much as I’d like to see that happen, it is realistically unlikely. As every charge against orange Jesus only unifies the cult behind him. Ronnie needs to run the table to have even a remote chance.

First, Reich’s Fuhrer Ronnie must defeat Trump for the nomination, and that is highly unlikely. Unless Trump chokes on a Big Mac or falls from his golf cart. Then, little Ronnie mustn’t lose a singe Southern state. If he loses a Virginia or a Georgia, he’s done.

Trump’s fight for Georgia and Arizona makes that clear. There was a time when those states and Nevada and New Mexico were Republican safe states. Those days are now over.

If the Republicans force this foisted debt crisis over the brink, they will lose the senior’s vote and the veterans vote, both key Republican demographics. If they force millions of seniors to lose a Social Security check even temporarily, the Republicans face doom. Little known fun fact; seniors use those checks to live on. No one has ever missed one Social Security check yet. And woe be unto to Party who makes that happen.

If Joe Biden uses the 14th Amendment to stave off a default, he will be hailed as a hero. Biden offered a spending freeze, and the Republicans turned it down. Turned down spending limits the Republicans themselves approved of and voted for just last year. It illustrates their desperation and their last gasp.

For a Republican to win the White House, they must carry every Republican safe state. Plus, flip a Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Lose just one, and it’s back to the drawing board.

The Fascist extremism of the Republican Party illustrates not strength but weakness. Abortion bans and book bans, restroom signs are an attempt to keep a dying movement alive. “See! See! See how strong we are! Huh, huh?

Fifty percent of Americans no longer believe in God. Republicans did that, along with the evangelical movement. The mixing of faith with right-wing politics has poisoned both wells. It screams to young people a false belief system. In a world with a James Webb telescope. It becomes harder and harder to believe in a God who found this one little mud ball in the backwaters of a huge universe somehow special.

A holy book cobbled together over the centuries and transcribed and edited through half a dozen dead languages was somehow the divine word. A book that didn’t know the Earth went around the sun. A book that didn’t know about dinosaurs or North and South America. But believes an old man built a boat without a rudder and collected all the animals in the world. Only the boat wasn’t near big enough. What the Bible doesn’t know could fill another book.

The majority of women in this country are pro-choice, and the Republicans are anti-choice. The majority of Americans support Gay marriage and equal rights, while Republicans oppose both. Most Americans favor student loan reduction which Republicans oppose. Book banning and attacks on the public schools are strongly opposed and reviled by a vast majority. Most Americans are concerned with the environment and global climate change. The Republicans? Not so much.

A Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis campaign will energize the Democratic opposition. While at the same time leaving the Republicans split. If orange Jesus doesn’t win the nomination the cultist will hold their breath and stomp their feet until their districts turn blue. The Trump cult at best controls 50% of the Republican Party. The other 50% see Trump as a danger to be avoided. Given a choice between Trump or voting blue, they will do neither.

Now, add into this stew Clarence Thomas and George Santos. Plus, Marge Traitor Greene and Greg Bubba Abbott. Add in the eminently dislikeable Ron DeSantis. When Ron of Sand Spit Alley is angry, he comes off as a muddy Mussolini. And when Ronnie smiles and laughs, he comes off looking even worse.

“What a terrible era in which idiots govern the blind.” ― William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar

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