The Sincerest Form of Vapid

By David Glenn Cox

It’s been a hell of a year end. I fell ill on December the 16th , and I’m still recovering. Maybe I had Covid; I don’t know. The test was negative but when you ask a patient burning up with a 101 degree fever to do his own test. The results can be kind of sketchy.

But I won’t posting as much on Facebook as I did last year. Facebook has made it clear to me that I’m not wanted in these parts. Mark Twain said, “It is better to be alone than unwelcome.” Facebook or Meta or the days when the future was bright. They don’t want word pieces they want funny pet videos, just like TikTok. Follow the leader! Do what everyone else does. If you can’t buy them out, then copy the shit out of them.

Facebook will pay you money for funny pet videos or falling off your skateboard. That’s content! So, to the 65,000 Facebook readers last year. I say thank you! Thank you for the thousands of likes and shares. I appreciated every one of them even if Facebook didn’t. Will they pay writers too? Some, maybe depending on their ethnic background. But Facebook has made it clear to tens of thousands of members that their input is unwelcome.

In August of this year, “This Carbon-Based Life” had almost 9,000 Facebook reads. But I made a joke to a friend of mine. I didn’t disparage him in any way. I didn’t discuss his race or his religion. I didn’t call him any names of any type. I simply asked if he was high? A perfectly legal status in many of these United States. And for that I was sent to Facebook jail and my feed significantly squelched. In September, I had only 2,500 Facebook reads. I was convicted without trial and never allowed to have my say. Basically, because Facebook doesn’t care.

Facebook won’t relent and I’m not so stubborn as to beat my head against a brick wall. It wasn’t like they were paying me for my efforts. My blog, “This Carbon-Based life” is still available for free! Gratis! I don’t sell e-mail addresses, and I don’t ask for money. I don’t sell coffee cups or tee shirts either. I don’t want to do that. I think it’s cheesy and cheap.  

Like millions of other Facebook members and commercial sponsors. I’ll go somewhere else. The irony being that Facebook advises that fresh content is the key to a successful Facebook page. But if you say one word that we don’t like or don’t understand. We will crush you like a bug. Hell, Facebook ran off General Motors,  AT&T and a dozen others seven figure accounts. It reminds me of a question. Why do Kamikaze pilots wear a crash helmet?

I remember when the Mechanical Bull was a big fad. Every bar needed a mechanical bull until they didn’t. Who remembers, My Space?

I watch a lot of reaction videos on You Tube. Do it right, and you can buy a sailboat or build a house in the country. But I’m cursed with a face made for radio. I’m not a performer and I don’t want to be. I’m a political writer. I can write about all sort of things, but politics is my true love.

I was born into this trade. My earliest memory in life is of a JFK poster in our front window. My Grandfather was a Union organizer. And I’m proud to say, my Grandpa punched a Klansmen right in the nose and ruined his outfit. He was arrested for inciting a riot. See, it’s in the blood!          

That’s why my school teachers avoided my hand during Social Studies. Fearful that I might launch into a screed about the labor movement or liberal politics.

In High School,  I wrote a term paper so profound I was sent to share it with the school Principal. The paper was entitled, “Why Jefferson Davis was a War Criminal!” It probably would have passed without notice. If the school hadn’t been named Jefferson Davis High School. On my resume’ that’s “Davis High School.” Never mind which Davis. It could be Sammy Davis or Gina Davis High School.

Never make someone else a priority that treats you as their option, said Mr. Twain. Even the imaginary Jesus said to shake the dust of your shoes and move on if not wanted. A lesson many church groups have failed to learn still.

It is a rare and unique business strategy to run off and alienate your customers in droves. But it isn’t all that unique among those who think they have all figured out. Facebook has already lost the youth market. Facebook is uncool and nobody wants to friend their grandmother and share the secrets of last weekend’s Keg party. Besides Facebook might ban you for not keeping your knees together. Like they used measure skirts or measure if your long hair touched your collar at school. No Beatle haircuts allowed!

And remember, Facebook is a place for social interaction until it’s not anymore. In the film Idiocrasy, “Ow my Balls” was a hit TV show. But, in reality it’s called Facebook. We’ll actually it’s called TikTok, but imitation is the sincerest form of vapid. That’s why Kamikaze pilots wear a crash helmet. They don’t really believe that they are going to crash until they do. Thanks again everyone! I’m not gone, just gone from here.

4 Thoughts

  1. Well shit, David. You’re missed. I understand the problem and I’m glad I get your email. I need the sarcasm you’re so good at.Sorry you were sick, I wondered if you were ok. I’ll try to redirect interested parties to your email.


  2. It’s so sad when a bloody good poster can’t be arsed anymore, to tolerate fb and it’s petty rules. Unfortunately, I’m not in the same league, nowhere near, but I get my share of bans, and then have to wear my ‘tag’ for another month, where you just know they are micromanaging your profile and posts.
    I hope you change your mind, don’t let the b’stards get you down. Or change your profile, new name, new start, clean criminal record.😉✌️


    1. It only bothers that two years of work are down the drain. A ban is fine but they crushed my audience. Please go to the website
      and join. I don’t spam or ask for money every week. I will pursue better avenues. I’m not gone just gone from there. Thanks for your nice words.


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