Almost Looks Suspicious

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

When I went to school in the North, I was taught the Civil War was about slavery. When I attended school in the South, I was taught the Civil War was fought over States Rights. When I enquired exactly which state right the South was fighting to preserve. I was told State sovereignty over the Federal government. The Confederate Constitution explicitly allowed slavery, so who are you kidding?

Trump National Security Advisor Mike Flynn plead guilty twice to lying to the FBI. Well garsh, who hasn’t lied at one time or another? Here’s a friendly piece of advice, if the FBI ever wants to ask you questions. They probably already know the answers and they just want to see just how dumb you are. But what was Flynn lying about? “Yes, I stole the stapler from the office, but I was going to bring it right back on Monday.” Over and over we hear, “lied to the FBI” but what exactly did Mike Flynn lie about to the FBI?

The FBI asked Flynn, are you familiar with a Sergey Kislyak? “I think he plays goalie for the Minnesota Timber Wolves,” Flynn replied. No, let’s try again. “A famous Russian Author? Prima Ballerina at the Bolshoi? Tolstoy’s college roommate?”

Sergey Kislyak was the Russian Ambassador to the United States. A personal confidante of Vladimir Putin. So, Mike Flynn was in conversations during an election campaign with the Russian Ambassador and his boss. Wanna guess what they talked about?  I ‘ll give you a hint, when it came around to pardon time Mike Flynn was the first name Trumpy thought about. Trumpy has been trying to defend Flynn for two years. Getting the Justice Department to intervene in a case where the defendant had already admitted guilt twice. The Federal Judge in the case was rather hardnosed about the affair refusing to drop the charges against Flynn.

Flynn had signed a sentencing agreement; he would plead guilty to lying to the FBI and all the other potential charges would go away. The Justice Department intervened asking the judge to throw the case out. The judge responded by hinting that since Flynn wanted to void his sentencing agreement. Let’s look at all the other potential charges. Conspiracy, leaking of classified material and espionage. Mike Flynn is the fulcrum of the Russia case. Flynn knows what went on and the FBI knew what was going on. So, it was vitally important that American people not find out what was going on.

Before the Hindentrump struck the mooring mast at Lakehurst and there was a chance for reelection Trumpy didn’t want to pardon Flynn. It looks bad politically to pardon defendants in a case you said was fabricated to begin with. But now that the hydrogen flames are extinguished there are some details requiring immediate attention. Step one, pardon Mike Flynn. Step two make sure to pardon Mike Flynn. Step three understand that Flynn could inadvertently blow the Russia scandal wide open. If this were a Godfather movie, Mike Flynn would be found shot to death in a car on the New Jersey turnpike with a box of cannoli’s on the front seat.

It is remarkably interesting and cozy that Flynn was charged with lying in the first place considering the subject matter. Almost like charging Lee Harvey Oswald with discharging a firearm inside of city limits. “We caught you with the payroll money, and you lied about it. Now you are going to pay. Telling lies is very wrong.” The key witness in the key case in the crime of election fraud and worse. Kid’s let this be a lesson to you. If you ever find yourself inside of a criminal cabal, it is better to be in the middle of it than on the edge. Prosecutors rarely give deals to peripheral players. The bit players could do a stretch in club fed while the inner circle get a Presidential pardon. Funny thing about a Presidential pardon, it says two things at once. First it says you cannot be prosecuted. Secondly it says even though you are guilty. If you weren’t guilty why did you need a pardon? If you were guilty, which the pardon says you are is that even legal?

Can the President give orders to underlings to commit crimes for the direct benefit of the President with pardons for faithful service? If it is a criminal conspiracy involving the President by pardoning underlings, he’s pardoning his own actions. How can he pardon a co-conspirator? “I want those Thin Mints, and I don’t care what you have to do to get them.” If Russia was a hoax, why are they pardoning the central figure in the American half of talking to the Russians. Think how the world might be different if Flynn had been charged with espionage rather than “fibbing.”

Like the X-Files the evidence is out there. The FBI knows but can’t tell unless asked. They can’t be asked because Trumpy is silencing the witnesses who know. The end of an era only statutes of limitations matter now. Remember way back after arguing about inaugural size but before the Trump pissed his panties about Jeff Sessions. There was a private meeting in the White House where the US press was excluded. The President and the Russian Ambassador, Sergey Kislyak and Mike Flynn.

In the Trump litany of crimes, it’s first tier. For and Administration known for smoking exploding cigars they handled this affair masterfully. Most Americans don’t know Flynn was a registered foreign agent of Turkey and that he didn’t register until he was caught. Most Americans don’t know that since the fall of the Berlin Wall most back channels communications with Russia go through …Turkey. They don’t know that in 2015, Mike Flynn attended a dinner hosted by Russia Today and sat next to Vladimir Putin. God, that almost looks suspicious.

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