Trumpsky – Flynnsky – Turkey – Russia

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

It is clear to even the blind that the Russians have their hooks buried so deep in Donald Trump that when Malaria says goodnight Putin answers, “Night.” Almost from the first day of the Administration Trumpsky cozied up for private meetings with the Russian Ambassador. “Sorry, Russian media only!” Things took a turn for the worse in Helsinki when Trump appeared wearing a diamond studded dog collar and leash. Then there is whole abandoning the Kurds issue to help our good buddies in the Russian Army. Trump’s insistence in trying to get Russia back into the G-6. Just out of thin air, “You know what might be fun? Let’s let Jesse James back into the G-6!”

The leaders of the free world paused and stared at Trumpsky in unison. It wasn’t on the agenda because it was beyond consideration. Russia was booted from the G-6 after invading Crimea. They are still in Crimea and so still booted from the G-6. Trumpski’s suggestion was as absurd as inviting Hitler to join the G-6 after invading Poland. “He hasn’t invaded anyone lately.”

The attack dog that snarls and snaps at everyone, “Up yours Pope! Same to you Dalai Lama!” Then cowers like a puppy and piddles on the floor at the very mention of Vladimir Putin’s name. A massive data breach and it’s not hard to know where it came from. The experts say Russia, and the Secretary of State says Russia, and Trump says, ding, ding, ding! Maybe China. There is a long-held speculation that the Russians have incriminating dirt on Trumpsky, but this is the guy who shoots people on Fifth Ave. Go ahead, try to embarrass Andrew Dice Clay.

So, there must be more than dirty pictures and a urine-stained mattress. Releasing compromising information on a President would be an overt hostile act. It would draw diplomatic retaliation and achieve nothing. Anyone here think dirty pictures are gonna turn the Trumpskyite mobs around? There is only one answer to the question. It is so obvious as to be hidden plain sight only by incredulity.

The disbelief that a President would sell his country out but in the Trumpsky universe only planet Trumpsky really matters. He is not going to let a few thousand deaths ruin his golf outing. If there are people in the way, just tear gas them and they’ll move. Time and time again the President sow’s violence and disunity. My friends aren’t my friends anymore. My enemies are my friends now. Presidente Trumpsky has shown a special fondness for authoritarians and the more ruthless the better. That isn’t a political statement it is a psychological statement, somebody wants to hang out with the tough kids. Ritchie Rich wants to ride with the Hell’s Angels on his golden motorcycle.

It explains everything like a universal key. Why did Trumpsky do X, Y, and Z? And the survey says, Russia! Trumpsky’s election shenanigans and denials. Some warn Trumpsky is undermining our democracy. Yes, of course he is. The gardener cuts the grass, and the bus driver takes the kids to school and the stooge? It is a big, beautiful world out there filled with dark corners and things we’d rather not know. Did the Trump campaign conspire with the Russians? You’re damned right they did and what does that cost?

During the Cold War spies came and went through divided Berlin. Today spies come in from the cold through Turkey. Treasonous criminal Mike Flynn was convicted of lying to the FBI about working as a foreign agent of Turkey aka spy. Do you know why you lie to the FBI about working for Turkey? You’re up to no fucking good! Turkey is our only NATO ally with closer relations to Moscow than with NATO. Flynn’s business partner worked with Russian intelligence for a decade. Direct line, Trumpsky-Flynnsky – Turkey – Russia.

This is the guy Trumpsky fought for and had Justice Department lawyers go into a Federal Court and tell the judge they want to drop the charges after Flynn had plead guilty…twice. Clearly, for some reason Mike Flynn is very important to Trumpsky. We’ve watched Trumpsky throw his Confederates under the bus with regularity, but not Mike Flynn. Flynn is to Trump as Trump is to Putin as the conspiracy congeals and is outlined.

Benedict Arnold was a brilliant commander who felt slighted and unappreciated until he finally said, “Screw you guys.” He sold out his fledging country for a commission in the British Army, simple and straightforward. Arnold never borrowed money from the Russian underworld and never tried to build a hotel in London.

In our media maze three dimensional items sometimes become two dimensional. When I saw Ronald Reagan, I was shocked. White pancake makeup and rouge on his cheeks he looked like Krusty the Clown, but he was made for TV, and I was seeing him in reality. In reality, he was an old man with bizarre face make up almost frightening. One can only imagine Trumpsky once the camera is turned off. Mark Zuckerberg says. “he’s just like he is on TV.” Well, that didn’t help.

We have had President’s with emotional problems before but never the psychotic jungle gym of Donald Trumpsky. The 25th Amendment lays exposed as a fraud, “All those wishing to be fired raise your hand.”

A contentious meeting was held at the White House with talk of invoking Martial Law to overturn the election. “Thank you for calling the Pentagon. Your call is very important to us. Press one followed by the pound sign if you would like to get the Pentagon involved in what is clearly treason. Goodbye!” Good on em, waste no time leave no doubt. Next, the President of the New York Stock Exchange should step forward and announce that in the case of any treasonous event the stock exchange won’t open. Just the consideration of such eventualities shows just how valuable Moscow’s employee of the month really is.

“Pleased to meet you
Hope you guessed my name, oh yeah
But what’s confusing you
Is just the nature of my game.”

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