Little People

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

In 1939, the Nazis undertook an operation dubbed, “Operation Canned Goods.” A group of prisoners were taken from jail under the promise of early release for their participation. They were dressed in Polish army uniforms and taken to a German radio station along the Polish border. Where they were executed, and their bodies used as proof of a Polish military attack on Germany. A man in broken German in a heavy Polish accent announced the polish attack on the radio station, on the air.

Just for fun and to make it look real, the Germans from their own side of the border shelled Germany. Thereby creating a theatrical stage to achieve a political goal through the use of third-party innocents. Who cares if a few prisoners get shot? Right? Who cares if Dagwood Bumstead doesn’t have a clue?

Migrants take a plane ride, so what? Sound familiar? “Har, har, har, we sure did show them Yankees what for! Didn’t we Daddy? Sent a plane load of Emigrants to their house on the weekend! Yuck, yuck, yuck guffaw.” Homer and Jethro, amusing each other at other people’s expense between masturbating. They had a political goal to achieve and set about building a theatrical stage to achieve it.  

Governors using your tax dollars to put on a show giving themselves a platform to pontificate from. Almost a campaign event, but not quite. A news conference of how singlehandedly he is fighting illegal Immigration. Joe Biden could do something if he wanted too, but he doesn’t want to! Only, these people were legal Emigrants.

For many years, Venezuela has been conservative bugaboo and almost hated as much as Hillary Clinton. Hugo Chavez was devil’s right-hand man. He had his hands in every nefarious plot. One would think that refugees from the Socialist nightmare would be welcomed by Republicans.

But that is where the old expression, “many a slip between a cup and a lip” comes from. When looking for Coyote Services don’t scrimp. If you want anything done right in human trafficking, you have to do it yourself. Somewhere, there is a conversation going on. “Gee, how was I supposed to know they were legal? They all look alike to me.”

Well, you could ask. “But see, it was like this see. We had to round up fifty illegal immigrants and round em up fast. It was a hotel and food bill for every night we didn’t reach fifty coming out of our end. They didn’t want to go at first and there was a charter plane waiting. So, we sorta promised them jobs and cash to sign the paper holding their kidnappers harmless.”

Told in mid-flight that they weren’t going to Boston after all. Instead, the plane arrived in Martha’s Vineyard where the tour organizers all disappeared. Abandoning and stranding people with a brochure after the photo event.

Legal emigrants escaping persecution used and abused. It shows the ad hoc nature of the operation. Their goal was to create havoc for the sound bite camera and then it’s Miller Time. Nobody thought about what was next for these people. “Yuck, yuck, yuck I guess that’s somebody else’s problem. Yuck, yuck.”

Charter a plane, round up some of the right looking people and Lights, Camera, Action! “Okay, we got it boys, everybody back on the plane! Everybody except for you guys’ amigo. This is terminus for you. Nice knowing you, Kemosabe.”

The Martha’s Vineyard destination was no accident. It is the ultimate East Coast, Liberal Elitist target since JFK went skinny dipping or Teddy took driving lessons. They could have dumped the Emigrants anywhere. Taken them to Greenwich Village or Chicago, but no, Martha’s Vineyard was just right for the ultimate in optical effect.

This is what Ron DeSantis thinks of people. They are fair game to be used. No differently than a pimp luring runaway girls at the bus station. “I got friends; they’ll make you a big movie star baby! I’m sort of their talent scout. Sure, you can pay me back later.”

Jeffery Epstein through his procurer, lured young women to his private island under the premise of non-existent modeling jobs. He used them for what he wanted and then he dumped them. He used their age and naiveté against them, like using a language barrier and a new culture against them. Epstein or DeSantis, either way innocent people are getting abused.

It is a barbaric act of sedition against the nation. Florida and Texas firing off salvos of Emigrants as if somehow, it’s all Massachusetts fault. Firing corpses over the wall with catapults trying to scare the Faux News population. Down South they have to keep the grass cut and up North, they have to keep the snow off the road. We all have our crosses to bear.

The police in San Antonio have photographs and are looking for the coyotes in question. Seems, it’s against the law in San Antonio to lure people under false pretenses. For any purposes at all, that’s why they’ve got those signs posted at The Home Depot. The police want to know who paid the coyotes to do it. Then, you know how cops are, they’ll want to know who paid their bosses to do it.

So how exactly is this going to work, when the Governor of Florida is wanted on human trafficking charges in San Antonio, Texas, with Federal charges brewing in Massachusetts? Extradite or escalate? Maybe a state proclamation outlawing baked beans or red socks in Florida. “No longer will we be ruled by the tyranny of the maple syrup!”

Ron DeSantis has pooped in his drawers. He’s stepped forward to take credit for the operation and the wedding was permanent. He can’t back away from the ugly baby now, after claiming paternity. It was a publicity stunt gone wrong, designed to get him in the good graces of the non-discerning knuckle draggers and the hoosters in the hustings.

Hiring pirates and privateers, trusting, or not caring, if they followed the law or not. Not caring whether the stunt was even legal or not. This is what Ron DeSantis thinks of people. There is little distinction, what does to them today he will do to you tomorrow. You never know, something might come along someday, and the governor might need to make some arrests. You know, little people. Arrest a few of the unsavories, just to show the public the Governors on the job.

“Unlimited power in the hands of limited people always leads to cruelty.”
― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

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