The High Winds of Karma

(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

By David Glenn Cox

Poor little Ronnie DeSantis, “The best laid plans of mice and men.” While little Ronnie rodent was out on his book tour designed to promote his potential run for the White House. He was met with protestors, aka, pro Trump protestors. It’s one thing to fight for your Party’s nomination. But to have your opponent’s supporters actively come out to protest your book tour…well. My oh my, how Nazi like of them.

Needless to say, the book sales were slow. The Trump inspired protestors beef is that DeSantis hasn’t officially announced his run for the Party nomination yet. Yet he is actively running for President. How dare he do something perfectly legal the Trumpozoids don’t like. But as per usual the Trumpozoids miss the point. Politicians don’t write books because they have something to say. Politicians write books, so they have something to sell.

“It would be illegal for me comrade, being a foreigner to donate to your campaign. So, here’s a check for 10,000 copies of your book.”

“And with your donation to the 700 Club we will send you…”

Remember Josh Ha, ha Hawley and the fist pump that cost him a career. His book deal was immediately cancelled, and Josh was forced to self-publish. Sales were reported as slow.

But Little Ronnie has had a tough week, first duped by the mousketeers. Then harassed by the Trumpozoids while the Florida insurance industry is asking to increase home insurance premiums by as much as 60%. The state’s reinsurance industry a state fund designed to backstop the private insurance market is asking for a 14.5% increase. While the legal limit for any increase is only 12%. But even worse for Ronnie is the cause for the increases. It’s the very climate change Ronnie claims doesn’t exist. Reality has a known liberal bent.

“Don’t say Gay” is rapidly becoming don’t say insurance. The insurance increases are only exacerbating the rent increases generally affecting seniors on fixed incomes. You remember them don’t you, the base? But boy oh boy, have we got those Drag Queens on the run! The legislature is meeting in a special session but go ahead and leave the state to sell your book, it’ll be fine.

The insurance increases make Florida less affordable with rising rents making Florida even less and less affordable. Ronnie DeSantis’s own Reich wing policies making Florida less desirable means Florida’s economy is headed for a rough patch. Just one more hurricane and Florida will become unaffordable for the masses.

But Ronnie is forced to sit on a picket fence as Trump has taken the Republican Party hostage. Ronnie must voice support for his own opponent. It clearly illustrates the Patty Hearst hostage situation.

Former Arkansas Governor, Asa Hutchinson has announced his run for the Republican nomination. He’s called for Trump to step aside due to his legal difficulties. Luckily for Hutchison he’s not on a book tour. Realistically, the only reason you would announce to run against Trump is as a potential Vice-Presidential candidate. But to speak out against the grand Trumpozoid wizard makes that run nearly pointless.

Trump has weaponized the Republican Party in his defense of his own criminality. Absolutely anything is possible except perhaps that Trump is guilty. Lindsey Graham is in tears, and Marge Traitor Greene is on Sixty Minutes. Trying to rehabilitate her reputation with a national mainstream audience. There are two things I won’t do. I won’t beg for money, and I won’t watch the queen of Jewish space lasers. I tried to watch but only got as far as the introduction before the instant Exlax began to take effect.

The TV producers knew that Greene is a lightning rod for controversy and good ratings. Much like when Nikita Khrushchev said that we’d sell him the rope he would hang us with. They’ve miss assumed the audience response. Rather than improving Trailer Park Greene’s image they lowered their own image by jumping the proverbial trailer park shark.

Trump threatens to up his rhetoric against the Manhattan D.A. what could possibly go wrong with that scenario? Trump is said to want his mug shot taken. So that he can put it on a tee shirt like Che Guevara for $$$. Grandiose much? Trump is exciting his minions against the criminal justice system but will destroy the Republican Party in its entirety in the process.

Other than weeping Lindsey Graham the Republicans in the Senate have remained largely silent because they realize there is no upside here. Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to agree with Kevin McCarthy and company and remove all doubt.

With 30 something charges against Trump the chances of conviction on at least one of the charges looks probable. Approaching the 2024 elections, the Republicans will be siding with a convicted criminal against the justice system and government they are supposed to be representing.

Their excuses are so lame a televangelist couldn’t heal them. “They let other criminals go free so prosecuting Trump is political. Trump paid a $130,000 for Stormy to shut up, but did she? Arrest Stormy!”

Fox News already on the horns and the hook for lying about Trump during the election are forced to lie about Trump now. How’s the weather there in the Stockholm Syndrome? Trump has made defense of his criminality an article of faith inside the Republican Party like the Nazi blood oath. “I swear allegiance to Donald Trump no matter what he is accused of doing.” As Bill Barr warns, “Don’t let Trump testify because he lacks self-control.” I think the legal definition for that is “Duh!”

But it is a win, win for Trump. If he escapes justice, Trump can shout, “I told you so!” If Trump is convicted, he will scream, “crooked courts!” The main problem the Republican Party faces is Trump is only running for Trump and not for the Republican Party. Trump is running to escape the law and the hostages taken mean nothing to him. He is going bluster and boast and huff and puff and blow the Republican House down.

Trump is going to make every issue about himself about his crimes and prosecution. And the Republicans regardless of how they may feel personally will be required to mumble, “Yes sir.” I can’t wait for the Republican National Convention. I have cleared my calendar and will postpone all other recreation.

The Trumpozoids as loud and vocal as they appear aren’t even a majority inside the Republican Party. But they are large enough to defeat any non-Trump nominee. If Trump doesn’t get what he wants, he will destroy the Republican Party. And if he does get what he wants, will destroy the Republican Party.  In nothing less than a Fascist coup. Trump doesn’t give a shit about the Republican Party. This is all about saving his own ass and feeding his own ego.

The only Republican candidate with a snowballs chance of derailing Trump has been defeated by his own Karma. While fighting against Drag Queens and Transgenders Ronnie has ignored the problems facing the average Floridians.  The sawdust Caesar and mongoloid Mussolini is defeated by the high winds of his own Karma.

“One seldom recognizes the devil when he is putting his hand on your shoulder.” ― Albert Speer

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