Waiting for the Worms

By David Glenn Cox

Holy smokes George! Two years in Congress could net him twenty years in the big house. It’s a witch hunt he cried! “Gee, where have I heard that before?” The little acorn doesn’t fall far from the orange tree.

But it appears that George is no better at the other crimes than he is at lying. He was caught and it was obvious. Of course, until George is convicted, he has the presumption of innocence. See? I can tell whoppers too!

But with George he’s just so “ not very good at this.” From day one has been the question of the $700,000 in mystery money. There is the campaign treasurer who says documents were signed without his knowledge. Then there is the replacement treasurer, who may or may not actually exist.

George is so over his head here and a mere rank amateur among trained professionals. If you aren’t a Supreme Court Justice those disclosure forms can be important. And penciling in your corrections as you go is sure a tip off.

George doesn’t understand how he could rack up all those charges in just five months. It is amazing cluelessness. Didn’t anybody tell him? Didn’t anyone bother cluing him in? George thought he would be protected by the other Republicans. I wonder how that house ethics investigation is coming along.

Kevin McCarthy gave his now standard answer. “We must wait to see how this turns out.” As Santos vows not to resign. But it’s a trifecta, Trump, Thomas and Santos. Executive branch, Judicial branch and legislative branch.

The Trump verdict is in. Guilty, cough it up! Trump will appeal and stall and until I see that check, I don’t believe Trump will ever pay a dime. Trump will spend a dollar to save a dime. A twenty-million-dollar defense of a five-million-dollar judgement. It will be declared a win for our side but who did we really convince?

The Republicans are largely silent pretending if they ignore it. Maybe it will just go away. Only fools rush in where angels fear to tread. Mike Pence was quick to say he didn’t know anything about the case and so, was unsure what the verdict really meant. It meant guilty, ya twit. That’s what it meant. Trump was found guilty by a jury of nine. And it didn’t seem to take long for those nine citizens to come to that conclusion.

Unfortunately, for us this verdict has no real impact other than symbolic. Trump has yet to pay a price and so win or lose; he’s slipped the noose yet again. For the people who see Trump as a potential Bond villain no more evidence is necessary. But over on the other side they don’t care if he is a bond villain. 

The level of overkill of Trump crimes boggles the imagination but by its preponderance convinces the other side that they can’t all be true. Always there is some new charge. Always some new detail about his taxes or about the crazy lies he tells. So much so, that to the low IQ voter it’s sounds like an urban legend. They wouldn’t believe a signed confession with video evidence. You are just wasting your time here.

It would make no difference to them if Trump had attacked a hundred women. They won’t believe you. They love the man, and they can’t even tell you why in a specific, coherent sort of way. They love the man the way they love a sports team. He’s a comic book super hero fighting comic book cartoon battles which he always wins. Somewhere between Shaft and Santa Claus.

But the Trump cult is just big enough to create an intestinal blockage inside the Republican Party. Few dare to stick their neck out for none know what might happen if they dare offend Trump. Well obviously, they do know what will happen. Trump will attack them. And from there no one knows. Maybe nothing or maybe Trump makes you his foil like Ron DeSantis.

And the more Trump kicks DeSantis, the more Trump buries DeSantis. Every week, Trump comes up with a new name or snappy one liner, about Ron. And Trump is playing with him as a cat plays with a mouse. He doesn’t want to kill him all at once. He wants to keep him around for a while, so he’ll have somebody to kick.

Sure, Trump could always have the Democrats to kick around but this about Party purity. He feels a disturbance in the force. One of his disciples will betray him! He must crush the interlopers who dare to dream in his presence. You must shun the non-believers and deny the interlopers. So, DeSantis ends up playing Costello to Trump’s Abbott. It always appears darkest just before it goes to black.

Turns out, Trump’s town hall was more of an embarrassment for the audience than for Trump. As Trump told his lies the audience laughed it up like it was George Carlin. It was as shameful a display as I’ve ever seen. Trump says, “He never met E. Jean Carrol. It’s all a witch hunt.” And they roared and cheered and stomped their feet.  Apparently, just waiting for the worms to come.

Future has-been, Tucker Carlson declares victory after shopping his show around to an audience of no takers. Or do you suppose a self-financed Twitter show was Tucker’s first choice. Way better than some old TV network with a prime audience and deep pockets. Sure, they all made comebacks after being fired or let go from Fox. Bill O’Reilly, Glen Beck and Britt Hume, Gretchen Carlson and Geraldo!

So, Tucker will land on his feet and produce for Twitter a Tucker program. So obviously, he’s just doing it to keep his mug on the air even at gratis. If he can produce content for himself, he can produce content for someone else if they would but ask. He still has his own website, so this is about keeping his face out of the “What ever happened to?” file.

A 21st Century melodrama of modern mass media madness called when Big Brother screws up. “But I’m a star with a huge audience! You can’t fire me!” Tucker had a huge under monetized program. Lots of “My pillow” ads, you know? Because the bad behavior that got him fired, wasn’t new or out of the ordinary. Sexist? Oh sure, racist you bet. Cracking on the boss…bad idea. Tucker’s paranoia…priceless.

Tucky’s options are limited to two or so media outlets each in decreasing sized audience. Down to just do it, your own damn self on Twitter. But Tucker’s message for us is about free speech! “By gosh if a fella can’t say what’s rightly on his mind. Then garsh, this ain’t rightly no free country!” If you can’t have vile and hateful programming, then society is unfair to the vile and hateful.

But Tucker is transposing the message that they were unfair to me. So, they’re being unfair to you too. Some dare call it narcissism. The paranoid narcissism, of they’re all out to get me. That same paranoia, which seems to be a bedrock Republican value.

“Too often we honor swagger and bluster and wielders of force; too often we excuse those who are willing to build their own lives on the shattered dreams of others.” ― Robert Kennedy

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