That Little Country Church

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

It was a weird amalgamation protesting in the streets. Rednecks, militia types, anti-vaxers, Bible thumpers, new world order conspiracy theorists and a general assortment of low intelligence Fox News voters. Simultaneously discovering the unfairness of their quarantine grabbing up their rifles and bullet proof vests and headed for downtown. One woman held up her little handmade sign, “Quarantine equals Communism.” Kudos for spelling all the words right and make sure to return that stimulus check to Washington right away.

I guess my favorite was, “Jesus is our vaccine.” You’ve got to love those who adhere to a religion they don’t understand. I lived in Amish country for a while, and they take serious something else Dr. Jesus said, “Be of the world but not in the world.” This is the basis of their beliefs living life quietly and loving god and their families. They drive their horse drawn black buggies and if there is an accident they never sue. They don’t sue because that’s in the world. They believe that whatever happens is gods will. Most own shotguns for hunting not to wave around at rallies.

They live their lives in a strict and structured way but as part of their community and will never go hungry. They will never be homeless and never be sick without someone to care for them. They have their own health plan they all pay into to provide insurance for one and all. They don’t call it Socialism or Communism; they call it love. I was at the Amish meat market and accidently put my wife’s debit card in the machine which it declined with my password. The woman behind the counter said, “If you’re a little short this week you can pay us next week.” They didn’t know me from Adam but were willing to let me walk out the door with sixty dollars’ worth of meat.

Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth. But first, I’m gonna paint a message on my pickup truck go downtown and wave guns around because big govment is interfering with my life. No concern for the sick, no mourning for the dead. God Dammit, I want that bingo parlor opened and opened now! I need my nails done! I need a haircut! The operative word is always, “I.” That Jesus fella said something about loving your neighbor as yourself. Fuck him! I want to go fishing!

The mismatch of messages, Confederate flags, and Jesus. 5G cell phone towers and the Federal Reserve all out to steal our American way of life. Blocking traffic to vent your frustrations of not being stuck in traffic. Advocating hate in the name of Jesus Christ. I want this and I want that. I want to go back to work. I want everything the way it was! Build a wall, blame the Chinese and blame Obama!

In 1939 William Shirer was the CBS radio correspondent in Berlin. Every six weeks he would fly to London to meet with his boss Edward R. Morrow. He was always surprised to see how much of the Nazi propaganda he had accepted as truth even though he knew it was all lies. The big lies were obvious, but the subtle lies, the little lies which set the background. The repeated lies which become accepted as the truth. The bacteria in the petri dish of life. An organizer said their Facebook Page was growing like wildfire, almost four percent of Michigan’s population. Four percent is the reach of Donald Trump and Fox News. A loose conglomerate of we’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore because someone told us we should be mad.

Two minutes of hate on American streets. With President Double tongue saying, follow my guidelines but don’t follow my guidelines. Do as I hint not as I say! These events are the furthest thing from spontaneous as you can get. And you get the crowd who bring guns and wear bullet proof vests carrying Bibles with genuine concerns about radio transmitting power meters. The irony of living under the constant suspicion where everything is a plot or dark conspiracy. Then being manipulated in a plot by their Messiah and not seeing it! Mark Twain said, “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them they’ve been fooled.”

But let’s look at the puppet master and not the puppets. This is a projection from the mind of Donald Trump. I want to open up the economy sooner rather than later. How can I do that? I’ll call on my minions! They will create a media spectacle; the public will rally to our cause, and they’ll have to let us open up. The dark cynicism of reality is merely appearance and appearance is merely perception. The orange Big Brother gives us a view from the cheap seats. People are merely things to be used and if more of them die because I used them …so what?

As putrid as any Nazi filth or North Korean display as foul and unamerican as any display ever. The meme it can’t happen here must be replaced with it has happened here. This is how Chairman Kim Jong Trump rules, the mad King shouting, “Off with his head!”

The rallies have a short shelf life as all who attended will fear every cough and sniffle for the next ten days making attendance at the next protest speculative. Hopefully not, but unfortunately some may fall ill and find Dr. Jesus was on the golf course that day. God is love not waving guns around. God is loving thy neighbor as yourself, not protesting because you’re inconvenienced by your neighbor. The intersection of guns, media, politics, and religion all under the guiding hand of orange hucksterism.

A disgrace to America and a disgrace to the world. A disgrace to the Christian religion, that little country church just up the road from Dachau.

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