Trumpy Got Lucky

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

Sometimes Trumpy gets lucky the old even a blind nut finds a squirrel routine. Trumpy has officially cancelled the Jerk off in Jacksonville. His second glamour shots vanity convention in the numb shine state is officially cancelled due to Covid 19. Now that’s not gonna stop us from opening up the school’s mind you, because it is perfectly safe. Trumpy is cancelling the convention because no one wanted to come. Re-election conventions are pretty dull affairs anyway. You already know the candidate and you know the platform, no surprises. Just rubber stamp the paperwork, so we can get out of this god forsaken hell hole.

But Trumpy lives for this stuff, his Don, the con Nazi used car salesman schtick where he’s hugging on the lectern like a minor at Jeff’s house. It’s the only thing he’s good at, he’s a performer. Right here on our stage a demented Senior Wences will do a song and dance. The Jacksonville Sheriff complained last week that the campaign had offered no plans for the event and he couldn’t provide security because of it. Who doesn’t want to visit Jacksonville in the triple digit height of summer? To attend a convention so unplanned even the man in charge of security doesn’t know what’s going on.  To witness an event similar to Trumpy smoking an exploding cigar.

Trumpy got off lucky. It’s one thing to have an empty house in Tulsa it’s another to have an empty house at the office. Those people have to show up as payroll dependent, but the marquee names were skipping the show because they could and because it makes sense. The Trumpy death watch has begun, ooh, ooh that smell can’t you smell that smell? All aboard, next stop obscurity let’s party like it’s 1932! To paraphrase Churchill, never has someone done so much to so many to help so few. We know now that it is true; Trumpy could shoot someone on Fifth Ave. and get away with it. But it has become a question of the preponderance of the evidence.

The Teflon con has gotten away with murder and lunacy without limits. But it’s election time, it’s time to roll out that new model and there ain’t no new model. Trumpy was going to Jacksonville to do the old act again; the Christmas Special is the same as the Fourth of July Special just replace the tree with fireworks. Only the act’s not selling and the harder Trumpy tries the worser Trumpy do. It’s easy to play the outsider who is going to show them all how wrong they are the first time around. Making tall promises with a neophyte’s confidence but three years on and twenty thousand lies later? The vacillation, close up, don’t close up, don’t wear a mask, wear a mask. The war on Dr. Fauci, open the schools and “Here’s to Clorox!”

Trumpy got lucky and the Republican Party got lucky. Senator Susan Collins from Maine in a tight race declines to endorse Trumpy. Declines to endorse a sitting President and the knives come out. Trumpy Junior or Trumpet accused Liz Cheney of disloyalty. Cheney is angling for 2024. She’s in the “Never heard of him” wing of the Republican Party. Looking to carry off the carrion while the corpse is still warm with “I barely knew the man.” The post-apocalyptic Republican Party speak not of him now or ever more. We’re the New Republican Party. Why dredge up the past? Never speak of rope in the house of a man who was hanged.

Politics is the only business where they hold the funeral before you die. Never mind the polls listen to the Republicans unwilling to speak of him unless cornered. A radioactive candidate who does not perform well on television. A leader unable to lead on display for one and all to see. In a time of national crisis, he offers insanity. Like training a box of puppies every day is new and anything Trumpy said yesterday is now out of date running young Winston Smith to exhaustion. And the veneer has cracked, slowly ever so slowly the public has turned on Trumpy. He’s always going to have the Obergruppen Fuhrers the Hitler Youth and the Christian droids but 35% doesn’t win any elections.

Trumpy’s attempt to go full Nazi in Portland is the epitome of his desperation. It helps with the base who don’t need help. It antagonizes independent voters who see Trump as acting crazy. Traditional suburban Republicans voters begin to wonder if the independent voters aren’t correct in their assumption. The Administration is perpetually a dog chasing its own tail. It ain’t accomplishing much and its looks goofy doing it. They will lose in court just as they always lose in court but by then the election will pass. This is Trumpy’s idea of strategy that by provoking street demonstrations across America it will somehow electrify the public to how wonderful Donald Trump really is.

That’s the plan, any questions? It is clearly the product of magic thinking. A John Wayne persona gonna save the stagecoach and get kissed by all the pretty girls because I’m a hero. The belief in the hail Mary play, just go long and I’ll throw it to you. The wonder weapon which will turn it all around. Magic, magic, magic the flight of the Valkyries delusional. The dominant emotion in this country today is worry adding to that worry with social disruptions hardly sounds like a viable plan. Clearly overwhelmed he tries the poke and hope close your eyes and push a button strategy.

Trumpy dodged disaster in Jacksonville while courting it at home. The $600 extra unemployment lifeline which is keeping millions of Americans afloat is about to expire. In an emergency in a pandemic and in an economy on the brink, the Republicans in the Senate let that expire. Now excluding decency and any sort of non-sense about being any kind of a compassionate country. Putting it in just stark Capitalist terms can you image what will happen when you withdraw that much cash all at once from the economy? It doesn’t make sense from an electoral standpoint. It doesn’t make sense from an economic standpoint and it doesn’t make sense period. The point is that there is no point, this is the Keystone cops bumbling and stumbling from event to event kicking their own fumble down field and calling it strategy.

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