There is No More Normal

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

History will remember this time, like Europe immediately before World War One. Set together with pacts and treaties that were perfunctory and obligatory. Like nuclear weapons no one actually intended to use them and then, “Where she stops nobody knows.” Politics like nature abhors a vacuum, and a President of the United States completely disengaged and barely on speaking terms with the world is the greatest threat to peace since Neville Chamberlain promised peace in our time. Relationships like bridges need maintenance or they are subject to collapse when you least expect it. Regardless of policy perspective or points of view not maintaining those relationships is a violation of the oath of office.

Abandoning our allies is abandoning our own defenses; it isn’t a difference of policy, it’s a crime. At the height of a global pandemic, the president tweets, “Duh, we should have Vladimir Putin in the G-7!” A two fer both ill timed and inappropriate. Yelling “I like cake!” in church to the point you no longer think in levels of childishness but mental retardation.  With all that is going on in the world and all that is on his plate plus a tough reelection campaign the President’s spare thoughts drift to Vlad. Inspired intuition of a wily politician or orders from the home office? Other than de ’tent the US gains little by admitting Russia into the G-7. What Russia wants is entry into European markets. Why is a US President especially this US President so concerned for Russian policy goals?

We have all witnessed his single-minded devotion to himself. If it is good, I did it! If it is bad, it’s Obama’s fault. Defending airports during the Revolutionary War to mainlining Clorox with a dirty needle. The revolving door White House separates the good from the bad and leaves only the bad. It’s like a corruption test, “How long did you work for the Trump Administration?” Less than a year employable more than a year and you’re in Kelly Ann territory. Do you ever wonder where the crazy “The spaceships are made out of oatmeal” logic comes from? Ever had a bad boss? Childish and ill informed? Yeah, me too.

Tell the nice man what he wants to hear collect your paycheck and go home, repeat as necessary. “You know Mr. President there are more people named in Germany named Rolph and Detier with Covid-19  than anywhere in Oklahoma. New cases can be expected to level off once a majority of the population is exposed. Of course, you’re doing a great job! You’re the bestest Mr. President! You’re the very bestest good boy there is!”

FDR was known to roll out to the outer office and apologize to those waiting to see him. He would then tell a joke he knew wasn’t funny. Anyone who laughed didn’t get in. A President subject to flattery becomes a coterie of sycophants each trying to leapfrog the others to crack the code and become Martin Boreman steering the old man like a toy car becoming the power behind the drone. Orange Julius living in a bubble suffers the Elvis syndrome, no one will tell him he’s fat. The plan is whatever the plan is when we get to the plan. The actual plan is whatever happened in the past, that was the plan. We just make it up as we go. The skies the limit that’s our motto!

An Impeached President Republicans refused to convict. They empowered this and threw gasoline on the fire. They burned down the Reichstag while they were still in it! They voted to make themselves unnecessary as Orange Julius Caesar rules by executive decree. Michael Flynn spoke to a Russian intelligence officer about the campaign and lied about it to the FBI twice. What is the pertinent question here? What possible reason would compel you to lie unless you were working with the fucking Russians! The head of the Trump Campaign is caught red handed (No pun intended.) working with the Russians and yet this President is still in office. They’ve done a fine job of chopping the crime into small pieces to make it unrecognizable, but the stench is overwhelming. The Republican Senate lives with the guilt of a body in the basement, what if someone cracks, what if the truth comes out?

Republicans pushed for opening the economy sooner rather than later with disastrous results and now push to reopen schools with likewise disastrous results. Believing that Glenda the good witch is going to appear out of nowhere and send us back to Kansas and Auntie Em will be there and Toto too. Let’s pretend Archduke Ferdinand just went on vacation. There is no more normal we haven’t built it yet. The Republicans stand naked as jaybirds leaving it up to the states didn’t work in 1932 and they had the excuse of not knowing any better.

The only decent thing the Republicans have done was the cares act and now they are fighting to the death to undue it. To toss tens of millions of Americans into hell and not have the good sense god gave a jackass to realize what they are doing. Not just doing damage to their Party or the pageantry of The Royal Nonesuch they are acting against the interests of the People of the United States. That isn’t a disagreement in policy that is a crime against humanity.

Those twenty million unemployed are fathers with families and mothers with families. Because the restaurant is closed, the waiter doesn’t work. The restaurant buys no food or furniture or advertising or urinal cakes. All intertwined and woven together into a patchwork is the failure of private insurance or welcome to Medicaid. When the fit hits the shan private employers drop workers and private health insurers drop workers begging the question what do we need with private healthcare? Why not do away with the grifter middleman?

In 1925 there were two billion people on this rock trying to eke out a living. Today we are at seven and a half billion headed for eight billion. Four times as many people trying to crowd into organized society as a century ago. It means our place in civilization is tenuous and harder to maintain. The flying Wallendas breakdancing on crack. Teetering on the brink of an event, none of us will live long enough to forget. That time the Republicans abandoned the American people to disaster and thought that was the end of it.

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