The Street Clothes of Transvestites

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

El Trumpo, the phallus in the palace is campaigning in Nebraska. A Republican, a week before a Presidential election trying to hold on to Omaha. With no disrespect to Omaha, if a Republican’s path to the White House is through Omaha said Republican is in deep doo doo.  Imagine, Joe Biden campaigning in Berkley a week before the election or trying to hold on to Massachusetts. You might not think every vote counts, but Donald Trump sure does. It is a campaign stop that signals they have holes that they are trying to plug. Typically, more holes than they’ll have the ability to plug so they pick strategic spots to campaign with time running out.

Never mind my opinion, what does that tell you about which way the campaign is going? Cancelled ad buys in critical Florida but why does Trump have money problems? Donations are way down the people who write the big checks ain’t writing them. Trumpy has alienated many and frightened the rest they see Koko the Gorilla driving the Formula One car of state into a wall. They’ve gotten their tax cuts and their deregulation. They’ve got their support for dying technologies like coal and now scream, “Oh, for the love of god, somebody stop him!” And now that they’ve rammed another Hudsucker proxy to Supreme Court, they need Donald Trump like a boar hog needs tits.

When FDR first proposed packing the Supreme Court it wasn’t out of a desire for general judicial reform. The Supreme Court declared child labor Constitutional and programs to feed starving Americans Un-Constitutional. Roosevelt proposes and the Supreme Court disposes. The public saw court packing as a dirty underhanded trick to get your way after the court said “no.” An overt attempt to subvert the system but America of the 1930s had never seen two justices appointed by dirty underhanded tricks. They had never seen a Presidential election stolen by judicial fiat. By our standards they were naive innocents.

When the Nazi’s took over the Reichstag one of their first acts was to give all power to Hitler. With the stroke of a pen and the bang of the gavel, they made themselves obsolete. They were dignitaries without office, cutting ribbons and riding in parades. Senate Republican’s find themselves in similar straights why should big-money boys give to them now that they have their court majority? Once they overthrow Roe Vs. Wade Republican funding and evangelical support will wither on the vine. With only the Second amendment to campaign on and with a court that would declare that school children had a Constitutional right to own howitzers Republicans have literally painted themselves out of existence.

The United States Supreme Court is the American House of Lords. Its sole purpose is to put a governor on American freedom, protect the rich from the poor, enshrine monopoly and legislate injustice. Tell me the truth, if George Floyd’s case went before the Supreme Court {Be honest} how would they rule? The cynicism of American duality, you want to believe in your heart of hearts that they would do the right thing, but history has taught us over and over never to be surprised. Dred Scott was just property to be returned, and school children were separate but equal. A Supreme Court which once ruled “Just this once” in an electoral vote counting dispute where the Supreme Court had no Constitutional jurisdiction in the first place.

All of the dusty volumes of juris prudence are the street clothes of transvestites. That’s not who they are, they require dark robes and solemnity to give themselves legitimacy. Take the ink in all those law books and put in your coffee for any good it will do you they can rule up is down passing camels through the eyes of needles. Personally, I’ve always wondered why there are not twelve Justices. There are twelve on a jury, right? Twelve justices wouldn’t reduce the power of the court, only the power of individual Justices.

Truman opined, “If you want a friend in Washington get a dog.” There used to be a line between politics and judiciary. Then Republicans decided it was okay to play golf and go on vacations together. Impropriety? No. Just two good buddies going hunting together while having cases on the same docket. My wife is working for the Bush campaign (Thomas) and so does your son, (Scalia) should we recuse ourselves?  

We do this in the United States, just kick the can down the road until a crisis festers. The Kansas -Nebraska act declared a slave state admitted to the union for every  free state admitted preserving the balance in the Senate. Why, what could ever go wrong with that strategy? Like the Tennis Court Oath, solutions denounced as radical, but only radical, because they were so long overdue. Personally, I wouldn’t want to be the justice with the asterisk beside my name. “Rammed through no matter what the consequences.”  An unqualified Ideological pick designed to shit in the punchbowl for the next generation and set back the hands of time.

So important, the Republican Senate would ignore a crisis as large as war. They chose to turn their backs not just on the hungry and needy in America, but they chose to turn their backs on their own base. They abandoned small business to the vicissitudes of fate.  Save the economy or ram through a Supreme Court flunky? “Swish!”

There was a point they called the phony war after the allied declarations against Germany. Both side’s sort of stared at each other and dropped leaflets before the cataclysm of World War Two was unleashed. We would not be packing the court as much as saving it from itself. The two Trump appointees lack legitimacy and always will. 2050 won’t find Judge Kavanaugh as the grand old judicial father of the court but rather the crank that falls asleep a lot. An Asterisk means they didn’t really beat Babe Ruth’s record. So they aren’t really in the same category as Babe Ruth, now are they? That is what an asterisk buys you.

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