Republicans: To Sign Own Death Warrant

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

I have a very simple question for my Republican friends. Why did Gerald Ford at great political cost to himself, pardon Richard Nixon? Nixon was a month out of office and out the hospital after recovering from the sudden onset of garner mass pity disease, so common among the affluent facing litigation. “Your Honor, my client is in poor, poor health. Don’t make him spend his last days in a court room.” Nixon lived another twenty years, but these are the games people play when the chips begin to fall where they may. People under extreme pressure who have found themselves left on a sinking ship and all the lifeboats are rowing away.

Ford pardoned Nixon so that he could not be prosecuted for his crimes! Back in the old, old days, there was a legal expression common among lawyers and judges of the time used to describe just such a legal theory. The theory that a President could not be tried after his term of office had expired. In the original Latin it is called: Bullshit. Your honor, my client had crossed the International Date Line to where it was yesterday and so couldn’t have been at the scene of the crime. Fresh off their frolic with sedition, the Republican Senators try with all their might to push this lead balloon on the public. In the hope that it will make it all go away. This buffoonery, this nonsense!

“It appears our C.E.O. Mr. Conroy has embezzled fifty million dollars from the company.” We should have him arrested immediately! “Well, we can’t, he resigned this morning.”

“The suspect then used a company vehicle and while drunk struck a fireplug. What do you have to say for yourself? “You can’t prosecute me; I was fired by that company last week! I don’t work there anymore.” I didn’t really get an “F” on my term paper. The teacher handed it back after the last bell had already rung, so the semester was over. Plug this legal theory into any situation you may conjure up. And with or without any legal training the full legal implications of the term “Bullshit” become obvious even to the layman.

But this is the Republican redoubt, My Country Right or it’s too late to prosecute! A sad snow fort defense that works well until placed under the heat of scrutiny. Phony doctor and Senator Rand Paul, sparring partner of the neighbors offered up a bill to kill the upcoming trial of the orange abomination. Nixon was facing financial charges Trump is facing Sedition charges! The most serious charges ever imaginable to the fertile minds of the founding fathers. This man tried to usurp the fucking United States government! “All those in favor of just letting him go, raise your hands!”

This country puts people in prison every day for petty theft, shoplifting, overdue parking tickets and public drunkenness. But somehow after an attempt to overthrow the government fails Republicans circle the wagons to defend Goofo the talking Orange clown! Talk about Orange privilege! A black man gets ten years in jail for stealing a frozen pizza from the dollar store.  This orange son of a bitch tries to overthrow our government and all, but five Senate Republicans say, “Okay, that’s fine.”

They don’t dare defend his behavior they’ve nothing but scorn for him and votes for his acquittal. What is that word they use to describe individuals who help criminals to get away from a crime? They lend material support and sometimes find themselves drawn in from the sidelines to become principals in the crime? Oh, yeah, Accomplices.

Arizona Republican law makers who attended the Jan 6th insurrection have already made the case through their attorneys that their private phone records are not eligible for public scrutiny. I hope you like this song because you are about to hear it a lot. “It’s my phone records and I’ll hide em if I want to! Hide if I want to, hide if I want to. You would hide too if it happened to you!

Forty- five US Senators willing to let the most treasonous criminal ever to strode across the marble walk free. Walk free without even an investigation or a trial. You know an innocent man wants a trial, to clear his good name. Legalese jump roping and playing onesies with technicalities may appear a clever show of strength among the mutant weaklings. But let us reduce this thing to the smallest common denominator. Politics is about the simple not the hard. The more facts and figures you produce in your dry thirty-minute presentation, only works to alienate the people against you. They reason, anyone who can talk that long without making a point has got something up their sleeve.

We find at the lowest denominator a very, very simple question. Are you going to side with the Orange apocalypse who most American believe is guilty? Are you going to vote to let the guilty go free? Against your sworn oath to the Constitution? They think they will survive it. It’s like The Night of the Living Dead and they haven’t discovered they don’t have a pulse yet. Nearly 5,000 people have left the Republican Party in Colorado since January sixth. The Republicans have pooped in their drawers and are too embarrassed to mention the smell.

When the Republicans vote in the Senate trial, the Republicans will vote to let the guilty go free, just like last time. But last time the tie went to the runner and this one wasn’t even close. If they had hara-kiri knives, they couldn’t end their careers any faster. When the Republicans vote to let Trumpy go free it screams out to America, “We’re crooked, so what! We cheat, so what! We defend heinous criminals in their televised crimes, so what! We like the Proud boys and the Ku Klux Klan, what’s wrong with that? We support gun toting Nazi rednecks and violence! So what? And we don’t care what Mr. & Ms. America thinks about it! Fuck you and your apple pie and your god damned Chevrolet too!

They will have sold their souls to the devil and signed their own death warrant and reveled to the world their total lack of redeeming qualities. So what? Big deal, five people died. Never has the expression, “we must all hang together or all hang separately” been more apt for the Republicans.

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