Nothing to Do but Golf, Marlana, and Cheeseburgers

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

Senate Democrats hope to ban the former orange President from seeking re-election in 2024. I understand the desire to drive that wooden stake into the heart as hard and fast as possible. The Weimar Republic in Germany banned the brown shirts hoping it would stifle the hate group. Instead, the Nazis all wore white shirts to the demonstrations, openly mocking the law. By passing a law against the Brown Shirts, they became the aggrieved Party, the picked-on party. Here we are trying to express our rights and voice our opinions and along comes the heavy hand of government trying to shut us up! Sure, we break up our opponents rallies by starting fights and beating people up but that is just a few hundred bad apples. By passing a law against them, they gave away the moral high ground to thugs by giving them a grievance.

Then as now you could get your windows broken or fired from your job after your boss or your kid takes a beating in the street for you. Republican’s race at breakneck speed to censure their own members for attempting to do the right thing. They are sending a message to the American populace, “If you think voting to acquit a heinous monster was low down and reprehensible, watch this!” Trump attorney Michael Van Der Veen half of the successful legal comedy team of Rowan & Martin woke to discover that someone (Probably Antifa) had rattle canned, “Traitor” on the pavement in front of his house.

This is getting confusing. So, who was Van Der Veen a traitor too? He was Trump’s attorney, and Trump was acquitted and so he won the case. Perhaps a traitor to the law? I give up who is he a traitor too? Why would someone on the left paint it? The verdict was cooked in, and we were just waiting for the timer to ding. It’s not like it was cleaver snappy lawyering that got Trumpy off. It shows confusion, anger, and vigilantism. Obviously, they are angry Trumpy was booted from his golden throne. But they can’t seem to tell the good guys from the bad guys and banning the orange apocalypse will give them something to organize around.

You just go ahead and nail the orange chubster’s other hand to the cross and watch what happens. Give him a subject he can bloviate on. His favorite subject, himself. “Look what the Democrats are doing to me! Only brave patriots will answer the call! Only brave patriots can make me feel better. Send me money!” To ban Trump is to make him forbidden fruit and if we all open our Bibles to page one, we can all see how well that worked out. It gives Trump a platform, a shelter to hide in and a balcony to preach from. “The Democrats are so afraid of us they had to pass a law against me!”

Donald Trump has run for the Presidency twice and lost the popular vote both times. It hardly points to a bright future. Leaving office, a spoiled child contemptuous of tradition or as the saying goes, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Trumpy is a well-known quantity, the dead raccoon in the middle of the road and even though it is dead is still dangerous. Passing a law against dead racoons doesn’t eliminate them; it only makes them more noticeable and more dangerous. And if I’m wrong, I’ll have years to repent it all in a Political re-education/forced labor camp under the tutelage of the orange Fuhrer.

But Mitch McConnell took to the Senate well to reenact Pontius Pilate’s ceremonial hand washing concluding the days festivities. “Trump is guilty, Trump is responsible, Trump is guilty of dereliction of duty which is why I voted to acquit.” Both sides, every side, upside downside. Let’s review; voting your conscience on any one political issue might result in your censure and or termination from the Republican Party. It means Trump is also the orange Pope. He alone decides on saints and heretics, indulgences, and bulls. If you vote against the Party, you’re not in the Party. It means they don’t vote as much as Seig Heil and weep for joy that they live in a land that will allow them the White privilege of being a pitiless tool. No need to vote, we can just assume the outcome is unanimous, right? Any objections to that?

Sun Tzu pondered; would you change places with your opponent? Trade his advantages for yours? Once you stop laughing, you’ll answer no. You can call it Fascism or the leadership principle, but it’s only doing whatever the boss likes. The boss likes the way you covered for him and maybe someday he’ll let you wet your beak. The boss didn’t like the way you voted; you’ll be sorry for that! Throw them out of the Party! Not really a Party so much as a mob.  The Al Capone Party, a Klan rally in street clothes.

Trumpy has shot his bolt and his supporters are a spent force. Since day one, planning has been the weak link in his Administration. Everything was dependent on stopping the certification and now? Surprise, this is the Trump show there is no plan B. Trump is locked in the tower of the Mira Lago mental health and golf center ostracized from government. Isolated from the public with nothing to run on and nothing to do but Golf, Marlana, and cheeseburgers. Banning Trump raises him to the next level and deifies him among his supporters. Putting their messiah on a cross is giving them something to live for.

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