To Hear the Noise of Thunder

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

Just a note for my boss. I’ve been suffering from the effects of Covid Displacement Syndrome. Sometimes known as external growth, through the intake of additional calories. Adding to my own gravitational impact through a regime of motivated sitting. Two years in the house, working from home and holding down the couch. I went to the doctor and was frightened by the number appearing on the scale.

That was all it took to motivate me to diet and exercise. I went to the gym here at the apartment. It’s a quiet and lonely place, filled with hideous full-length mirrors to remind you why you are there and why you can’t leave.  I was doing good and making progress. I came back from the workout, showered and took a short nap on the couch. When I awoke, my throat was a bit sore and my bronchial tubes a little congested. Nothing so serious as to even make me suspect that I was sick. Then my nose began to run, and you begin to get that feeling…all is not well.

Fortunately, I had a Covid test at the house and once I began to exhibit symptoms. I tested myself. And in a case of divine ignorance, I tested negative. That was just the results that I wanted. No need to question or investigate further, when you get just the answer you wanted in the first place. So, what I had was just a good ole fashion heady head cold, just like the one’s at grand ma’s house. I’ll put on my comfy pants, drink my NyQuil, live on the couch and watch old black and white movies, until unconsciousness overtook me.

By the second day, I was sleeping through entire movies and entire genres of You Tube movies. Waking up and wondering, what trail of cinema brought the TV to here? Making that long trip every four hours, to down some more NyQuil and telling time by the red level in the bottle.  The red clock says it’s been a day and a half.

I never had a fever. I was feverish and felt hot and cold and pitiful all over. By the third day, I was keeping my feet under the blanket, under a ceiling fan while laying on the heating pad with a cold drink. Safe and secure that I was alright, just a cold. No fever just felt real bad and will sleep it off. The third day is the worst, isn’t it? But the Nyquil clock on the counter says, this is day four.

I’ll feel better tomorrow, for sure. But no better, but no worse. I just felt awful, where you reach the point where avoidance of symptoms is impossible. Blowing your nose feels good, but will make you cough which feels bad. Then you start to hack up garbage that starts the whole cycle in motion again. So, are you really so sure, that you really want to blow your nose?

By the fifth day, I knew I was getting better. I had figured out through the fog of virus and NyQuil that this wasn’t grand ma’s head cold. I should have been getting better yesterday. By the sixth day, I was feeling some better and tried to work. After an hour or two my head was spinning, and I retreated to the couch, where it didn’t leave for the next 24 hours. Certain now that the Covid test had been wrong.

If I had known I was going to be that sick with an illness killing millions, I might not have slept so well. Either it was Covid, or some other novel disease unknown that makes people truly sick going around. I don’t need a detective. I’m just thankful I was unaware and spent the week at Grand Ma’s on the couch. I began to see just how could you could die from this. This is day ten and I’m much better, but still not well. If I had not been vaccinated, this could have killed me.

It’s like watching a three-ring circus and when you’re watching the trapeze act, you can’t watch the lion tamer.  The War, January 6th, and the Extreme court.  Ted Cruz was checking his Twitter results after speaking. Not after his famous “Do you know who I am?” at the airport event. Do you mean to tell this Congress that with your years of experience and legal training, that you don’t agree with Josh Hawley or Ted Cruz? Becoming just carneys and roustabouts, who care about nothing but getting their face in front of a camera. (Hi Mom!) Making the show about them.

“So, then tell me then ah, Mr. Christ. If that is your real name. It says here on your resume’  that you are some kind messiah. The salvation on mankind and the gateway to the heavenly father. Isn’t that just a title given to you by some liberal, environment extremist group? Isn’t true that you were once charged with practicing medicine without a license! And operating a fast-food fish restaurant without a commercial kitchen?”

Lost in their own fog of Twump at the crossroads of sedition. After four years of stunting, they know nothing else but stunting.  Say something to rile up the folks back in Pig Snort. The Attorney General for the state of Alabama, refuses to say if Joe Biden is the legitimate President. Looks good on Faux News, as names of Alabama cities are crossed off lists of new plant sites. If the Attorney General is that corrupt, what chance would you have?

Oh, the war, the war. They love America and they love Ukraine. They want all the weapons we can send to go to Ukraine as fast as possible. But they also love the guy who was holding up the missiles for Ukraine. They love the guy who said, Putin was a genius. Who even after attacking women and children, still thought he was a genius. And truth be told, still thinks he’s a genius today. They love the news channel that says everyone is out to get them and Zelensky is a thug.

The seditionist’s sit in judgement of the judge. The war mongers stand guilty of withholding aid from the truly needy. Cheering for the dictator and jeering everyone else. Lost in their fog of orange eagerness and potent irresponsibility. Throwing spitballs from the back of the class and making farting noises with their armpits as arguments.

Were they lying then when they said Donald Twump was the leader of their party and spoke for them in all matters? Or are they lying now, professing love for Ukraine and for Democracy? Professing ignorance of all of the obvious Twump Russia connections. “We get our money from Russia.” – Erc Twump  

The Meme goes, that the war is going so badly for Russia, that they are thinking of calling up Mike Flynn. Do you know what makes that funny…the truth! Do you know what makes that meme not funny…the truth!

“To lift the autumn hair is no sign of great strength; to see the sun and moon is no sign of sharp sight; to hear the noise of thunder is no sign of a quick ear.”Sun Tzu

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