After the Fire

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

If you are the head of the local temperance league and your wife gets a DUI. You should probably resign your commission. Likewise, if you’re the fire chief and your wife is arrested as a serial arsonist, perhaps it’s time to consider retirement. Remember, it’s always best to leave the Party before being asked to leave the Party. It’s a chance to retain just a small semblance of your dignity, like Spiro Agnew.

Sure, he could have hung around and fought the Federal charges against him, and then been impeached. But he pled no contest, and gracefully departed from the scene. You won’t have old Spiro to kick around anymore. But in those old and chivalrous times, men fought to retain their honor. They would back away quietly in personal disgrace, before disgracing their Party or their office or their colleagues.

Not that Clarence Thomas would ever resign or retire for the good of the court, now that his wife is on the horns of criminal sedition. And let me be the first to say, “Lock her up! Lock her up!” Boy, that schadenfreude felt good. See, good Judge Thomas is now the gaping wound in the side of the Extreme court. And his wife is the doubting Thomas sticking her finger into the wound. His recent lone dissenting vote on releasing the uneaten and unedited portions of the Twump documents is self-incriminating.

The same documents that contained the seditious and treasonous comments made by his wife, against the government of the United States to the former President’s Chief of Staff. The judge with the dishonest wife. The wife who doesn’t believe in laws and judges and calls for “Pysops!”

But of course, that isn’t the judge saying that, only his wife. Even if his wife is a seditious criminal of the lowest order. The judge only lived with her for decades and built his life with her for years on end. But doesn’t involve himself in Ginni’s personal politics. Right, Eva Braun didn’t know what her boyfriend did for a living.

But chivalry is dead, and politicians will shamelessly try to explain away the most obvious criminal scenario. “Then the hooker crawled in the window of my sixteenth-floor hotel room uninvited, with two ounces of pure uncut cocaine and a case of champagne. She was cold and naked, so I tried to warm her by getting naked myself and climbing on top of her. Then I woke up on the floor four days later, and the hooker was already dead and most of the cocaine was gone. Holding a Bible to her chest turned to the very same page it was on when I’d handed it to her.”  

Look back in the magic mirror at the frenzy. Twump could do or say crazy things, so why can’t we? Sure, Twump was the choice of the uneducated and unwashed in trailer parks across America. A cultish frenzy, “The Bagwan is coming! The Bagwan is coming!” But some fell for the propaganda outside the primary demographic. Some fell hard enough to believe that they could overthrow the government to save the orange Bagwan. Ginni Thomas to American Democracy; “Go fuck yourself!”

Exuberant like they were helping the amazing Spiderman and as oblivious as children. Never giving a thought to what would happen if? If their plan didn’t work. Mark Meadows claimed he was staking his career on it, if not his civilian life. Ginni just assumed that she’d just go home and disappear again into the Republican extremist circles of Washington. Never once did it occur to her, that she might be destroying her husband’s career.

History won’t remember most of the controversy surrounding Clarence Thomas. It will remember Ginni Thomas as the criminal wife of a sitting Supreme Court Judge. A trivia question for the grand kids, “Name the justice forced to step down due to his wife’s criminal behavior?” Oh grand pa, that’s an easy one!

There is a cancer on the court and an unmistakable blemish, that seriously brings into question the legitimacy of the court itself. A burning trash fire on all future court rulings where Clarence Thomas  participates. Like a flat tire it is compromised. It can only be changed and won’t be ignored. A sliver under the skin of American Democracy in a sensitive part of the body.

Control of the court has been the long-term goal of the Republican Party. So, they can interpret the law to mean whatever they like. They work hard to get these Judicial appointments and lie and cheat if need be. “He’s just a jolly fellow who enjoys a frosty beverage every now and then.  And sure, sometimes he cries and he’s way over his head in credit card debt for a judge, (Gambling Problem? Franklin Mint addiction?) but he’ll be fine.”

In all the seditious scenarios, the Republican goal was to delegitimize the election with phony slates of state’s electors. Then the Republicans would feign ignorance and confusion, ala Tucker Carlson’s constipated face trying to take a dump. “Gee, we don’t know what to do, and can’t figure out which slate of electors are real and legitimate. I know, let’s ask the Supreme Court!”

I hope someday to have such confidence in my life. At no time, in any seditious communication did the Republicans ever express doubt for even one second. That if they could get Twump’s case before the Extreme court. That Twump would win his second term. The entire Republican plan was set around this bedrock certainty.

Donald Twump couldn’t change the outcome of the election. And the seditious Republicans in Congress, knew that they couldn’t change the outcome of the election either. But the Republicans had no fear, no fear it all. That no matter what sort of cock and bull story they put forward, the Extreme court would gladly see it their way.

That sure is some kind of sublime confidence in a court. Knowing that they’ll take your side, without question. Even if it delegitimizes the court itself and its principals of operation. But that was back during the frenzy, wasn’t it? Back when anything was still possible. But the frenzy is now over and the wreckage has skidded to a smoldering stop. Leaving behind only the incriminating smoke and the smell of arson on their clothes, after the fire has been put out.

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