The Confusion of the Moment

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

It is almost my favorite part in the production. Like the film 12 Angry Men, one by one, things are beginning to change as the evidence is slowly revealed. It is no longer a matter of opinion; the testimony of Cassidy Hutchinson has been corroborated by Twump attorney and White House counsel Pat Cipollone. Two eyewitnesses, count em, two!

It is that moment when the Court House suddenly changes from their greatest fear to their last refuge. (All aboard! Last one to the courthouse is going to prison. All aboard!) And so, we find the sad saga of failed skin care consultant and Twump lackey Steve Bannon. Steve has fought vociferously to stay out of court refusing to testify with a phony claim of executive privilege. But everybody knows it’s a fraud. Steve was just trying to run out the clock, before the slow turning wheels justice provided him a room at the Federal Inn.

But the hare looked through his spectacles and said, “My, my but that world doesn’t exist anymore Steve.”  The question is now, will Twump throw Bannon under the bus, or will Bannon throw Twump under the bus? You knew it had to come down to this, the last titanic battle between the biggest two Hungry, Hungry Hippos in the room.

Steve has been carrying the shit bucket for Twump a long time now. He rightfully senses that he’s about to get pitched when the letter arrives. Steve has been liberated from his phony chains of executive privilege by the Orange Apocalypse. “Da boss is very interested in hearing your testimony, Steve.” Twump just threw Bannon under the Congressional bus. At this point, nothing Bannon could say could make it look much worse for Twump. While Bannon’s conversations can do a great deal towards convicting Bannon of serious potential felonies.  

If Bannon refuses to answer questions or takes the 5th Amendment, he looks more like a scuzball than  he already is and makes himself a popular candidate for further prosecution. But, if he dishes the dirt and fills in the salacious blanks, it becomes his confession. “Yes! I conspired with Donald Twump to overthrow the government of the United States!” Steve helped with the crime and has now been invited by Twump to “Tell em all about what we did Steve!”

The phony electors’ homes have been raided by Federal agents and materials confiscated. Do you know what that means fellas? It means that Uncle Sam ain’t finished with you yet. You thought that maybe you could just go home, and everyone would forget all about it, didn’t you? You thought maybe you’d have a nest egg when you retired. “Say, if you have any interesting stories that you’d like to share with the room. Now, might be a good time to start telling them.”

We have motive and we have opportunity, and we have eyewitnesses. It is rapidly becoming a matter of just filling in the remaining blanks of which underlings are facing what prison time. So, the window of cooperation is rapidly closing once the prosecution has enough evidence to win a conviction. Then they don’t need you anymore, as you’re testimony doesn’t mean squat. We got six other people already saying the same thing. Let’s see; there’s your boss and your secretary and the staff attorney, he testified against you too.

Twump Attorney and seditious coconspirator John Eastman recently had his phone confiscated by the FBI. That’s never a good sign, and I hate that when it happens to me. You have no phone to call the other criminals with to warn em not to call you on your phone! And for God’s sake don’t leave any messages, Opskis! The Five o, the popo are listening.

It becomes no country for those loose with the truth. Nobody knows exactly who is talking to whom after dark. And nobody knows for sure what the committee knows and what it doesn’t know. You could easily tap dance your way into a perjury charge at Montgomery’s Federal Correctional Center at Maxwell Air force Base. Where the inmates are also golf caddies for the officers. “Hand me the five iron Steve.”

I saw a Republican meme on Space book, “More people watched the last episode of MASH than watched the January 6th committee hearings.” Oh, what a useful statistic that is! Like this one, “Hummingbirds watch more baseball than antelope watch golf. What does MASH has to with it I don’t know, but the idea that it’s all just about popularity. “It can’t be true, look at the ratings!” That’s the best they got, nobodies cares if Twump tried to overthrow the government. “Yeah, so what!”

I don’t know, but it reminds me of the ice breaking up on the river. You know it’s coming, and you know the weather is getting warmer. The river is rising, and the ice fishing huts have all fled in fear for the shore. The landscape is abandoned and forlorn, leaving only the tracks of men and winter behind.

Then almost imperceptibly, it all begins to move as a single mass, but the strain is too great. Each section of ice can’t maintain the structure, and it all begins to collapse and in just minutes is all gone and washed away. Your eyes are deceived and are unable to adjust. From a suddenly solid icy landscape to no landscape at all, but instead a river and they balk at the confusion of the moment.

Pat Cipollone’s greatest contribution to the discussion were his vocal warnings of the crimes occurring on January 6th. Warning them all that they could be charged under any number of serious charges and would be convicted. The White House legal counsel was vocally warning the Twump and his staff at the time of their felonious activities that were committing felonious activities, It don’t get much better than that, nor any more incriminating. Your lawyer just said, “That’s a real bad idea you just had.”

“We will have no truce or parley with you, or the grisly gang who work your wicked will. You do your worst and we will do our best. Perhaps it may be our turn soon; perhaps it may be our turn now.” Winston Churchill

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