Discover to Yourself

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

Loose lips sink Republican ships. Lips once anxious to operate are now suddenly pursed painted and lawyered up. The two Secretly Serving Agents who were quick to refute Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony off the record, have grown quiet and reticent to tell all they know. Because all they know is that they have brought great scrutiny onto the Secretly Serving Agency and on themselves.

The deleted texts are grounds enough for dismissal, when the only thing you have to offer is security and you’ve shown that you can’t be trusted. Pink slips for everyone! But I know how government service works and know that it’s not always so simple. But I’ve taken the time to come up with some alternative plans for employment.

It has come to my attention at least, that there might be trouble brewing inside the bowels of the Kilauea Volcano. And the President might want to visit there someday. So, we will need a team of agents to go inside the volcano to investigate security, following the trail of a Count Sacknussemm. It shouldn’t take more than a month. Look at the bright side, it’s still Hawaii!

Amazon Adventures – the plan is simple, drop a team of agents by helicopter inside the deepest and remotest parts of the Amazon Jungle for weeks at a time. Left with only the barest essentials and living off the land, armed with only a pocketknife. The agents will check the river delta, planning security for an upcoming Presidential visit. And to check out the potential hostility of the local (reportedly head hunting) native tribe with a series of insulting rude hand gestures towards their chief.

North American Grizzly bear patrol – Agents will be sent individually to remote corners of North America. To camp out in tents and investigate the true Grizzly bear population, while barbecuing alone at night. Don’t call it frivolous, an accurate count of night eating Grizzly bears has never been made in North America.

You never know, the President might want to visit the Antarctic someday. Better send a team to check out crevasse security for about six months.

The only reason you delete a text at your job is because it is incriminating. The only reason you delete batches of texts is because the texts are potentially worse, than the penalty for deleting them. It makes you wonder who put a nickel in the Secretly Serving Agents in the first place. “Someday, and that day might never come, I might ask you for an orange favor.” Act in haste repent in attorney fees.

The Secretly Serving Agents have nothing to publicly gain for themselves. Their talking without testifying only brings them trouble, but they are considered FOP – Friends of President, but not this one. Agents grown closer through years of stroking and petting. Agents quick to refute someone else’s sworn testimony but unwilling to do so themselves under oath.

That’s a Kamikaze mission, if I’ve ever seen one. Stick your head into the fire for no personal gain. Throw your career overboard; you won’t be needing it. And conveniently, to refute just the most damming testimony against the former nightmare. “No, the enraged out of control crazy guy didn’t put the driver in a headlock because he didn’t get his way. He was calm, cool, and collected.”

Thinner than rice paper with same ability to hold water. Alternate universe testimony, “He was singing along with the Momma’s and the Poppa’s in the back of the car (California dreaming on such a winter’s day! California dreamin) and became upset when he thought the driver was choking.   

But it’s a popgun firing back against a howitzer. Trying to defend the Twumpapotamus from a deluge of negative information with nothing. Nothing under oath at least, dancing around the fire pit in a gasoline suit with nothing to gain but flame.

Ginni Thomas, wife of failed, corrupt extreme court injustice Clearance Thomas said she was anxious to speak with the committee, when first interviewed on Faux News. She wanted to set the record straight on some things the committee might have misconstrued. Now, she has grown silent under the advise of counsel and husband, as a subpoena with her name on it is being readied.

This is where Steve Bannon’s case becomes so insightful. Steve’s going to jail, you know? Remember that when the subpoena arrives.  

But the gravity, someone has turned the gravity up. Loose lips sink Republican ships. And Republicans who thought they never would be, are hiring attorneys. Because the committee is hitting home runs and the outcome is beginning to look inevitable. If Ginni testifies, she could easily incriminate or cross- pollinate Clearance, already facing pressure to step down. That could only bring more scrutiny to the extreme court and maybe the committee might want to subpoena some of the justices themselves.

Maybe to  ask them a few questions under oath, about phony slates of electors, sedition, and connections to theological subversive groups. Maybe subpoena the phone records of Secretly Serving Agents to see who they have been talking too and when. Twump’s already been put on notice for witness tampering. It could get a lot worse if the phone records show they’ve been talking to Florida area codes.

The drip, drip, drip, and the drumbeat of clear obvious evidence of wrongdoing has put the orange apocalypse at risk. His movement is slowing to a crawl and has begun discorporation. They have begun to examine their own positions vis a vis the committee and seek legal counsel.

Every Republican in Washington is beginning to clam up, what’s makes these two Secretly Serving Agents so willing to spout off? Spouting off in the midst of a scandal involving the breaking of a sacred trust. Working against the goal, that they were hired to protect.

It was Nixon’s missing tape that finally did him in. It was impossible to believe that the gap in the tape wasn’t made to cover up something far worse than an erased tape. It was the tipping point, if Nixon would do that to cover up his crimes, what crimes wouldn’t he be capable of? And the only reason they would do it at all in the first place, is to cover up a serious crime. The sound of history repeating itself and ringing like a bell.

If the Secretly Serving have intentionally deleted records during acts of sedition and refuse to step forward and testify freely? We should close Guantanamo prison, with them all in it.

“And since you know you cannot see yourself,
so well as by reflection, I, your glass,
will modestly discover to yourself,
that of yourself which you yet know not of.”

― William Shakespeare

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