Bonfire at Nero’s

By David Glenn Cox

So, it isn’t just blind optimism but concrete numbers that reassure me. A recent poll finds that 44% of Republicans and 93% of Democrats don’t want Donald Trump to run for a second term. Now, add in that 63% percent of independent voters also agree with the others and don’t want Trump to run again.

Unfortunately, for everyone, Trump will be the Republican nominee regardless of what the Republican voters think or want. It means that Trump will go down to defeat in flames and take his human shield Republican Party down with him. Many voters report fatigue/exhaustion with Trump, so that once he starts with his campaign aka crazy talk, the voters will tune him out.

For little Ronnie DeSantis, he burned out and burned up before he burned bright. It was all over before it even began. For Republicans it means, Trump or nobody. Trump or Nikki Haley. Trump or Asa Hutchinson. Trump or been through the desert on a horse with no name.

The Republican culture war led by preachers, reachers and creatures who saw their war plan as a short circuit to high office. But a funny thing happened on the way to the forum. The book banning backfired and the LBGTQ persecutions failed. The public saw it for what it was bullying, State sponsored bullying.

Colorful scenery of angry Jimi Jordan and Barge Traitor Greene. Or the comic relief antics Kevin McCarthy riding trail boss and herding cats. Florida Republicans pass legislation to remove Trans kids from their parents. But put the Republicans in the slow learner’s class. They’ve learned nothing from the Tennessee three.

Poor old Ron DeSantis, his campaign spokesman cheers the news that LBGTQ families are planning on evacuating the lost duchy of Florida. Without ever understanding that the public opinion of Florida by the public at large will plummet. Investment will plummet, a negative plus a negative is a negative. Donald Trump says Florida is the awfullest and worstest place to live and work in the whole wide world except for New York, where he’s under indictment.

Back before the mid-term elections news stories began to appear about inflation. Oh my God, what are we going to do about inflation? After the elections those stories largely faded away. Now, stories appear in the media. Is Joe Biden too old? Democrats want someone besides Joe Biden. Because the Republicans already understand that they and their Party and Donald Trump specifically, are headed for a train wreck of monumental proportions.

Their only hope is to divide the Democratic Party. “Is Joe Biden too old?” Well, if you can buy a Supreme Court Justice with just a few trinkets and vacations. What would it cost you to buy someone with name recognition and a famous dead father and no further qualifications to run against Joe Biden? This year’s Tulsi Gabbard.

Turning a tin ear Republicans embrace guns and Fascism and praise Kyle Rittenhouse as their new boy king. They auction off an autographed AR-15 and circle the wagons. Three cheers for the Confederacy they shout, but they win over only stalwarts to their cause.

Did anyone else notice how quietly the Supreme Court allowed Mifepristone to continue to be available. The Court wanted no part of this fight. Only Samuel Alito dissented, and Clarence (available by the day, week, or month) Thomas had little to say. The court knows they are in a tough spot, and this is no time for cowboys or the cowboy way.

Under normal circumstances, the court would have outlawed the pill in a New York minute. But under the shade of the blossoming Clarence Thomas scandal, now is not the time to go outraging the public. Now is not the time to encourage further investigations. After the Chief Justice declined to speak with Congress about ethics. Now, why wouldn’t he do that?

Circle the wagons and defend the fort! Every day that Clarence stays is a day Republicans lose votes. The Chief Justice declining to speak to Congress is? Why would the Chief Justice decline to speak? Unless, he had nothing positive to say. Nothing to say that could or would help their cause. Only things that could make it worse. Things that could open new windows and avenues.

Amy Catholic Barrett and Drunk Kavanaugh must have voted with the majority. Now, that’s odd, isn’t it? The two sure thing votes against Abortion quietly sided against outlawing it. The obvious question is why? And the obvious answer is fear! We have only scratched the surface of the Clarence Thomas scandal, and the actions of the court might lead one to  believe that Clarence isn’t a lone offender. And the court doesn’t wish for any further investigations.

The most corrupt justice of the Supreme Court possibly ever and all we get is stone silence. Nobody on the court has anything to say about it. But the people who bought Clarence and put him there don’t want to lose him.

A Republican Presidential candidate the voters don’t like and don’t want. A Republican sideshow House of (horrors) Representatives led by clowns and spineless scallywags. A Republican led Supreme Court mired in corruption and dark money. State Republican Parties peddling guns Fascism and hate. And you have the perfect storm. Not one good reason to get up out of that Lazy boy and go vote for a Republican.

It makes Joe Biden the perfect candidate, calm restrained intelligent versus a Toga Party at Caligula’s house! The polls show that even Republicans don’t want to go back to Crazy Town. The Republican House is the afterbirth of Crazy Town. The Supreme Court is the byproduct of Crazy Town.

And Tactless in Texas Ted Cruz writes, “Dems are nanny state authoritarians. Personally, I don’t smoke cigarettes, But if you choose to do so , It’s your own damn choice.”

The Party that bans books and puts up signs in restrooms. Denies a woman’s right to control her own body. Throws out legislators for talking out of turn. Outlaws drag shows and beats up on cartoon characters. Takes over universities and loves their guns more than their children. Say the Democrats are mean and bossy.

It’s like the film “Everything All at Once.” It’s the Hindenburg disaster, the Titanic, Custer’s last stand and a bonfire at Nero’s, everything all at once.

“In an era when metaphysical and existential certainties are in a state of crisis, when people are being uprooted and alienated and are losing their sense of what this world means, this ideology inevitably has a certain hypnotic charm. To wandering humankind, it offers an immediately available home: all one has to do is accept it, and suddenly everything becomes clear once more, life takes on new meaning, and all mysteries, unanswered questions, anxiety, and loneliness vanish. Of course, one pays dearly for this low-rent home: the price is abdication of one’ s own reason, conscience, and responsibility, for an essential aspect of this ideology is the consignment of reason and conscience to a higher authority. The principle involved here is that the center of power is identical with the center of truth.” ― Václav Havel

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