Why We Fight

Will Rodgers

“I am not a member of any organized political party…I am a Democrat” – Will Rodgers

This has been true and will always be true we are a diverse group. The Democratic Party is the Party of everyone else. The Republican Party is the party of wealth, whiteness and privilege. It’s easy for them, tip their hat to the bible thumpers promise them they love Jesus too and they’re good. I’ll give you a perfect example of what I mean. Over the last eighty years, the Republicans have proposed the following programs to help the American people.

  1. The Environmental Protection Agency.

Now, let’s look at the Democrats.

  1. Social Security
  2. Unemployment insurance
  3. Medicare
  4. G.I. Bill
  5. 30-year Mortgages
  6. NASA
  7. Forty Hour Week
  8. The right to join a union
  9. Elimination of child labor
  10. A woman’s right to choose
  11. The ERA.
  12. The Americans with Disabilities Act
  13. The Fair Housing Act
  14. The Voting Rights act
  15. The minimum wage
  16. The Civil Rights Act

Not bad for a group that can’t seem to get along. Democrats generally can’t get along because they have ideas.  Former Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa had a brother who was disabled, and he had an idea to do something about it.

Ronald Reagan saw the unfairness in the world and began taxing Social Security because the elderly were just too prosperous. Hungry school children were getting too much free food in school lunches and solved the problem by declaring ketchup a vegetable. Here’s my favorite, Reagan went to Congress and told them the Russians had doubled the size of their fleet at Vladivostok and the US must respond by building an aircraft carrier battle group. Now, I wouldn’t say Reagan was lying because it was true. The Russian’s had one destroyer in Vladivostok and had recently added another. Two, count em two!

This is the Republican way, peace through poverty. Tax cuts to billionaires will feed those hungry school children. The Republican Party is the Party of Greed. When they claim government doesn’t work, they run for office just to prove the point. It’s the Party of negativity, and it’s not that they weren’t concerned about black people not being allowed their constitutional right to vote. They were more concerned about the Federal government violating the mythical States Rights.

Harry Truman integrated the military by executive order because he knew the Republican led Congress would never pass the legislation. Republicans warned that officers would resign from the military en mass. Harry said, let em go. The days of “Colored waiting rooms” ended with the stroke of John Kennedy’s pen. He also outlawed red-lining and discrimination in federally backed mortgages.

Virginia recently approved the Equal Rights Amendment becoming the thirty-eighth state to approve it. The Democrats supported it and Republicans claimed if the act was passed it would do away with separate bathrooms in public places. What is it with Republicans and bathrooms? They even went so far as to claim states would do away with separate prisons for men and women. Okay, imagine you’re a prison warden…have you ever heard of a dumber idea?

Fear is their logo, suspicion their brand. The media likes to play this game, they like to pretend that this country is equally divided right down the middle. Fifty percent Democrats and fifty percent Republicans, but it’s not true. If it were, there wouldn’t be an issue with gerrymandering or voter suppression. The Republicans would have supported the voting rights act if they thought black people would vote for them. When Democrats show up at the polls Republicans go home empty.

History explains, in 1948, Harry Truman insisted desegregation be a plank in the Democratic platform.  The Southern Democrats walked out of the convention because of it and overnight the Southern states soon became the Republican bastion we know today. But Truman did what was intellectually right not what was politically popular.

Now, to be fair Republicans had perfectly legitimate reasons for their beliefs. Social Security is Communism! Unions are Communism! Martin Luther King was a Communist! The State Department is full of Communists! So, when Donald Trump talks about the Deep State… same song next verse. Brown people are coming to give grandma and Paw paw a good scare. Tell um they’re gonna take their guns!

This is their level of intellectual thought, monolithic hot button gestations to the holy one. Bibles, bullets and babies with two minutes of hate on the side, twenty-four hours a day. So, isn’t it obvious why we fight? We have differences on the issues because we think about the issues. The right-wing call it (TDS) Trump Derangement Syndrome. The childish belief that we’ll all stomp our feet and hold our breath until we turn blue because Hillary Clinton lost the election. A more proper description would be (LAS) Law Abiding Syndrome. We don’t hate Donald Trump because he’s Donald Trump. We don’t hate Donald Trump; we love the Constitution, and Donald Trump pisses on it.

Donald Trump aka The Big Cheeto

“Ha, ha Triggering Democommies” …you know, sometimes you just feel bad for them. This is their world view. Blind obedience to the Emperor, do you think they show up for meetings? Do you think they’ve read anything besides the TV guide? They don’t argue, no sir, they never argue, got nothing to argue about! Der Fuhrer says jump…you jump! Like Church, no deviation allowed.

Is that really how you want to spend your adult life?

“Intelligent discontent is the mainspring of civilization.”
― Eugene V. Debs

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