It’s a Good Life

Falling through the universe at the speed of life
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By David Glenn Cox

Sitting on the strata of age every once in a while, something makes you say, “wow”!  Adam Schiff restoreth my soul. Taking the early lead in the house impeachment, Schiff worked diligently while his opponent tweets out insults and crude remarks. The house subpoenas documents and the Mob boss thumbs his nose. The house calls witnesses and the Mob boss tweets out more insults and stomps his feet and says “No!” The house holds impeachment hearings and the Mob boss fires off more insults and poor Me’s. Throughout all of this, step by step, page by page Adam Schiff has been dotting every I and crossing every t.

Slowly, while the rogue Elephant tweets playing cowboy in the China shop a case is being made. A case which will last longer than our lifetimes. The case against Donald John Trump is airtight in motive and execution. Never ever has there been a case of a President caught redder handed doing corrupt things for such corrupt purposes. Jesus Christ! We’ve had President’s steal before or try to help their buddies cash in. But this is selling out the country to generate A BIG FAT LIE. To try and pull the wool over all of us to make suckers out of us all. The rubes, idiots and the little people will never know the difference!

Arrogance personified the Teflon Don with his Soprano gang laugh it all off, it’s all a big joke. I might even suspend my golf game for a couple of weeks just to make it look good, you know, for the little people. And now the Mob boss is caught in a trap. The case against him is real and towering and maybe for the first time in his adult life Donald John Trump is pinned to the mat by none other than Adam Schiff.  This Shakespearian tragedy unfolds before us as Senate Republicans become a quivering mass treed by the circling of the howling wolves of public opinion. A case laid out so succinctly that history won’t see it with Partisan eyes. This event is “To Kill a Mockingbird”, there’s a great injustice going on here. History will see only the facts and the actions of Senate Republicans and the actions of Adam Schiff.

Does anyone doubt, that Trump would threatened Senators? Can we at this late date pretend to be surprised? Does anyone doubt he said, he’d “have their head on a pike?” Rarely, do we see moral force topple a criminal structure, but Schiff’s moral force is putting pressure on the quivering mass. Suppose the Republicans vote to let him go and more evidence of guilt comes out? Suppose since the Mob boss is unfettered, does something stupid before election day? But a third possibility arises, Adam Schiff makes a case for the ages until it is impossible with a straight face to vote to unleash the monster.

It reminds me of that Twilight Zone episode where Billy Mummy was a monster and could wish people away into the cornfield. Its the guys birthday and they give him a bottle of brandy and gets loaded and starts mouthing off, “Why doesn’t somebody take a chair and bash him from behind.” Our Republican brethren are too afraid of being sent into the cornfield, but Adam Schiff is pointing to the chair and pointing out the reality that doing the right thing might be their only escape. It’s not like you should worry about the damage to the Republican Party. What Party?

I’m no blind optimist, I can see the fix is in but if they vote to let that SOB off the hook, they go sullied with an asterisk on their playing card. * (voted to let the guilty go free). Most will retire or be retired in the next election cycle. It’s common when one has had a bad experience to want to eliminate everything involved with that bad experience, including Senators.  The Senate Republicans will return home the Chicago Black Sox of politics, led by Shoeless Joe McConnell. They are ruined, Donald Trump has ruined them. Donald Trump ruins everything he touches even the United States Senate.

Adam Schiff has separated the Red Sea of partisanship pointing the way. I enjoyed the part where he described the Republicans talking about him. Because Adam Schiff kept his head his head down and did the groundwork necessary in building a case, a case that is irrefutable.

And now, Jay Sekulow Pat Robertson’s favorite 700 Club lawyer comes to the plate. Hunched over and black suited pointing like Snidely Whiplash arguing it was the process that tied sweet Nell Fenwick to the railroad tracks.  Mr. Philbin playing the role of Mr. Rodgers; hi boys and girls, the President isn’t guilty …okay. Now comes Mr. Cipollini, who is up to his eyeballs in the Ukraine scandal himself comes to represent the President? That’s got to be a first, the wheelman turned defense attorney. The trifecta of hear no evil, see no evil and guilty as hell versus Adam Schiff and his rock-solid fact filled case.

Adam Schiff has taken the impeachment trial to an ethereal level, a case for the ages. The Trump administration’s nanny, nanny, boo approach is no longer effective in the face of a court of law. Schiff’s closing argument might be taught in rhetoric classes forever. Trump’s attorneys must now argue the rain is not wet and the sun shines at night.

“The next time, it just may be you,” Schiff said, pointing at one senator after another. “Do you think for a moment that if he felt it was in his interest, he wouldn’t ask you to be investigated?”

“I really do inhabit a system in which words are capable of shaking the entire structure of government, where words can prove mightier than ten military divisions.”
― Václav Havel

There is only one way out… these Republican Senate careers are over, they might as well go out with a bang rather than with a whimper, better to be remembered as a champion than a bum on the take protecting a Mob boss…pick up the chair!

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