Next Greyhound to Washington

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

I suppose it won’t be long now before Republicans propose firing on Fort Sumpter again. They have found the issue which will drive them into obscurity. They say generals fight the last war, then the Republicans are fighting from the last Century. They’re saddling up Trump’s favorite pony “Voter Fraud” and gonna try and ride him back to Tara. When Shakespeare said, “Cassius has a lean and hungry look” he could have been describing Georgia Governor, Brian Kemp. It was Kemp who as Secretary of State while a candidate for Governor refused to recuse himself from the affairs of his office. Running as both a candidate for Governor and the final arbiter for the state’s election issues.

Kemp was accused of using his office to suppress the Black vote This is the event which first motivated Stacy Abrams to begin her voter registration drive. Which is the event which caused Trumpy to lose Georgia and two, count em, two Senate seats. So, this new law wasn’t created in a vacuum; it was created as a response. You register and we suppress, you streamline we confound. Imagine you want to vote absentee. You must first go to a state office to have a photo ID made. Sounds harmless enough if you’ve never been to South Georgia. Georgia is the largest state East of the Mississippi and South Georgia is so rural the sun can set between your house and town.

It was Kemp back in November who was forced to say “no” to Trumpy about the issue of voter fraud. But Kemp saw all those network news vans parked outside and thought, “I could ride this pony all the way to Washington!” So as a dignified three-piece suit Republican, he hand crafted legislation designed to put him on that next Greyhound to Washington. The goal wasn’t voter suppression as much as Kemp ascension. Sounds great, Faux will love it! The courts will toss it, and I’m a national candidate with name recognition! You just can’t buy this kind of publicity in the fearosphere. “Tonight, on Tucker Carlson, we interview Governor Brian Kemp about his battle with liberal activist Judges out to destroy election integrity!”

And the plan was working so well, but a funny thing happened on the way to the forum. And now, Kemp finds himself on the ramparts facing the weight of the union Army in Powder Springs. Like Matt Gaetz at a girl’s High School swim meet, he’s getting more attention than he would like. Defiant and boastful Kemp signs the act under a painting of a plantation house, Orwell would be so proud. But as critics begin to dissect the act the outrage began to build. The Party of payoffs to strippers, teen sex and ecstasy parties has a deep concern over the integrity of our elections.

The Jim Crow reintroduction and voter suppression act of 2021 was designed for domestic consumption. The rednecks in Georgia understood it and Faux News doesn’t have to understand it. Just one more morality play, the brave conservative tilting at liberal windmills filled with angry Black people. But the clouds gather and grow darker. Kemp gives a speech defending the act but as he does the ceiling begins to melt around him and the room becomes a tub of goo. The more Kemp tries to defend the act the deeper becomes the goo until Kemp’s voice cracks as he finds he must now defend himself instead of the legislation. County officials estimate the loss of the All-star Game at $100 million dollars. That’s just the beginning, the first drops of rain hitting the pavement before the deluge.

All across Asia, car manufacturers are marking Georgia off of their list of possible factory locations. North Korea prints propaganda posters of Brian Kemp and racist Georgia. It was gonna work and take Brian straight to Washington but now it has all gone wrong. The Georgia Republicans and the national Republicans have come together looking to forge a confederate alliance around the issue of voter fraud/voter suppression. First, Georgia Republicans threatened to revoke Delta’s fuel tax credits worth millions. Then in light of MLB pulling the All-star Game, National Republicans threaten to revoke MLB’s anti-trust provision. It’s mind boggling, a senator from Texas and a senator from Utah willing to fight to the death over Georgia state voter suppression laws.

A national political Party without a majority in either house of Congress and under a still popular President chooses to make their last stand on their support of racism and voter suppression. To pick a fight with Major League Baseball and Coca-Cola and Delta and condemn their actions. When it was the Republicans who came up with this turkey and now try to make it fly. It was the Republicans who put these corporations on the defensive. The Republican logic is just because I stabbed you is no reason to scream.

The battle is already decided all that is left now is just how bad a beating is Georgia is going to take over it. And how many political careers are going to end over it. Kemp defends the bill in lofty generalities but is loath to discuss explicit details, like you need to get your 93-year-old butt down to the courthouse thirty miles away between eight and three and get your free voter ID, if you plan to vote in the next election. So not content to alienate some of America’s most powerful corporations they also attack their own base… senior citizens.

Jimmy Carter said of judging foreign elections that he never saw anything done there that he didn’t see done in Georgia first. Have you seen this one sir? A simple act designed to suppress the vote and advance a candidate has become a life and death struggle for Democracy. A struggle America will win, and Georgia will lose. The people of Georgia will lose jobs because they elected politicians out to feather their own nests at the voter’s expense.

George Wallace is dead and Lester Maddux too. Bull Conner is dead and politically so is Brian Kemp, he’s beginning to smell they just haven’t buried him yet. The Republicans grab their banners and run the wrong way supporting the Nazis over the Anne Frank. Supporting Snidely Whiplash over sweet Nell Fenwick. Waging their War on Democracy in their long twilight struggle for White supremacy.

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