A Harsh Mistress

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

The effects of history are cumulative and inescapable. Charles Lindbergh spoke to an “America First” Rally. He warned the Jews were trying to lead America down the road to a European war that was none of our business. Lindbergh took the stage a national hero but his remarks that night damaged him for the rest of his life. The America First movement was very popular, an Astro turf group before Astro turf. Founded and funded by two cousins publishing two big city newspapers. Publishing stories and writing editorials with the aim to raise their circulation. (It’s the Capitalism Stupid) Anti-New Deal was a given this was something a little extra, a rock in the snowball.

Let’s have rallies and invite celebrities to speak. We can wave flags and look back fondly to the good ole days before the coloreds got so uppity. Before the Jews took over everything. It was publicly all American, God and country but the foundation was built on racism and Antisemitism. They even took an oath, huh? Huh? Lindbergh was there to talk about America (What the Jews were trying to do to America) One part tent, one part pole but both parts working together trying to put someone in the shade. History will remember the furor over wearing a mask during a pandemic. They will be illustrated in the history texts like we see images of Marathon Charleston Contests or Disco dancers in John Travolta leisure suits today.

Crazy people out of their minds. Gee, how many teenagers can fit into a phone booth? How many goldfish did you swallow? How many people did you kill during the pandemic? Mass hysteria as the invisible monster waits for us behind the garage. The knife cuts both ways, “I know it’s out there just waiting for me.” I ain’t afraid of nothing! Ain’t had a bath in three days en been wearing these socks for a week! Erring on the side of caution isn’t historically noteworthy. It’s expected of upright beings. There are no historical notes of Abe Lincoln having a cold and staying in bed. Now if they had had a naked water balloon fight on the White House lawn history would remember it.

The same way history will remember a resident who suggested drinking bleach to stop a virus. It’s like a Doppler effect, when you’re inside it you can’t hear it but when you’re outside it the sound changes as it goes by. The McCarthy era, Kennedy, Nixon, the Vietnam War and the Trump era. AKA the “New” Dark Ages! Now with extra stupid! An Exxon lobbyist was taped bragging about subverting climate change legislation as if that is a win for the company. “The captain he was trying to fix the hole in the boat but I stopped him.” Hopefully, the secret space program has a spot for him. To live out his days in the secret Mars colony with Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos playing Risk all day.

If you will look out the back window of the bus, you’ll see orange grandpa waving and growing smaller as the world pulls away. He hopes we’ll come back to see him again real soon. And when he suggested visiting us at our house, they said, “Maybe some other time.” Trumpy’s proposed visit to Battleship Park in Mobile was cancelled when it was suddenly discovered that Gramps intentions were more political than patriotic.” AKA, we don’t want you. This is the same Alabama where he was autographing Bibles and passing out Cadillac’s not too long ago. If Alabama is done with Trump, he’s done. WTF! We elected an Auburn Football coach a senator? It’s like a bad dream man. I want to wake up, but I’m too scared!

The insurrection will be remembered as an insurrection as Faux News washes off quickly in the shower stall of time. And unless you have an all scrolls must go! Library at Alexandria fire sale, history is permanent. The Trump façade is cracking and breaking. Where is Malaria and why is there a new sand trap on the eighteenth green of Trump’s Golf course? “Ashes to ashes, ruff to ruff.” She always wanted to be an important part of my life and now she is. I mean, she’s in Shitholistan visiting her mother in prison.” But for Republican Trumpskyites it means, “The shields won’t hold Captain! I’m giving her all I got!” The ship is breaking up! Every Rat for himself!

First, they love you then they hate you and then you become a K-tell Records, Remember when record. While it’s proven, that Trump has electoral draw it’s yet to be determined how strong that draw is for surrogates. The broken-down car in the front yard crowd might love Trumpy, but will they try to get the Oldsmobile started to come vote for you? (Pour some more gas down her carburetor Jethro while I crank on her some!) What with the elections being fixed an all, why bother? History says they will be isolated like islands in a flood. Damaged goods one by one washed away. Like Senators and Congressman with Confederate pasts. Even if you refuse to teach history, it won’t go away. Like refusing to acknowledge the weather, “Storm? What storm? The weather was beautiful yesterday. Now shut up and help me pick up these branches.” Destined to ride through history wearing an asterisk like a black eye.

After Pearl Harbor, Lindbergh tried to enlist in the Army Air Force but was refused. The greatest aviator of his age was deemed unfit to serve or wear any uniform of the United States military. He was a subversive. Not quite the enemy but not quite on our side. He worked with the Army but was never allowed to serve because of his past. The Republicans do the Charleston and cry into their monogrammed  hankies. “It’s not fair, after Republicans voted down having a bipartisan panel on January 6th  the Democrats named their own panel.”

History is a harsh mistress. She blinks only momentarily, yet her gaze is prolonged. Look at Mrs. O’Leary’s cow. Never actually convicted of anything but even today if you mention bovines and fire in Chicago, in the same sentence. They know who you’re talking about.

“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”
― George Orwell

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