Failed State

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

History is resplendent with Kings and potentates and cabbages ordering the sun to shine and the flowers to bloom. Demanding a new four engine bomber when they didn’t have gas for the airplanes they already had. The hell with reality, “let’s do this.” Isn’t he brave? He’s so brave! A political maverick willing the buck the system. And so, it was the caste system was ended. A deadly plague engulfed Europe killing so many people as to make the “Father to Son” business model untenable. Lock down? What’s a lock down?

Texas Governor Gregg Abbot, told hotel owners, Lockdowns during a pandemic “are wrong.” Standing tall against the windmill Abbott will order all hurricanes to go home. It is hard to stand up against science, medicine, and common sense all at once. But his belief in Laissez faire Capitalism is unshaken, let the dead fall where they may. Now remember, attendance at school is mandatory while wearing a mask is optional. I don’t care what 99.99% of the world is doing. You don’t have to wear a mask in Texas, if you don’t want too. I’m not here to push big government down your throat. You can get the shot if you want too, but I won’t make you.

Not since Herbert Hoover declared no one is starving in America has there been such state enforced ignorance. The Governor is dedicated to profits and conservative principles. Rocks be damned, he’s willing to sail the ship through the storm. Because any sailor knows, it would be wrong to wait for the storm to pass.

“Another thing that has propelled business operations in Texas for you as well as others across the state is that Texas has remained open for business during the course of the pandemic,” – Gregg Abbott

The largest pandemic in a century and all the rage on the news. TV, Internet everyone is talking about it, but Abbott is concerned about propelling business operations. I ordered everything to be open, so you guys are really lucky. As if, business wasn’t curtailed in the other forty-nine states leading to shutdowns and lays offs and most of all curtailing travel. The Mayor of Tokyo will now discuss recent tragic events without naming Godzilla directly. Defying gravity for a dollar, “Damn the icebergs! Full speed ahead.”

A funny thing happened on the way to the Forum, Icarus said to the Sun King. The rocks don’t care about the ship Captain’s courage. Texas, Florida, and Louisiana represent the near majority of cases of Covid -19 in the country. “Gee, you mean ignorance doesn’t work?”  Joe Biden asked, if you’re not going to help could you at least get out of the way? Abbott responds with a fiery disconnected response, about Joe Biden not interfering in Texas parents’ decision. When obviously, it is Abbott interfering in their decision. The parents have no choice in protecting their children. Defeating a pandemic isn’t an “If you feel like it” proposition.

The political will to defy reality for political ends, no matter how many sicken and die needlessly. Come on now, let’s all join hands and go back to work like nothing ever happened. Pandemic? What Pandemic? We don’t have a pandemic in Texas. In light of the recent winter blackout the Texas legislature moved to tighten the laws which made the blackout possible in the first place and reward utility companies for their prudence in not overproducing energy. But it is not working, a recent Quinnipiac poll found 70% of the public blame the unvaccinated for the return of Covid – 19. Another poll found that only 54% of Republicans want Twump to run for President in 2024. Let’s recap, 70% say it’s your own damn fault for not getting vaccinated, and almost half of Republicans say, “keep that tard on the farm!”

Looks like reality is trying to intervene and break up the fantasy. In another six months, will Trump even have fifty percent support? Schools and municipalities in Texas are openly rejecting the Governor’s anti-mask mandates. Saying, yeah sure sue us, whatever. We’re wearing masks. Making it known that they no longer take orders from Saigon. The state legislature is in revolt as the Governor threatens arrest warrants for Democrats who fled the state to defeat the Governors voter suppression bill. Nothing says fully functioning Democracy quite like arrest warrants for political opponents. Or opponents who must hide out to avoid arrest.

The hotel owners must have sat there in shock. A mad man telling a tale about vegetables and eight-foot-tall bunny rabbits. Speaking complete and unintelligible garbage, full-immersion fantasy. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about! During 2020, Texas hotel occupancy was slashed by two-thirds. It’s one saving grace was the massive power outage, forcing tens of thousands of Texans to hotels in February, to keep from freezing. It was so cold, one Texan abandoned his dog and took his family to Cancun.  That is how Republicans deal with a harsh reality, say it ain’t so and fly off to fantasy.

If Abbott admits that things in Texas are bad and getting worse, he might be blamed. If he doesn’t admit to how bad things are and reverse himself, he should be blamed. Threats, arrest warrants, blackouts, and a governor out of touch and in complete denial during a public emergency. A textbook failed state.

“We in America today are nearer to the final triumph over poverty than ever before.”
― Herbert Hoover

“More important, a host of unemployed citizens face the grim problem of existence, and an equally great number toil with little return. Only a foolish optimist can deny the dark realities of the moment”- FDR

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