The Subterranean Sub-culture of Non-believers (except the Bible) Skeptics and Non-Expert, Experts

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

It was expected that final approval for the Covid vaccine, might sway some of the indigenously ignorant into getting vaccinated. Smokers, the obese and McDonald’s customers, worried about what Poindexter has up his lab coat sleeve. And afraid of what he might want to put in their body. You got the right time, but you got the wrong train station mister. That train don’t run through here! “Why, once I show them the documentation here on page 47 of the white paper. They will see how foolishly they have behaved and will quickly fall into line. Why it’s incontrovertible!” But it’s easier to fool them than to convince them they’ve been fooled. The second conman to arrive in town is always in for some tough sledding.

You must play to your audience; I’ll show you. “Hi, I’m doctor well educated, with sixteen degrees from major universities. I’m considered a health expert, in pretty much everything from tongue depressors to brain surgery. And it’s my considered opinion, along with that of my highly esteemed colleagues, that you should get vaccinated right away.” Or “Hi, this is John Schnieder, Bo Duke from the Dukes of Hazard! Me and the General Lee says, “Get ya a shot, real soon! Yea Ha!”

The structure of their non-belief was built long ago. They were never convinced that vegetables were good for them from an early age. They didn’t listen to the PE coach, when he told them, to stop screwing around in High School. Or they’d spend their lives hanging around a bowling alley. Besides it’s an arcade that also features bowling, and I’m not hanging around. I work here! There seems to be a river of contrariness that runs through some of us. If they tell you to put your seatbelt on, you don’t. But only because they told you to put it on. “Who do they think they are?” Young men 18 to 35 (See: Trump legions) trying to buck the saddle of adulthood from off their backs.

A coalition made up of the angry, the uneducated, and the suspicious of everything or a combined slurry of all three. Numb nuts Fonzie standing by the record machine says, “I don’t need no shot!” Christians who don’t believe in numerology, but who insist that 666 is the mark of the beast.  And it is, but only if you believe in numerology. Once belief is obtained, the need to deal in facts diminishes. Jesus didn’t do miracles every day you know. He didn’t use them to warm up the crowd. He did one or two, and the rest? You’ll just have take his word for the rest.

These things take on weight of their own and act like a flywheel, in perpetuating themselves. Fluoride in the water, vaccines that will kill you and aliens in my garage! Speaking of Aliens, Bill Clinton’s Alien love child is all grown up and about to enter College. “I bet; the Clinton Foundation had to make a sizable donation to the building fund, to get that big headed boy in school.” If they didn’t have something to worry about, they’d worry about it. But just because they make a big noise, doesn’t mean they are a big group.

“Thunder is good. Thunder is impressive; but it is lighting that does all the work.” – Mark Twain

And finally, add in bitterness and the inherent fear that someone is getting something for free, that maybe should have rightfully gone to them. And there you have the four horsemen of the Trumpocalypse. “They gave that college scholarship to a black kid with a 4.0! That’s just numbers! Cleatus had a strong “C” average and was a JV wrestler, and only got suspended the once. They could have give it to him!” Convinced by magical thinking that the world, and everyone in it, is up to no good. Harry Potter is a tool of the Devil and Dominion Voting Systems was founded by Hugo Chavez and Hillary Clinton.

The futility of bringing facts to a gun fight, like throwing snowballs at tanks. “Talk to Stalin, maybe you can convince him to step down, for the good of the country!” A 747 flying backwards from New York to Los Angeles and other things that will never happen. They don’t trust the vaccine; they don’t trust the doctors, and they don’t trust the media. So, attempts to use doctors and the media to convince the pilgrims the vaccine is safe, is sort of a double negative.

Donald Twump told the assembled Alabamians to go get vaccinated…and they booed him. From the mouth of Moses, the words fell…and they booed him. They booed Jesus in the buckle of the Bible belt!

Twumpism has outgrown Twump, taking on a subculture status. Cloud computing in the Chump-o-sphere. QAnon, Proud Boy’s, Nazi’s, and other racists and religious bigots. Willing to believe any cock and bull story, no matter how ludicrous if it supports their beliefs. Bible thumping preachers with the message, “the end is nie and make those checks payable to: World of Self-Aggrandizing Ministries LLC, Box 666, Cayman Islands.”

Then there is the sad tale of Mike Lindell. The wooden puppet who became a real boy, only then to tragically become a wooden puppet again. Spoiler alert, if any relatives out there are still considering a possible inheritance from the future demise of Mr. Lindell, in their financial plans. It would be advisable they contact the attorneys working for the Brittany Spears family, as soon as possible. From comic relief to comic tragic. “I made my fortune on television and I’ll lose it the same way!”  At least with Rudy Giuliani, you could blame the alcohol.

Just another soldier in the subterranean sub-culture of non-believers (except the Bible) skeptics and non-expert, experts. Who declare education is nothing but a front to act superior to the uneducated. ( A form of Prejudice.) Ignorant people know things too! Why can’t our ignorance be given the same weight as your knowledge? Your satellite photos and astronaut testimony, will never convince me the world isn’t flat. I think you are just being close minded about it. I read it online, that it’s all a big conspiracy. Science is bigoted, they don’t allow facts, just because they aren’t true.

The fact that man knows right from wrong proves his intellectual superiority to the other creatures; but the fact that he can do wrong proves his moral inferiority to any creatures that cannot.”
― Mark Twain

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