The Orange Cultural Revolution

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

One America Network is hiring! College degree, Journalism. Nights and weekends and if you clock in you can’t go home, until we say you can. There’s a supposed worker shortage in America, rather than just a wage shortage. So, tell McDonalds and Wendy’s, that you’re taking your career down a different path. At OAN they’re offering $19.00 an hour B.O.E. You can’t go flashing that kind of money around to just any old college graduate you know, just the experienced ones.

They want MBA for the price of a GED and then cry when they can’t find one. Have you noticed, there’s plenty of assorted imported beers and wines on the store shelf. Walmart is filled to the gunnels with shit from all over the world. It seems the supply shortage is localized to groceries. You can’t get Snickers bars or cheese crackers, but there’s plenty of Heineken and BMW parts. There is a shortage of long-haul delivery truck drivers. A career with a high rate of burn out, physical impairment, and predatory police forces.

Long-haul truckers can earn double what a local delivery driver can earn. Along comes a pandemic and the local driver gets laid off or reduced hours. While long-haul companies are still hiring. The long-haul driver backs into a slot and workers with forklifts unload his truck. The local driver unloads their own truck with a hand truck at repetitive stops for less money. Driving through city traffic all day, negotiating grocery store parking lots filled with shopping carts and poorly parked cars. Gee, I wonder where all their workers went?

I heard an educated man speak against public education. All the usual complaints about indoctrination and spreading propaganda. But even more so, it spoke of a public educational system capable of making a man smart enough to see through all the propaganda. But fearful that no one else will be smart enough to see through it.

I heard this same man complain about doctors and mask mandates. The facts are just a liberal point of view. Donald Twump’s bankruptcies are just Liberal propaganda. They’re all just out to get Twump, because he’s hard charging, heart taker and rule breaker. Don Junior isn’t coked out of his mind with snowy boogers up his nose, he’s just excitable. “Snap, snap, hello? Is there anybody in there, is there anyone at home?”

Ted Cruz, AKA, “Big Turd” has threatened the United States with Texas succession…yet again. It’s almost an annual event. The Republican desire to make Texas that little ole third world country on the Pecos and the Northern most province of Mexico. Somebody get that boy a history book and explain why that won’t work. Now ask yourself, if you had felony warrants out after you and you wanted to avoid arrest…where would you go to hide?

If you wanted to sell Meth or smuggle immigrants, where would you set up shop? If you were a Mexican Drug cartel, how long would it take to set up an office in Dallas once the DEA was gone?  Ted’s serious, not like the dozens of other times, or like every time his shorts ride up on him. The Texas Postal Service will deliver the mail, and the official currency will be the Texas Peso. Currently valued at 144 to the dollar.

The border will be guarded by the former Texas National Guard. But of course, they aren’t under any obligation to show up. They signed a deal with the Feds, not Texas. Is Texas offering comparable VA benefits? There will be an exodus of American companies, fearful for their safety, both legal and physical. Companies that have long established offices in Mexico, don’t need another in Houston.

Want to rent a Space Center? NASA will be moving out, so we can make you a hell of a deal, if you’d like to launch the Texas Space program. But then, as a foreign power that technology might not be readily transferable to you. Ditto fighter jets and military hardware.

It’s pure lunacy, but like the followers of a televangelist they believe. Reverend Bob needs a new jet airplane, so he can save more souls among the strippers in Las Vegas! You can’t tell them the wrestling matched is fixed or that the wrestlers all leave in the same van. They won’t believe you, not now, not ever. Do you know why Fucker Carlson speaks absolute horse shit? His followers will believe anything. It was all a trick by the government; they did this, not us. “Who are you going to believe, me or your own lying eyes?”

They honestly believe a drug designed to make little worms let go of your small intestines, will also defeat a virus in their lungs. They believe cattle wormer will cure them and the vaccine might kill them. Internet cranks know the truth, while reputable doctors and the Mayo clinic lie for partisan reasons and don’t know what they are talking about.

Fully prepackaged and propagandized Fascist cheese product. Spreadable and inedible unwilling to listen to any information that runs counter to their official truth. The new Maoist Orange Guard, defending the integrity of the orange cultural revolution. Calling out and deposing any and all, who digress from the official truth.  Twump won, masks don’t work, vaccines are dangerous. Everybody is out to gets us, and there’s commies under our bed. If you don’t vote the way you’re told, boy will we get you!

There are no factions in the Republican Party today but fur us or agin us. They really, honest to God don’t get it. Why can’t we see that Donald Twump is our lord and savior? He’s writing all wrongs in the world and that’s why the Liberals are out to get him.

A video of pretending to offer the murder your political opponents is just a funny joke; don’t you get it? Don’t you find that amusing? They do, they find it very funny. Yet Big Turd, accuses Big Bird of being a propagandist. Murder isn’t propaganda, it’s just a funny joke.  

Stripped of culture and propriety and unable to comprehend the rules of organized civilization. They cheer when Hillary called them deplorables, without them understanding, that they really are deplorable. Low functioning, callous, crude or otherwise intellectually deficient individuals. Unwilling or unable to raise themselves above what they have now become or to see themselves as they now truly are.

“After the collapse of socialism, capitalism remained without a rival. This unusual situation unleashed its greedy and – above all – its suicidal power. The belief is now that everything – and everyone – is fair game.” ― Günter Grass

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