Twump Tells Truth!

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn in his prison garb after calling Stalin, the bearded one in a letter. Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

Now there’s a headline for you! Former President and grifter in chief, Donald Twump exclaimed through his lawyers. That releasing any pertinent documents about his or his staff’s actions, before or during the bloody, criminal insurrection of January 6th. “Would have enormous consequences, forever changing the dynamics between the political branches.” It proves what I’ve always said, that if you lie long enough and hard enough, you’ll eventually come back around to the truth accidently.

No truer words have ever been spoken, since Moses took up mountain climbing. “Mom, Dad, remember that looking at my report card would have enormous consequences, forever changing the dynamics between us! Do you really want to take that risk, hmmm?” Your honor, we move to strike all evidence that might portray my client as guilty. Now, we’re not doing it for this defendant’s sake. Oh no, we’re doing it to protect future guilty presidents.

It has been an unwritten, dirty little secret, that temporary residents of the oval office don’t investigate their predecessor’s intrigues. A courtesy once offered, that is expected to be reciprocated. When Joe Biden waves executive privilege on Twump documents, he’s putting himself at risk. Offering no quarter means, he shall receive none. But in all but a few cases, there really hasn’t been enough there to justify prosecuting a retired or defeated President. He can’t be retired, if he refuses to admit defeat, he can only be defeated.

They could have prosecuted Nixon, but America just wanted Dick to go away. We had shame back in those days. Disgraced meant, we didn’t want to look at you anymore. Put away like an old girlfriend’s photo who broke our heart.

It was one those things, we really didn’t need a rule before. Because the Presidents were all basically, relatively honest. By the time you’ve been elected President, you’re set financially. You got friends baby; money is no problem. No problem for a retired politician, but if your business is making money and then making more money with that money? If there is ever enough? And had there not been an insurrection, plotted and planned by the former grifter in chief, I would have agreed with Twump!

If it were discovered, that Twump had been stealing money. How surprised would you really be? Yawn, I wonder what’s new in football. But plotting and planning an insurrection, is a crime against every man woman and child in this country. A plot to steal your birthright and steal your government. A plot to enslave you and your children in an autocratic dystopia, which can neither be put away or swept under the rug.

The known evidence shows the former grifter in chief, as plotting against the life of your republic. An innocent man would rush to clear himself. A guilty man would run for it, but a con man doesn’t back down that easy, they bluff. Twump was counting on Biden playing the “Executive Privilege” game. Now Twump’s attorneys go to court trying to stop the inevitable. Twump attempts to claim “Executive Privilege” in perpetuity. Shot down in court with, “Presidents are not kings, and Plaintiff is not President.”

This is an ugly cancer making Watergate, look like a head cold. A former President of the United States under suspicion of treason and insurrection. People died because of the actions of the former President. Our nation was irreparably damaged, Ashli Babbit was killed by Donald Twump. He put her in that building and is responsible for hers and all the other deaths and injuries.

No differently than an arsonist would be charged with the deaths in his fire. So, add murder to the docket, along with insurrection and treason. This man through his irresponsible and self-centered actions, got people killed. People’s lives are ruined…forever, and for what?”

At the close of World War One, it was a widely held belief that Germany had been betrayed by the “November Criminals,” who stabbed Germany in the back. General Ludendorff, had already gone to see the Kaiser, to tell him the army was finished and disintegrating, predicting in another two weeks there would be no army. But the public chose to accept the convenient lie, over the unpleasant truth. You lost.

The myth of the November criminals stabbing Germany in the back, is the very foundation of National Socialist rhetoric. We didn’t lose…we were cheated! We weren’t out of ammunition, and our army wasn’t starving! It was those November criminals! Bringing in ballots from North Korea! Those criminals are everywhere, and they’re out to get us! The myth of the November criminals, helped to bring Adolf Hitler to power.

You cannot ignore sedition and treason, better that you line them up against the wall South American style, than to leave an open festering wound. Infecting the body politic with a November Criminals myth. You can’t allow a lie to supplant the truth. There must be a resolution, once and for all. “A House divided against itself cannot stand.” – Some guy on the Internet

Treason is final, either you become all powerful, exalted grand high poohbah, or your next position will be sedentary in a six by ten-foot cell. If not amusing the crowd with fancy one time only rope tricks. “Now for my next impression, Saddam Husein!”

I understand what Joe Biden was attempting to do and understand the thinking behind it. “Let’s all just pretend that the Twump Administration was just a bad dream. I’ll act as President’s have always acted previously, with a calm dignity and decorum. If we all act like everything is back to normal, maybe people will assume that everything is back to normal.”

But this ain’t back to normal and never will be. You can’t call a cease fire during treason. These people have taken up arms against the government. But okay, we’ll just pretend like it never happened. So, you just go right on ahead with your posting of violent videos. You just ignore the committee subpoena; it’s okay. It’s only politics. All you did was conspire to overthrow the lawful government… and what’s wrong with that?

I’m sorry about Joe Biden’s agenda, but other matters must take precedence. I’m sure FDR had other plans besides WW2. But Joe Biden’s greatest legacy, will be in prosecuting the treasonous and guaranteeing our democracy for future generations. No one remembers Abe Lincoln’s domestic agenda; all they remember, is that he put down treason and saved the nation.

“In keeping silent about evil, in burying it so deep within us that no sign of it appears on the surface, we are implanting it, and it will rise up a thousand fold in the future. When we neither punish nor reproach evildoers, we are not simply protecting their trivial old age, we are thereby ripping the foundations of justice from beneath new generations.”
― Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn,

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