With Any Luck at All

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

It is always the little things that trip them up. For Al Capone, it was taxes, for Nixon, tape recordings and for Donald Twump, it was documents. Of all the outlandish bullshit crimes and absurdities, Twump will be brought down on documents.

One of the major impediments of acting as Twump’s attorney is you must accept legal advice from the idiot, who is also your client. And you must also accept, that you probably won’t get paid for it. This is prestige job; you get paid in prestige dollars! You represent Donald Twump and his All-Star Cornucopia of crime. You join the ranks of the Twump legal army. Maybe in the civil department or maybe criminal or both.

But it is that prestige issue, because those Twump prestige dollars don’t go as far as they used too. (Twump Deflation) And so, as the sun sinks slowly into the west. We find a concurrent drop in the caliber of attorneys looking to get paid in those Twump Prestige dollars. “Look Ma! Look at me! I’m litigating for the former President! I was on the news!”

As the Twump legal team insists the contents of the search warrant be released. They had hoped to prove the raid on the Mar-A-Lago wax museum on horror hill, had been politically motivated. Instead, they have released the most damaging document to reach the public seen up to this time. This makes the Bill Barr’s cover up of the Russia investigation, look like no big deal. (Gee, I wonder who thought that up?)

Listing categories of secret documents taken by Twump. Documents never to be released to foreigners. Documents which list the names of covert agents and could get them killed. Nuclear secrets never intended to leave a secure room. No stems or seeds that you don’t need, only the finest in cherry picked national intelligence files. Like catching a junkie going through your medicine cabinet, you know he’s up to no good.

And the Twump legal brain demanded that this document be released! Listing chapter and verse and documenting in the public record, each of the quantities and categories of secret documents that were taken. This never needed to be made public. (Smooth move, Exlax) Generally, the warrants aren’t released because it could be seen as prejudicial to the defendant. But since you insist, remember to file this under “Your Problem Now.”

It was expected by a creating a tempest in a tea pot, about the caliber of the warrant. That they could exclude and obfuscate the purpose of the warrant. To retrieve STOLEN documents! Those are paper gold bars; they’re signed blank checks! The question rapidly becomes, what were Twump’s purposes and intentions for retaining those documents, if not to sell?

Every time you begin to think that Donald Twump can sink no further, he makes a fool of us all. Remember, how naively we thought he would be satisfied just to overthrow the government? The foul excrement of corporate capitalism, surfing the legal tides in the septic tank of life. And it all came to a tragic, disastrous end up on Dead Man’s Filing cabinet.

The warrant spells out how they had first obtained 15 boxes of stolen government documents voluntarily, with threats and letters to the accused. How they first, asked nicely for the documents return. Then, getting a court order, and demanding their return. Then, the night they raided Twumpski’s. And here’s a list of what we suspect he still has. And, check, check, check!

It’s extra hard to fight a warrant, once the cops find everything in the warrant that they are looking for. It’s so much easier to believe they’re just boxes of old papers. If you didn’t know how deadly serious they really were, but then again, you insisted.

But what about the Twumpaholics? Might they react badly? Without seeing the warrant, they might. But the Feds found what they were looking for. If they had raided the house on horror hill and found nothing, that’s political. That would have certainly put Tucker’s Jockeys into a twist. But see, here is a whole list of secret shit that Twump stole. Defend that! You asked for it! You demanded it! Now defend it!

During the FDR years, the Democrats fought a long running battle with a repressive extreme court. The President, amid the greatest economic catastrophe the country had ever faced, was hamstrung by an unelected Extreme court. The same court that said child labor was perfectly constitutional, what’s wrong with that?” The unelected anchor to hold the position when Republicans are run from elected office.

The public overwhelmingly said, “no” and refused Roosevelt’s idea of packing the Supreme Court. But that was then and this is now. The public’s current opinion of the extreme court is at an all-time low. Justice Sonia Sotomayor calls it the “Stench” of overturning Roe. Overtly political and almost universally unpopular. It is the ammunition which will put an end to the Republican revolution.

After November, everything will be on the table, even term limits or a larger court. Personally, I’d rather see the guilty impeached for malfeasance. And investigated, until their need to spend more time with their family becomes apparent.

But the forces are tied in a Gordian knot, Twump is the anchor bringing down the court, and the court is the anchor bringing down the Republicans. If you don’t think they are scared, what’s that wet stuff on the floor? Anybody heard from Clearance Thomas lately? No, he’s buried deep within honeycomb hideout. Under strict instructions to “Shut the fuck up!” until after election day.

Mitch McConnell is their prophet of doom; “the end is near! The midterms are lost!” It’s as if, the Republican Party were a Titanic made entirely of hydrogen, hitting an iceberg made entirely of electrical towers. Go for throttle up! Lindsey Graham, Rudy Giuliani, Marge Tater Greene, it’s almost a Billy Joel song.  Tax case, tax case, January 6th. Court Case, Court Case! Ron DeSantis in the race!

I want everyone to take real good notes. So you can give your grandkids the straight poop, when they begin to ask about this someday. “Grand Pa, do you remember the cray, cray times?” She’s hell’s a poppin from here on out, Bubba. So let the air out of your shoes, sit back and enjoy this ride. Don’t miss it don’t even be late, because it won’t come again.

It might very well be, we are witnessing the end of the Republican Party as we know it. With Twumpers and Dumpers out fighting and going in all opposite directions, they will lose elections by the truck load. Out of power, with only a third to half of a party intact, they will sink to insignificance.

To be replaced by the Party of Neo confederates, loyal to the cause of the Twump rebellion. Coots and Klansmen, and the usual suspects. But with history as our teacher, that should take them about twenty years. And once they get all caught up, will be even further behind the times. And with any luck at all, will be forgotten about entirely as a political force.

The Republican Party was born as a rebellious third Party. And they will pass away and disappear, the same way.

“The first duty of a revolutionary is to be educated.”
― Che Guevara

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