Freedom Means Choice

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

The winds of change have put a chill into the Republican air. The clouds are forming even now. About a month ago, I read how there was this surge of voter registrations in Pennsylvania, that was nearly 2 to 1 female. Then, I read about the same phenomenon occurring in Ohio, and now in Texas. “Houston, I think I’ve spotted a trend.” Bell weathers anyone?

There is an old adage that says, every generation votes Democratic… when they have too. And if you are looking for a better time, you are not going to find it. The last time it occurred, millions were starving. They’d been dispossessed and lived on the road. Children starved in their beds and the Republican answer was, “Be patient, this will all work itself out…eventually. A few more tax cuts for industry and we will have it, just about right.

Owing to the American spirit of impatience and the desire to eat every day and sleep indoors, they voted Democratic. The Democrats held a super majority in the house and a solid majority in the Senate. So, few Republicans were employed in government work. That the one’s left on the payroll, were overburdened with committee assignments. Fortunately, due to their minority numbers, they needed only to show up occasionally.

FDR and the Democrats passed a host new programs that changed America in 200 days, despite strong Republican objections. The Republicans hated the WPA (Works Progress Administration) and felt it was wrong to try and assist hungry people. Putting money into the pockets of citizens to revitalize infrastructure was just plain wrong. Sidewalks, rain culverts, storm sewers were called…Boondoggles! A big waste of your tax dollars! What? Are you too good to let little kids walk in the street now?

When I lived in Cleveland, the Cleveland metro parks were a gem. Covered picnic shelters, parking lots and stonework. The WPA used local materials to help keep the costs down. In the corner of one of the shelters, is a simple wood burned plaque “WPA 1935.” Generations have enjoyed those parks as a legacy gift to us, from the unemployed of another generation.

The Republicans objected to building airfields because they were a big waste of money. There were only a few fledgling carriers, and the numbers were pitifully small. So small, the railroads didn’t even consider them the competition until it was too late. So why build hundreds of new airfields? Why? For what?  What does Boise or Milwaukee, need with an airfield?

Why does this country need to spend hundreds of millions of your tax dollars building hydroelectric dams? Aren’t our rivers navigable enough now? Leave them the way God intended them. After all,  annual floods and soil erosion are his will! Who needs all that electrical power anyway? Let private industry do it!

Of all the poorest demographics in the pre–New Deal America, none were poorer than the elderly. Their second leading cause of death behind pneumonia was hypothermia…they froze to death. Social Security is a Job’s program. Junior can’t move up if grandpa can’t retire. “But that’s Socialist! It even says so on the label!” So what, It works.

The Republicans have done a bang-up job convincing the public that government was out to get them, and is their worst enemy. But if the government is not your friend, who is? Big business? Corporate America? The Republicans? The cow says, “I think the farmer really likes me. He feeds me every day.”

Go ask a bank to loan you their money on a non-government student loan. Tell them you are not a veteran, but want the same mortgage terms as a veteran. Take time to enjoy those beautiful free public parks provided to you by private industry.

When they say Big Spending government. I say good! Do it up right fellas! Big spending government won WW2 and discovered the atom bomb first. We might have saved a few bucks and come in second. They built the interstate highways and landed men on the moon. That lead to the growth of commerce the expansion of schools and universities, and the exploration of outer space.

The largest technological and scientific leap ever recorded in human history. From no space capability to the capability to land on another world in less than 10 years. The fuel and air for the computer and communications revolution that is still reverberating today. Galileo would cry like a baby, if he saw one image from the James Webb space telescope.

The first cell tower was the Lunar Module sitting on the Sea of Tranquility. It beamed pictures and video and sound up to the Command Module, that used microwaves sending it back to Houston. Look at what those Democrats did to you! If we hadn’t gone to the moon, they wouldn’t have invented that cell phone that you take for granted for another fifty or a hundred years. There would be no need to invent it.

You would think that they could figure it out for themselves. When the Republicans want to get rid of a regulation, it probably protects you. They call that getting government off your back. Anything that is good for you, is called Socialist. Anything that is inclusive, in a modern world is called woke. Tolerance is called acceptance, but it’s not my place to accept or not accept someone else’s life. I’ll trust that to them. This world is tough enough already, and I’m too busy to go around judging. I’m having enough fun in my own little world thank you, to get involved in yours.

Another world is possible. A world without sidewalks or storm culverts or science. A world ruled by a big black book and a scared little white man sitting at a big brown desk making decisions for everybody. Let your women keep silent in church! It’s not that cold, just put on another sweater granny.

But they’ve gone too far in their antics. “Oh, how they cheered overturning Roe. Oh, how they grow quiet now.” Here in Arizona is senate candidate Blake Masters, not be confused with Brake Masters. Virulently anti-Abortion and pro Social Security Pirateiser, in a state filled with retirees, no less. Let Wall Street do it! All reference is gone from his website. Now, he’s just a warm and fuzzy businessman, just like Montgomery Burns. He just can’t help it if he looks creepy.

Filled with rhetoric of how the Democrats hate you and have abandoned you. How the country is falling apart and isn’t perfect anymore, like it used to be back in Ozzie and Harriet days. “Sing it again, little Ricky!”

Trying get those oppressive regulations from the clean air and clean water act repealed. Time was, in this country the average citizen could smelt lead or dump cyanide into the river anywhere they wanted, without any big government interference. Time was, I could come up with a phony prospectus or charity and dupe the investors and walk away Scott free, until big government got involved.

Ask Steve Bannon about that. Ask about what happens, if you dupe investors and about how big government is out to get you. Would someone please explain “Pyrrhic victory” to these Republicans. Or perhaps, if that one is too hard. To explain any other civil right taken from any other group of American citizens in the last few hundred years. Freedom means choice.

There is a drubbing in the wind. A shattering of the old order. The end of the Reagan Revolution and the beginning of the long march of which few Republicans will survive. They have poked the bear and hell hath no fury, Bubba.

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