The Only Thing He Ever Really Loved

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

What would you do to be President of the United States? It doesn’t have to be President really, what would you do to make your dreams come true? A Prima Ballerina or a star on Broadway. Would you slash their tires and go all Tonya Harding on the competition? Lay awake nights scheming and plotting? Are there any limits anywhere, you wouldn’t cross?

It is known that the Trump team took assistance from a hostile foreign power. Mike Flynn was probably the middleman and brokered the deal. So, until that crime has been properly adjudicated, that avenue still lays open. The only lessons learned on the road to Jerusalem is don’t do this or that and make sure everyone keeps their mouths shut. Loose lips sink ships and political conspiracies. “Russia, if you’re listening!”

Seems George Papadopoulos had a few too many one night at an embassy party. And he started up with the big drunk talk. “And then we! And they’ll never catch us! Ha, ha, ha!” It seems the alcohol had so clouded his mind into forgetting that he was spouting off to people basically in the intelligence business. People who draw a paycheck every week, just for gathering political intelligence.

When it comes to the biggest political prize in the world? The Presidency, what midnight price might the devil demand down at the crossroads? Do you still want to be President, no matter what? Even if innocent people are sent to jail? Even, if people get hurt? Even, if it’s insanely cruel?

Ron DeSantis wants to be President, is the worst kept secret in the country. He wants to be President in the worst way. No really, the worst way! His rule is no less than a day-to-day campaign riding roughshod over Florida. Every action, down to the tie clip planned with publicity in mind towards that eventual goal.

The sawdust sawed off Caesar and 180-centimeter man, has state employees muzzled, fired, and arrested for doing or saying anything, which runs counter to the “Official” state blather. His “don’t say Gay” campaign was clearly a stunt, like his going after children’s books. Like going after Disney, set up the straw men and let Ron Quixote mount his burro and mow them down with his lance and knock them all over.

Malevolently cruel in flying emigrants with tax dollars cross country. A photo op at point A. and just dumping them off at point B. Who cares what happens to them, we got the photo! Politically, it shouldn’t matter how you feel about the issue. Lying and tricking people isn’t the American, okay so maybe it is. Exporting problems from one state to another seems a waste of resources, no matter how good it looks on Faux News.

A voter approved amendment meant ex-felons could register to vote in Florida. Conservative Republicans didn’t like the idea of ex-felons voting very much. They assumed, that being hard hitting crime busting Republicans themselves. The ex-felons would never vote for them or might just compete with them for the available criminality in the future. But there is safety in numbers and the Republicans thought, the bigger the number kept off the voter rolls, the better.

The Florida legislature tried financial remedies to throw a wrench into the gears. You can vote after you fulfilled all your financial responsibilities, including any milk monies owed to any primary schools or overdue book fines. The court’s struck that plan down as a Poll Tax.

Ronnie and the legislature came up with a new wrinkle. Which just coincidentally, appeared around the same time as Ronnie’s new Election police, go figure.

Under the new plan, all ex-felons could vote. Come one come all. Except, don’t forget to read the fine print. Not all at all, murderers and sexual offenders weren’t included in the program. But the onus was on the ex-felon to determine if they were eligible or not, and not the voting registrar. So, the ex-felon is handed a voter ID and told “go vote!” And are then arrested by the election police, eighteen months later.

Almost like it was a planned event, two months out from an election. You know who cares about ex-felons voting? Republican voters with a Trumpsicle stuck up their butt. Ron’s fighting for election integrity! He wants to make sure our elections are safe and fair!

Nineteen people were arrested. 13 were African Americans; 12 were registered Democrats. All had no idea of why they were being arrested. No different than a trap or a snare to confound people with complexity and then punish them for not understanding the law.

Punish them right before the election. Do you know what it means for an ex-felon to be arrested again? To look at hard time, like five years again? To lose everything again? Only this time you didn’t know you were doing anything wrong. You thought you were doing the right thing. They gave you a card and told you that you could vote. And now you’re looking at five years for listening to them. And the Governor is looking ahead at four more years.

Ronnie is the man visibly angry when the jury gave the Parkland shooter life in prison. Ronnie knows better than they do, damn it! He was anxious to sign that death warrant to show Merica that he was tough on crime and soft on firearms. I found it very troubling, his anger at someone NOT being executed! Sure, we all have our opinion, but few get so visibly angry over such somber subject as execution. Especially, when they’d play a direct role in the death.

Most people would recoil in horror in playing any part at all in an execution, even if they guy deserves it. Most people would grow quiet and cold with a pit in their stomach. At the idea of pulling the switch or putting a noose around someone’s neck. The unrepressed anger at being denied the possibility of killing someone and using it as a tool to roller skate to the White House is beyond telling. What would you do for a chance to be the President?

It reminds me of a story I read once. At the end of WW-1, the War to end all Wars. The future German fuhrer lay wounded from a gas attack in a military hospital. As the news of Germany’s defeat circulated, the future fuhrer was inconsolable. Tears streaked down from his chemically burned eyes and rage filled his corrupted soul. He was bitterly angry Germany had lost the war. But that wasn’t the reason why he was angry at all.

It meant the war was over, it meant he couldn’t go back to the front and shoot and kill people anymore. He was a murderous psychopath in a world of death and killing, now to be denied his one release. The only thing he ever really loved, killing.

“Big man, pig man
Ha, ha, charade you are
You well-heeled big wheel
Ha, ha, charade you are
And when your hand is on your heart
You’re nearly a good laugh
Almost a joker
With your head down in the pig bin
Saying ‘Keep on digging’
Pig stain on your fat chin
What do you hope to find
Down in the pig mine?
You’re nearly a laugh
You’re nearly a laugh
But you’re really a cry”

– Pink Floyd

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  1. You must be striking a bundle of nerves, David. To get nailed by Facebook for “content” is a badge of honor. I appreciate what you do, brother.


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