Just You Wait!

By David Glenn Cox

Kevin McCarthy wants Joe Biden to FIRE Alejandro Mayorkas immediately as head of The Department of Homeland Security. And if,  he doesn’t do it and do it right now. The Republicans plan to start impeachment proceedings on day one!


Because they can of course, or at least they think they can. Buckle up buttercup! Chapter one, paragraph one. The Republicans take over the House as the houselights fall and ringmaster calls your attention to the center ring.


Well, Mayorkas was hired to lead the government agency responsible for controlling the border by Joe Biden. He’s been at it over two years now and migrants are still crossing the border. Ergo, he should be at least sacked! Investigated! Read every note and every text and every scrap of paper just looking for that little something, just any little old thing. Then getting fired, will be the least of his worries!

But this is only a test of strength. The Republicans aren’t even in power yet. This is more of a “what I plan to do on my summer vacation.” The bully’s retort, “Ah, that was for nothing! Wait until you do something!” There’s that generic scene in every monster movie. Where the believed to be dead alien monster comes back to life and kills the night watchman (Mayorkas) just for being there.

The Republican’s plan is to divide their legislative time in the house leadership. Between impeaching Joe Biden and Joe Biden’s cabinet secretaries. While fighting off the confirmation of any new ones! To throw a monkey wrench into the gears of government and create a media whirlwind, a Faux News firestorm, and a spectacle.  

All to defend and protect Donald Trump, you ask? No, they’re done with Trump like a warm beer. They don’t care about Donald Trump anymore. No, this all to defend their own bruised fragile egos. During the Trump debacle, the Republicans were forced to endure outrage after outrage committed by the Democratic majority. They investigated Trump! And they impeached Trump twice!

And all just because he was guilty as hell. The Democrats made the Republicans look bad in the eyes of the Merican public and personally embarrassed them! It wasn’t Donald Trump’s antics; the Democrats did all this! And on purpose too!

Rather than blame Trump for the misfortunes which have fallen upon their Republican selves. They choose to blame their tormentors the Democrats instead. They aren’t angry about Trump committing high crimes and misdemeanors. Near as much as they are angry at the dirty low-down stinking rats, who turned them in to the cops! Junior is only mean to the dog because daddies is mean to Junior. Just wait till we get our hands on you!

Mayorkas is only the first target as Republicans spent billions of campaign dollars in the last election cycle trying to convince your grandmother that border security. Was the most important issue among elderly Faux News viewers.

Do we also fire the head of the FAA because your flight is late? Fire the head of the Department of Agriculture for a poor harvest? Fire the Secretary of the Treasury for a budget deficit? Fire the Army for not winning the war fast enough?

Even if Mayorkas were Jesus’ undercover, it wouldn’t make any difference. Republicans got their heart set on a crucifixion. (or many crucifixions) The innocent victim is to be nailed to a cross as a public display of Republican vengeance. It is like that often-misquoted line from Plato’s Republic where Plato says, “Just let me catch you outside some night alone, you son of a bitch.”

“I have here in my hand, a government receipt for the expenditure of $22,000 precious tax dollars for number, 2 pencils. That seems like a lot of money to me for number 2 pencils Mr. Secretary! Perhaps you’d like to explain to the Merican people where all those gold-plated pencils got off to Mr. Secretary? “They were sent to government warehouses where they were requisitioned along with other office supplies by the various government department and agencies.”

OTHER office supplies! Do you mean to tell me that there’s even more? Which government agencies? When? Name them! I want answers! I want names! What are you trying to hide! You bought those pencils from Hunter Biden didn’t you! Hunter Biden, Hillary Clinton, and George Soros…are all at it again, aren’t they? They had a big sleepover at Hugo Chavez’s house and planned it all out, didn’t they? Don’t try and hide the conspiracy. We know all about it, enough with your lies! I listen to Info-Wars, so you can’t fool me.

But the Republican majority is thin. The message in the electoral tea leaves says that extremism is out. The election deniers lost, and Trump is to be ignored. They can’t build the new message in the Geriatric Old Party, without getting rid of the old message first. “Give us your tired, your poor, your uneducated White voters and your bigoted masses, yearning the breath free!”

It is their choice to make. Piss vinegar and yell everybody’s a crook like their hair is on fire because their guy was a crook and got caught! Tit for tat, we’ll show you! Although it’s very possible that Kevin is only bragging with a beer buzz about what he wants to do or what he is going to do. Before Kevin has the power to do much of anything. Just a lottery ticket holder dreaming about what he’s going to do with all that money someday.

Let’s suppose hypothetically speaking at least. That Joe Biden caves and fires Mayorkas immediately and then send a courier over to the house chambers. Seeking out Kevin McCarthy’s personal recommendations for Mayorkas’s replacement. It wouldn’t matter one wit, would it? It isn’t about Mayorkas or Dr. Fauci. It is about the Republicans having their noses rubbed in shit and now looking for some payback.

 The Republicans don’t give two hoots and a sawbuck about the border. Hell, Republican campaign contributors regularly advertise for workers in Mexican newspapers. This about finding fault and pointing fingers! About having Witch hunts, “Are you now or have you ever been a member of Hunter Biden’s immediate circle of friends?”

There ain’t no solution at the border acceptable, but for their solution! And their ain’t no way of doing their solution, except for their way of doing it. And there ain’t any their way of doing it, unless they do it!

The Republicans don’t control the White House or the Senate. They control one branch of legislative government in the House of Representatives. Their goal is to win the other branches with two years of nonstop, incessant faux investigations and impeachments. To go null and only throw sand in the gears.

Because it is only normal human behavior that once embarrassed or humiliated in the public theater. That the Republicans would make this all about themselves and their fragile little egos. All about their little personal butt hurt feelings and damaged reputations and not about the event itself or the damage to the country.

The Republicans prefer vengeance over justice. Never mind what that the son of a bitch Donald Trump did! He tried to overthrow the government, and so what? The Democrats have embarrassed the Republicans and rubbed their noses in shit and intentionally made them look bad by defending a criminal in the eyes of the Merican public.

But now the Republicans answer, “Just you wait! You son of a bitch.”

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